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Brand New: Sent for Bondage 2 – with Paisley Prince

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Great & New: Female Slave – Lot 3209 with Tilly McReese!
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Summary – Archives BBS Bondage Website

Archives BBS provides original bondage photography, video and text by Felix Dartmouth.  Archives BBS is a vast repository of original content featuring well-known fetish models as well as talented amateur models. In addition, Archives produces popular video programs, delivering content via immediate download. Original bondage video, images, and text are presented on the Archives BBS Member site for subscribers. Many of the text works of Felix Dartmouth are available from Amazon.Com in Kindle Format.  Subscribers can keep up with the vast accumulation of content which includes the world’s most beautiful women in strict bondage!

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Student Loan Slave Bondage Review – Important News!

Student Loan Slave Bondage Review

While the Student Loan Slave program is nationwide, and over 490 young women debtors have been processed by Archives BBS into slavery, only 4 have been documented so far.

Female Slave – Lot 3209 – Tilly McReese:  Add to Cart

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Female Slave – Lot 2024 with Vika – Add to Cart

Below are images of each of the slaves, as they were photographed during their induction.  Of course, once these young women make the decision to become slaves in bondage, they are immediately placed into bondage and often gagged.

Each of the above videos are excellent in that they provide insight into the mind of the woman who, so burdened by debt, that she is willing to give her body and mind into a 5 year term of  intense bondage slavery.

Induction into Student Loan Slavery

There is a day in each of their lives when in the morning they are free, but later that day they become slaves in bondage.

We see that some girls are naive in that they are not sure that their sale will take place immediately,  they quickly learn that they are bid on, and packed for shipment within hours of the application of the handcuffs.

Indeed, demand increases and the supply becomes more plentiful, defying normal economic laws.  When billionaires come to know that these beautiful, educated, and desperate young women are on the market, the bidding becomes fierce and highly competitive.

It’s a pity that the girls who sold themselves too early (like Megan), in the low hundreds of thousands of US Dollars now would probably fetch over one million dollars, as did Tilly McReese.

Aftermarket development of Student Loan Slaves

We are all aware of course, that the US Congress is about to legalize and write the rules for aftermarket interchange of student loan slaves.  Archives BBS, therefore, will launch a listing and bidding platform on which these well-heeled slave owners can acquire new slaves that strike their fancy, or even sell slaves at a profit.

Stay tuned to Archives BBS member site for developments on this aftermarket student loan slave trading!

Buffy Meets Elvira


My favourite episode of Buffy the Vampire Killer was the one in which Elvira made a guest appearance as the horror hostess whom Buffy mistakes for a genuine witch. This, I believe, was the first episode revealing that Buffy had converted her basement into a torture chamber where she would extract information from captive vampires in her ongoing fight against the forces of evil.

Dunking for Donuts


Jasmine Sinclair is usually a good sport about being chained up, but when she saw the biohazard symbol on the wall by my swimming pool she got a bit nervous. I assured her that she had nothing to worry about: all the bacteria must have been killed when I accidentally spilled some radioactive waste in the water a week earlier. “Look,” I said, “you can still see the glow in some spots.”

Classic Bondage Noir


One of my favourite films is the classic noir Laura in which a lovely lady named Laura is reported murdered and a detective (played by Dana Andrews, perhaps best known for the classics Crack in the World and Night of the Demon) sent to investigate falls in love with her from staring at her portrait. Here you can see exactly what it was about her portrait that affected him so strongly.

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