First Story – My wife taken into custody

Foreword by Felix:

I was sent this story by a follower on FetLife.  I read it with interest because it had a ring of narrative truth to it, and it seemed to pack not only an erotic but an emotional payload.  it was about his wife who was arrested and held in remand custody.  I was in contact with the author and he gave me permission to publish his story, and in fact, rewrite it.  This has become a rather long text file available to subscribers of the Archives BBS Member Site.

If the author would contact me through the comments section below, I’d be very pleased!   A quick mention of the writing.  I feel it is very direct and descriptive and that is probably what first attracted me to it.  Let’s face it; the subject matter deals with a man whose young wife is arrested, turned into a prison, taken behind a glass door, handcuffed and imprisoned for an indeterminable time in a program called “remand custody”.  What’s not to like?

First Story

So I got thinking about a story the first time I have written one so please be kind, any comments appreciated.

it was all the result of an accident on the way back from work unfortunately for my wife it was an accident in which someone was seriously hurt. Immediately following the accident she was arrested along with the other drivers involved and interviewed at the police station.


Bondage Prisoner Mary - illustration for First Story
Bondage Prisoner Mary – illustration for First Story









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Jo gave her name and the charge against her, while the lady looked her up she finally found her name and said yes thank you please take a seat in the waiting room and buzzed the door open. The lady looked at me and said, unfortunately, I could not go in and wait with my wife but I could wait where I was currently until my wife was taken back. I gave Jo the biggest hug I have ever done and if I am honest I never wanted to let go. Eventually, we both sensed that we needed to separate and Jo walked through the door and took a seat in the waiting area where she could see me through the glass wall. The lady behind reception looked at me and asked if it was my wife’s first time, when I confirmed it was she said not to worry and that she would be well looked after here.

After about 20 minutes of waiting, I saw a male officer approach my wife with some chains in his hands, I could see them talking after which my wife looked and me before standing and being led away back into the prison. I talked to the lady on reception about how and when I would be able to visit (one visit a month for 30 minutes).

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    1. Hi, Alex – this is the completed story by AdamT. I am glad that you appreciate it. There are, however about 9 parts of a story that I have completed related to this concept on Archives BBS Member Site:

      It is available to all subscribers.

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