Damsels in Distress – Campus Parking Ticket 2

Damsels in Distress – Campus Parking Ticket 2
©Felix Dartmouth, 1999
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Campus Parking Ticket Roundup – Part 2

Jim Cranston – Assistant Chief of Police
Donna Cranston – his wife
Ron Johnson – Chief of Police
Regina Strong – Police Sergeant
Billy Marks – Rookie Officer

Text file by Felix Dartmouth, Illustrative photographs by Felix Dartmouth

© Felix Dartmouth 1999, All rights reserved
Note first published on 8/16/1999
Taken offline on 10/22/2006


Jim awoke, stiff and sore. He had spent the night in handcuffs, with his wife, Donna, dressed in her sexist lingerie. She was not to happy that he had left Regina handcuffed in a solitary confinement cell. She thought that a night in the cuffs would teach him a lesson.

Female student under arrest during Campus Parking Ticket sweep
Female student under arrest during Campus Parking Ticket sweep

He had slept some, but he spent most of the night trying to quell his
enormous frustration at being in bondage and having his luscious wife inches away from him.

He imagined, in a moment of weakness, that Donna, his own wife, was being brought into  the jail, wearing handcuffs, leg-irons, and one of Regina’s new ball-gags.

The vision, brief as it was, was practically fatal to his night’s rest. His raging  excitement was only quelled by concentration on details of matters on his desk at work.   Often, his mind’s eye returned to a vision of his lovely Donna, red with humiliation,  struggling to keep pace with the officer who gripped her firmly above one elbow, due to  her leg-irons.

He awoke with her holding him. She smiled and said, “I hope you’ve learned your lesson.”

“When to I get the chance to teach you a lesson?”

She laughed, tickling him lightly, getting off the bed, and skipping over to her dresser, where she had hidden the keys to his chains. In a rather theatrical manner, she stood in front of him.  Looking straight at him, she said, “Never!”

He smiled. She unlocked him.

****  At The Office  ****

“Tell me about the presentation you have planned for the board of
regents?” The chief was going over the week’s activities with Regina and Jim.

Despite Regina’s evening in the jail cell, she seemed none the worse for where. In fact, she looked quite chipper, and had even worn her hair down to her shoulders. Her uniform was crisply ironed, and she wore her dress heels, which were patent leather with a tight ankle strap and 4 inch stilettos. The tight black belt around her waist held her service revolver and the patent leather case for her handcuffs.

“I plan to present the board with all the figures, including the total number of outstanding warrants, the numbers as to how many tickets we think we can collect on, and the additional staff that will be required to handle all the additional arrests.

Also, I’ll discuss our plans for increased jail population, and a few of the ways that I think we can handle the situation. Any initial increase in the population will be temporary, as all the warrants are executed the, so we will need temporary space for the prisoners.

Since the amount that we will receive from paid fines and arrest fees will far outweigh any additional expenses, I anticipate that the entire plan will be approved.”

The chief looked thoughtful. “Your presentation sounds right on, but the board will want to know that your program will be effective in getting the fine revenue.”

“Regina will handle the arrest demonstration portion of the presentation. Regina, would you like to outline what you’ve set up?

“Certainly,” said Regina. “One of the sorority girls from the presidents office as volunteered to help us demonstrate our arrest and detention techniques.”

She picked up the phone and said, “will you please said Mary in?”

Mary was a lovely blond girl in a white lace dress. It had a sheer bodice and also had sheer sleeves. The short skirt hung just above her knees. She wore dark hose, and black high-heel pumps.

Regina introduced her. “This is Mary Walter, a criminology major. She as volunteered to simulate being arrested for outstanding traffic fines. Now, Mary, you don’t have a problem with being placed into restraints, to you?”

“No,” said Mary. “Handcuffs don’t scare me one bit. After all, if I
am going to be placing prisoners into cuffs myself, then they shouldn’t make me uncomfortable to be locked up in them either.”

“Also,” Regina explained. “We will be using ball-gags on all arrested
prisoners, so we will need to lock that on you as well, including a pair of leg-irons.”

“Ball-gag? What’s that,” Mary seemed alarmed.

“It’s a red spongy rubber ball that is placed in your mouth at then strapped behind your head, buckled then locked. Want to see one now? You will have one locked on you during the demonstration.”

“Sure, let’s see.”

Regina pulled a ball-gag out of her purse. Jim thought to himself that she had saved the gag from the night before.

“Here is one,” explained Regina.

Honor student under arrest during Campus Parking Ticket sweep
Honor student under arrest during Campus Parking Ticket sweep

Mary took it in her hands and carefully examined it. She then put it into her a mouth, then strapped the buckle around her bouffant hair. Smiling behind the gag, she mumbled, “I can’t say anything!”

Then, she unstrapped her gag and handed it back to Regina.

“Well, are you ready to get started and lock me up now?” she asked.

“No,” said the chief. “I think you are all ready for the board discussion.”

“Mary,” said Regina. “You will be taken into custody before the board, transported to the jail, booked, and photographed in your restraints by the school newspaper.”

Mary smiled.

“I think we’re ready,” said Jim. He picked up his notes for the

 The Board Presentation

Mrs. Johnson spoke.

“Welcome Chief Cranston, we have been looking forward to your presentation today.”

“Thank you, Ms. Johnson,” Jim spoke. “As you know, there are some $2 million dollars in unpaid parking and other traffic fines that have accrued over the last years. We believe that a program of arrest and detention will be successful in recovering a very large part of these funds.

“Since there is a statute of limitations of 4 years, we recommend beginning our arrests with the current seniors and graduate students who incurred violations during their early years. This will assure that a minimum of fines is lost due to the statute of
limitations. Regina, will you please talk a bit about our procedure here?”

Regina stood. “Certainly, Chief Cranston. We have done a computer search and noted that these are the current senior and graduate students who owe traffic fines to the jurisdiction. Also, there are some school administration employees and faculty who are in
arrears, and therefore subject to arrest.

We have printed out the class or work schedules of those that are still registered with the school for our arresting officers. In addition, we have turned over some 6,500 warrants over for other cities and schools and private services where we have forwarding
addresses and where students have transferred.”

“What will happen to these persons not at our school, and will we be able to recover funds from them?” a board member inquired.

“We will only get about 55% of the funds collected,” explained Regina. “Of course, with students that we collect from, only our costs of the increased jail and court traffic will reduce what we receive.”

“As I was explaining, we have computer printouts of scofflaws and they have been prioritized so that before the statutes expire, we will be making arrests. We are planning to make our firsts arrests in the English Department over the next several days.”

This caught Jim’s attention.He had left a lot of the details to Regina, including the scheduling of the arrests, but Donna was in the English department! He had not looked into the details, but he wondered if she had any outstanding tickets. Maybe this is why she had
reacted so strongly to his discussions about the arrests!

Regina continued. “The campaign, because of the numbers involved will take about one year during which time we will need the increased staffing and jail and court facilities that you have detailed in your handout. In addition, we require additional
equipment that is also detailed in the handout to assure that all prisoners are properly restrained while in custody.”

“Just how will the prisoners be restrained?”, inquired a board member.

“We have a demonstration prepared of the arrest process,” explained Regina.

Turning her head towards her volunteer, she said “Mary, will you come up here?”

Mary, lovely in her lace dress carefully navigated the steps in her heels. When she came near, Regina gripped her left arm. “Mary is a criminology major here at the school. She has volunteered to go through the entire arrest, arraignment, incarceration,  and payment process. We have given her parents $280 cash, and told them to go about their business. We have to be prepared that many students will not be able to come up with several hundred, maybe even a thousand dollars, on a moment’s notice. In all  probability, Mary will remain in jail for three days to a week’s time.

“She will need to be arraigned, fingerprinted, clothed in jail attire,
fingerprinted, mugshots taken, fed, transported and restrained while not locked into her jail cell. So, a lot of support is required to process just one prisoner.

“So, here we begin Mary’s incarceration.” She turned to Mary. “Mary
Rogers?” she asked, identifying her target.

“Yes, that’s me.” replied Mary

“I have a warrant for your arrest.” Regina stated. “You have 5 unpaid
traffic and parking citations over the last three years.”

“That’s ridiculous!” retorted Mary “You can’t arrest me for

“I most certainly can, and it’s my job. Hand behind your back, now!”
Regina ordered. As she said this, she twisted Mary’s wrists behind her, and pushed her down on a desk. Shortly Mary was breathing heavily and her wrists were manacled behind her. Her hair was mussed, and it was caught in her eyelashes.

Quickly, Regina stooped to the side of Mary, and fastened leg-irons around her slender ankles, just above her the black ankle straps of her high-heels.

She gathered a ponytail of Mary’s hair, grasped it and took her by one arm. She had complete dominance over the young woman, and forced her forward before the board. Mary winced in pain, but Regina countered every move she made.

Regina released her arm, and held her only by her hair, extracted the ball-gag from her belt. When Mary saw this, she bolted. “No, I will not be gagged! You can’t mmmppph!” Her articulation was stifled as the bright red rubber ball sank behind her teeth. Regina expertly buckled the strap, and the ball sank deeply into her mouth, and her
cheeks bulged over the tight leather gag-strap.

Still holding Mary in a dominating grip, she addressed the board. She was a bit winded herself! “There, you can see that most prisoners will protest and resist to some extent, but we have ample equipment and training to assure that they are properly taken into custody so that they will be incarcerated until their fines are paid.”

Mary made an appealing feminine figure. The position of her wrists and her brief ineffective struggle caused one of her breasts to fall out of her bra, and it was clearly visible through her sheer white bodice. Already, the tightly strapped ball had elicited an humiliating stream of drool. Regina had calculated this, and kept her face pointing downward with her grip on Mary’s hair. Mary could only groan helplessly in her misery.

“Officers,” Mary addressed to officers who were present, one male and one female. “Please escort this prisoner to her cell.” The two officers each gripped one of Mary’s sheer sleeves, and she was hustled off to incarceration.

Ready for bed, Dawn is placed under arrest during a Campus Parking Ticket sweep
Ready for bed, Dawn is placed under arrest during a Campus Parking Ticket sweep

“We will report on the progress of Mary. We have designed her process to be realistic, and we hope to have her out of jail, with all fines and penalties being paid within four or five days.”

A member of the board spoke up. “This is an impressive demonstration. What if her parents are unavailable, or can’t come up with the money?”

“We have arranged for the State Prison to take anyone who has not been redeemed within one week.”

A woman board member spoke up. “I think that the gags are an excellent idea. We certainly don’t want our young ladies saying unseemly things as they are dragged down our halls in chains!”

“Thank you, ma’am,” smiled Regina.

Jim stood. The presentation seemed to have gone really well. “If there are no further questions, that concludes our presentation.” He smiled at Regina. She had handled it beautifully.

“Thank you both for the demonstration. We all think that your program will go very well,” said a board member.

Regina and Jim walked out of the meeting. She had a big grin on her face.

“Coffee?” she asked.

“I’ll buy,” he replied.

End of part II of the Campus Parking Ticket Roundup

©Felix Dartmouth, 1999
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