Story – The Weekenders, Part 1

Her face always went bright red when she was flustered, and as she sat trying to reason with the impassive bureaucrat in front of her, 31-year old Marie Capps was getting increasingly apprehensive. “But I was two days late. I had to wait until I got paid, that month I was short because the washing machine broke. I paid the insurance, it was fine!” She was sat in one of the offices of the city Civil Enforcement Department, the CED. She hadn’t heard of the CED until she received one of their enforcement letters through the mail, and it had taken her some time to find the buildings, which were located in a light industrial park on the edge of town.

She was charged with driving without insurance. She was aware that her conversation with the official was being recorded, but naively disregarded it. She thought that if she explained the circumstances, the official would let her off this once. But she didn’t know what the officials at the CED were like. The official’s continuing silence encouraged Marie to keep talking: “As soon as I got paid, I drove straight home and renewed my insurance.”

This went on for about 5 minutes, before the official decided to start talking. “Miss Capps, we are aware of the the facts of your case. Your insurance was expired for 2 days. You yourself admit this. You drove without insurance. Again, you admit this. It has all been recorded. You were informed on the letter we sent you that this was an official appointment, and that you were allowed to bring legal representation.”

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