2 thoughts on “Prisoner Caption – Jenni”

  1. This has all the hallmarks of a smooth female incarceration operation. The invitation to the court over a lunch hour; the signing of the guilty plea and the complete shackles that were immediately placed on the guilty party and the immediately transport to hard lockdown time in jail all attest to the efficiency and justice of the system.

    She couldn’t have worn on more suitable outfit for her sentencing than the thin nylon one-piece mini, and high heels. Perhaps her parents, or her boyfriend could visit her. Since she was in medium security, she was permitted visitors, but she would have to remain in her arrest shackles and only speak through the thick glass wall.

  2. Is she has to wear same restraints inside the cell also???

    I love her outfit, tiny mini skirt and her handcuffs tightly attached with waist-belt behind her back looks so appealing.

    Every prisoner needs to restraint like that only.

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