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Story – Incarceration Experiment: Update

In our previous report, we visited prisons in three of the 22 new correction districts, headed by elected superintendents with broad powers to reshape the correctional system in their areas to their own design.

Now, after a court judgement, reporters have been able to visit Gray Mesa Correctional Facility, to which we were previously denied access.

Gray Mesa, and the superintendent responsible for it, Mason Boskovich, have been the focus of controversy that has attracted national and international attention. The facility gets most of its funding from payments by the prisoners themselves, and this has enabled Boskovich to continually lower taxes that fund the correctional system in his district. His ambition is for the prison to one day earn enough money to pay a rebate to residents. It has made Boskovich a popular figure in his area, but divisive beyond it. The regime he has introduced has provoked lawsuits, and even the criminal prosecution of some of his staff. But he remains unrepentant, and maintained his silence to the media, even if he was now forced to allow us to see inside his notorious prison.

Potential inmates are introduced to the regime they may have to live under when they are charged. “It’s Boskovich’s hard sell’, one attorney representing prisoners told me. “Whenever someone gets charged with any criminal offense that potentially carries a prison sentence, they get the book and the DVD, and it is designed to scare the life out of them. And it does a pretty good job of that.” The book and DVD inform the accused of what life would be like in Gray Mesa under the so-called ‘default option.’ “They’re told, if you don’t do anything, this is what life is going to be like for you. And it’s horrible.” But the point of this isn’t to prepare people for inevitable hardship, it’s to give them a big incentive to hand over lots of money. “After scaring them, Boskovich offers them an out, a way to a much less unpleasant life behind bars. At a price, of course.” At the end of the DVD and accompanying book are a bewildering list of possible packages and options available. There’s the ‘basic package’, the ‘bronze’, ‘silver’, ‘gold’ and ‘platinum’, each more expensive than the previous, and offering a less restricted and more comfortable sentence for the prisoner. As well as the packages, prisoners could also buy individual enhancements to improve their living conditions. “It’s all carefully designed to wring as much money out of the prisoners as possible. They make things deliberately awful for them to make them buy their way past some of the worst aspects. The problem is, not everyone can afford to do that, and it also incentivises the prison and its staff to give prisoners as hard a time as possible to get them to pay up even more. It’s a sick system.”

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Andromeda in the Black Lagoon

At last it can be revealed: Here is a still from the never finished production of Andromeda in the Black Lagoon, which was to star Tuesday Weld. Legal difficulties with Universal over the appropriateness of the Creature from the Black Lagoon being seen with a topless actress eventually halted the production. A remake of The Creature from the Black Lagoon is planned and we hope the new version will not be so shy when it comes to the female form divine.

John Willie – another masterpiece by Bélier Press – “Possibilities”

John Willie – another masterpiece by Bélier Press – “Possibilities

Many of us who follow the bondage fetish and admire damsels in distress owe a debt to some of the courageous early pioneers who, in times far more repressive than these, braved ridicule, censorship and even their freedom to express themselves in art and photography.  I will only mention one here:  John Willie.

Corseted woman in a strict strappado, from the new edition "Possibilities" from
Corseted woman bound into a strict strappado, from the new edition “Possibilities” from










I was delighted to be contacted by Bélier Press with a notice that they had released a new work, a coffee-table quality volume with significant unreleased work by John Willie.

There are two principle works regarding the great John Willie: the new edition:  “Possibilities” and the “The Adventures of Sweet Gwendoline”.

From the edition of "The Perils of Sweet Gwendoline" - the work of the great John Willie
From the edition of “The Perils of Sweet Gwendoline” – the work of the great John Willie










I purchased a “Deluxe Edition” of the Perils of Sweet Gwendoline” and I plan to purchase the “Deluxe Limited Edition” the new “Possibilities”.

I encourage all my readers to do yourself a great favor, and avail yourself of obtaining these fine authorized publications.

I was referred by Bélier Press to this review on The Fetishistas e-zine.

I send out my best wishes for a successful book release to Bélier Press and I call on all my subscribers to this list to purchase their incredible works of a man whom I call “The Father of Modern Bondage”:  John Willie.

Felix Dartmouth



Art of Bondage

In a scene cut from the movie The House of Usher, Roderick Usher, played by Vincent Price, shows his guest portraits of two of his lady friends. The portraits are actually of women who appeared in movies with Price, The painting on the left is from The Haunted Palace and the one on the right is of Barbara Steele, who appeared with Price in The Pit and the Pendulum. This would have been a great little in-joke had the producers been able to secure permission to use the images. For chronological reasons this proved to be impossible and the scene was cut from the film.