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Gallery of Current Bondage Images by Felix Dartmouth

This Current Bondage Images post is a bit of an experiment.  When I closed the Archives BBS Member Site in February of 2018, I sought a respite from the constant update responsibilities of a subscription site.

With all my catalog offline, however, I am somewhat dissatisfied and desire to express my ideas through bondage photography.  Therefore I am creating a gallery here of images.  I’m not sure how many images, or how often they will change.

Please do not share or upload these images to content sharing sites.

Prisoner Caption – Paisley

Paisley knew what she was doing was wrong, having an affair with her boss, but she didn’t know that her adultery would land her in so much trouble. When her bosses’ wife found out about the affair, she confronted him, and the fierce argument that resulted got out of control, and he killed her. He tried to make the scene look like a botched robbery, and left to tell Paisley his version of what had happened.

She agreed to give him an alibi, but this loyalty was repaid with betrayal. When he was confronted with forensic evidence that pointed to his guilt, he decided to try and blame Paisley to try and secure a deal for himself. His skilful attorney managed to convince
prosecutors of a story about Paisley’s psychological manipulation.

As a result, he secured himself a 15 to life sentence, and Paisley, having failed to combat this narrative at trial, was sentenced to 35 years to life, which she serves in super-max, denied even the slightest freedom, denied the right to speak with a large gag, and denied even the right to cover her naked body with anything like a real uniform.

Animals and Bondage

When it comes to using animals in bondage images, my favourite subject shows Andromeda about to be sacrificed to the Kraken. However, animals are more versatile than this and, although the models are often more frightened by them than my jokes about “being back in an hour”, models will pose with animals—provided you don’t inform them about their posing partners until after they are securely tied. Poor Danielle, for example, was scared out of her pants when I posed her for “Danielle in the Lion’s Den”:

Princess was more sanguine when the prairie dog photobombed her dramatic shot:

And she even enjoyed posing with jungle girl Drew on display in the gorilla exhibit:

One anonymous model served as shark bait in my next photograph. I should add that no sharks were injured in the course of the photoshoot. The model did lose a few fingers and gave up modelling shortly after the session.

Alexis got nervous when she realised just how big the snake I wanted to pose her with was.

After posing for me once as Andromeda, Nicole would only agree to appear in one of my wildlife photos if I posed her as a huntress—and she even rejected my suggestion of the white huntress bound for sacrifice.

One of my favourites was when Drew agreed to appear with my pet squirrel. I tell you, he really knew his way around a hogtie.

Bondage Workshop

Having finally cleaned up my garage, I am starting a bondage workshop for beginners and hope to upgrade to such for more advanced students after I have purchased more equipment. In the photo you see one of the bondage virgins staring uneasily at the simple equipment I intended to use on her. But, nervous as she was,  she did let me tie her down on the table and apply the other equipment, complaining—or trying to complain through her gag—only after I wished her a good night’s sleep and left, turning out the lights.