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Story – Judge Reynolds

He hadn’t been a completely popular choice for the American Prison Reform Association’s ‘Man of the Year’ award, but in the reception before the ceremony he won over some of the doubters. As Judge Anthony Reynolds worked the room, he knew who favored him and who didn’t. He was courteous and charming to those who were pleased he was there, but he made a real effort on those who weren’t so pleased.

He was being honored for setting up and leading the Prison Welfare Commission, an organization which had been credited for making prison safer for inmates, and campaigning for prisoners to be able to work and not stay in their cells all day. No-one at the award ceremony had a problem with the work of the Commission. They did believe that in spite of his work with the Commission, Judge Reynolds passed harsh sentences and therefore shouldn’t be given the award.

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Incarceration Experiment – A Reader Replies

We have received an email from a reader, Rick, and are grateful he has agreed to allow us to publish it (please refer to the previous article):

‘Someone showed me the reports on the Incarceration Experiment, thanks to your reporters for publicizing what is going on. My girlfriend was planning to drive through that state on the way to visit relatives, but as she seems to think the speed limit is advice not a law and sometimes uses her cellphone or puts on make-up while driving, I’ve suggested to her that she takes an alternative route. If she gets caught and jailed, I don’t plan on taking on more work to keep her out of the ‘default’ conditions!

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Complete File Listing from archw14

For reference, here is a complete list of files and descriptions from the directory archw14, which contains files produced from 11/22/2016 to 4/23/2017.

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Story – Incarceration Experiment: Update

In our previous report, we visited prisons in three of the 22 new correction districts, headed by elected superintendents with broad powers to reshape the correctional system in their areas to their own design.

Now, after a court judgement, reporters have been able to visit Gray Mesa Correctional Facility, to which we were previously denied access.

Gray Mesa, and the superintendent responsible for it, Mason Boskovich, have been the focus of controversy that has attracted national and international attention. The facility gets most of its funding from payments by the prisoners themselves, and this has enabled Boskovich to continually lower taxes that fund the correctional system in his district. His ambition is for the prison to one day earn enough money to pay a rebate to residents. It has made Boskovich a popular figure in his area, but divisive beyond it. The regime he has introduced has provoked lawsuits, and even the criminal prosecution of some of his staff. But he remains unrepentant, and maintained his silence to the media, even if he was now forced to allow us to see inside his notorious prison.

Potential inmates are introduced to the regime they may have to live under when they are charged. “It’s Boskovich’s hard sell’, one attorney representing prisoners told me. “Whenever someone gets charged with any criminal offense that potentially carries a prison sentence, they get the book and the DVD, and it is designed to scare the life out of them. And it does a pretty good job of that.” The book and DVD inform the accused of what life would be like in Gray Mesa under the so-called ‘default option.’ “They’re told, if you don’t do anything, this is what life is going to be like for you. And it’s horrible.” But the point of this isn’t to prepare people for inevitable hardship, it’s to give them a big incentive to hand over lots of money. “After scaring them, Boskovich offers them an out, a way to a much less unpleasant life behind bars. At a price, of course.” At the end of the DVD and accompanying book are a bewildering list of possible packages and options available. There’s the ‘basic package’, the ‘bronze’, ‘silver’, ‘gold’ and ‘platinum’, each more expensive than the previous, and offering a less restricted and more comfortable sentence for the prisoner. As well as the packages, prisoners could also buy individual enhancements to improve their living conditions. “It’s all carefully designed to wring as much money out of the prisoners as possible. They make things deliberately awful for them to make them buy their way past some of the worst aspects. The problem is, not everyone can afford to do that, and it also incentivises the prison and its staff to give prisoners as hard a time as possible to get them to pay up even more. It’s a sick system.”

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Sorority Bondage – Pi Lambda Kappa 03

©Felix Dartmouth, 1998
Archives BBS

The full version of Pi Lambda Kappa (a text that involves sorority bondage) is available in two volumes on Kindle at

Pi Lambda Kappa 1

Pi Lambda Kappa 2

Note:  This text file was originally published on May 28, 1998 and was part of a series of web-site updates.  If you enjoy images, video and text of beautiful women in restraints, you might enjoy subscribing to the Archives BBS Member Site.  Subscribe here.

In addition, Archives BBS offers a popular series of bondage videos. Bondage illustrations from this text file episode are drawn from a recent video “The Prisoner 5“, starring Vika.  You can follow Vika on

Pi Lambda Kappa, 03

After lunch, Ron paid, and then after the walk with her wrists handcuffed behind her back across the parking lot, with him holding her left elbow firmly in his right hand, he strapped her into the front seat.

As Ron drove her back to her dorm, Roxanne was in kind of a dreamy state.

Ron sure was nice! He was firm, but gentle, unlike Rex and the other frat boys that she had met. But, the sorority frowned on any pledges going out with the independents.

She was so lost in thought that she was startled when Ron spoke up.
“I sure enjoyed our lunch, Roxanne. Would you like to go out next Friday night?”

“I’m afraid I can’t,” said Roxanne. “But, I might be free for lunch and studying Saturday morning.”

“Great!” Ron smiled as he pulled up to her dorm. “It’s a date. I suppose I have to let you go now.”

The Prisoner 5 - with Vika - One can see that even as a prisoner, Vika presents a collared challenge. Could you successfully escort this female prisoner across the country to serve her prison sentence?
The Prisoner 5 – with Vika – One can see that even as a prisoner, Vika presents a collared challenge. Could you successfully escort this female prisoner across the country to serve her prison sentence?











“You sure do!” Roxanne said. “I have a very important class
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Sorority Bondage 2 – Pi Lambda Kappa – on

I’m pleased to announce that Sorority Bondage 2 – Pi Lambda Kappa is available on  This completes the Pi Lambda Kappa series, with all parts in order.

Sorority Bondage 2 - Pi Lambda Kappa
Sorority Bondage 2 – Pi Lambda Kappa – Thrilling bondage sorority adventures by Felix Dartmouth available at for Kindle!










You can order the Kindle version from at the below link:

Bondage Sorority 2:  Pi Lambda Kappa

This, and the Bondage Sorority 1:  Pi Lambda Kappa, represent the full text of all the Pi Lambda Kappa Episodes.

During the early days of this site, the Pi Lambda Kappa episodes were presented “a-serially” and I fielded may questions about how the full text in order.  I’m sure many were confounded with my position at the time, that the complete story was not going to be made available.  I remember telling people that I felt that “the whole was less than the sum of its parts.”

The text is illustrated with 9 original plates, in this case with the model Dana who was my original inspiration for the character Roxanne, the sargeant at arms of Pi Lambda Kappa Sorority.

I feel differently now, and I am glad to be able to provide a format where this can be discretely downloaded to a Kindle Library for reading on a Kindle, or on a PC as found most convenient by the reader.

I was inspired to write this story by things I witnessed at my university in Texas related to the manner of dress that was observed by sororities in the 1970’s and a scene I happened upon where I saw six beautiful young women in evening gowns, wrists tied behind their backs and with blindfolds on, marched across a parking lot from a sorority house to a waiting Cadillac.

I was awe-stricken by this site, and I followed them in my Mercury Cougar.  It was apparent that they knew I was following them, and began circling the block.  Feeling too much like a stalker, I continued on my way, as did the car-full of bound young women.

I hope by reading the Pi Lambda Kappa set of stories, you also can get just a hint of the feeling of mystery, sexual intrigue, and thrill of the secret societies of sororities!

All the best,


Story – Incarceration Experiment

Campaigners today presented a petition to the Governor complaining about a “perverse” and “inconsistent” approach to incarcerating offenders across the state. They are seeking to reverse changes which has created 22 correctional districts headed by an elected superintendent, which has led to dramatic divergences between the policies of different correctional facilities. “It’s ridiculous,” claimed one protestor at the State Capitol, “you have prisons in one district where the inmates are sat in the cells all day, they get fed this shit and just end up getting really fat. The district next to it, the superintendent is a health and fitness fanatic, he has any prisoner who is overweight doing non-stop exercise and basically starves them.” “There’s no consistent approach,” argued another campaigner, “how is the state supposed to have a unified approach to justice and corrections, when there’s 22 figures who are all seeking votes, and all have these different – crazy – ideas about how things should be run. It doesn’t make any sense.”

When we spoke to a spokesman from the Governor’s office, he defended the new system, praising the “innovation and experimentation it has brought to our corrections system.” He argued that “within a few years we will have data on what works and what doesn’t, but also it’s about the people of this state who work hard, pay the taxes that fund these prisons, they should have a say in where their taxes are going.”

Soon, citizens will have a more direct say in where their taxes go, as the funding for correctional facilities is transferred to each of the districts, and will be under the control of the elected superintendents. “From now on, the tax dollars funding correctional facilities will be raised in each district, and spent in that district. So, you may get one superintendent who gets elected promising to cut taxes, and fund the facilities less, and others raising taxes to increase spending, maybe with the promise that this will reduce crime levels. It will be up to voters.” Many of the superintendents are already preparing for the time when they have direct control over how they raise their budgets, and redesigning their prisons to suit their visions. reporters visited two women’s prisons to see some of the different approaches for ourselves.

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Story – The Weekenders, Part 4

No sooner had Marie shut her eyes than she was woken up, by a guard loudly declaring that it was “time to get up,” in a tone both authoritative and routine. She had been asleep for hours, but it didn’t feel like that to her; it had been too short, and too uncomfortable for her to really feel that it had been a proper night’s sleep. She groggily lifted her head and then tried to lift her body. Her tiredness, and the restraints she was in, prevented her from doing this. After trying a few more times she realized that she needed to get leverage by swivelling round and putting her feet on the cell floor, so she did this, and at the second attempt had hauled her upper body upright. She dreaded to think what she looked like. She felt exhausted, and knew her hair was a mess. But with her hands cuffed behind her back, there was not much she could do about it. Having got herself upright, it took two tries to get off the bed.

She asked the guard if she could pee before being put back in the pod, and received an abrupt response: “Quickly. If you’re not done in two minutes, I’ll take you out of there. If you’re still pissing, I’ll put you on a disciplinary.” While pleased at being able to relieve herself before going back in the pod, she panicked at having to pee against the clock, with the guard watching, and seemingly so hostile. “I guess you’re not a morning person,” she thought to herself. Marie was able to finish on the toilet before the guard came to yank her out, but she was unable to properly wipe herself. For the first time, she was grateful that her pubic hair had been shaved, even if the area still smarted when touched by the sharp pangs of urine. She walked to the front of the cell, and the door was opened by the rude guard, who grabbed her arm, marched her to the pod, opened the door, and motioned her inside. As she stepped in, she mouthed “Hi” to the red-head in the neighboring pod, and she replied by waving to Marie with one of her cuffed hands.

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Pi Lambda Kappa Part 1 Available on Amazon

The text file Pi Lambda Kappa, Part 1 is available on

The link to the US link to Sorority Bondage 1: Pi Lambda Kappa on is: HERE. Those out of the United States can search for it using the text string: “Bondage Sorority 1 – Pi Lambda Kappa”.

The complete story, with parts arranged in order, will be presented in 2 parts on Amazon.  Many of you have asked over the years about the complete edition of this sorority bondage text file, written before Archives BBS even went online.

Bondage Sorority 1: Pi Lambda Kappa Cover
Kindle Cover: Freshman pledge Roxanne Oxford is appointed “Sargent at Arms” at an elite Texas sorority! But can she take the bondage and discipline that she dishes out? Finally presented as a contiguous story in 2 parts.

After completing this text file in about 1985, I wrote the “An Easy Job (named “Bondage in Mexico 1: An Easy job)” texts, the first part of which is available on Amazon also.  At the time, a market existed for the type of bondage texts that I wrote with the House of Milan.  I recall at the time that I was negotiating with Goeffrey Merrick to sell the Pi Lambda text file (all that I had written so far).

At the time, however, Harmony Communications was rapidly taking over the market for bondage content in adult book stores, and House of Milan was in trouble and our negotiations broke down, and House of Milan ceased to do business.  As it turned out this was lucky for me because the Pi Lambda Kappa series had always been a big draw for by bondage online subscription service.

Bondage Sorority 1 - Pi Lambda Kappa - A lot of the girls are tied up at pledge meetings. Here Roxanne is chained up and tied with her wrists behind her back,
Bondage Sorority 1 – Pi Lambda Kappa – A lot of the girls are tied up at pledge meetings. Here Roxanne is chained up and tied with her wrists behind her back,

The bondage events described in “Bondage Sorority 1:  Pi Lambda Kappa” were inspired by my experiences at my small town Texas colleges.  While I was not in the “Greek” system myself, I was witness to several public aspects of initiation that involved beautiful young women dressed in fantastic clothes, in strict bondage and blindfolded.

I will summarize some of the events in”Bondage Sorority 1:  Pi Lambda Kappa“:

Roxanne was convinced to join this particular sorority by her mother, and as a legacy, she was almost certain to be accepted.  She was surprised, however when at the first pledge meeting, she was tightly bound with her wrists behind her back.  All the pledges were similarly restrained.

Bondage Sorority 1 - Pi Lambda Kappa - Roxanne, looking her absolute best for her sorority sisters, wearing opera gloves and an elegant evening gown, is tightly tied with her wrists behind her back.
Bondage Sorority 1 – Pi Lambda Kappa – Roxanne, looking her absolute best for her sorority sisters, wearing opera gloves and an elegant evening gown, is tightly tied with her wrists behind her back.

The topic of the first meeting had to do with the appearances that the sorority sisters must maintain.  All the pledges and active must wear dresses, pantyhose and high heels at all times for classes and any university events.  They hair and makeup must be perfect at all times.  Only when confined in their university or sorority house bedrooms would jeans or lingerie be allowed.

 In addition to the very high standards of dress, Roxanne and all the other pledges were held to high academic and personal conduct standards.  Any type of sex with boys was prohibited.
Bondage Sorority 1: Pi Lambda Kappa - Handcuffed in her lace dress, Roxanne waits to enter the fraternity house to be introduced
Bondage Sorority 1: Pi Lambda Kappa – Handcuffed in her lace dress, Roxanne waits to enter the fraternity house to be introduced

If any of the standards of dress or academic achievement were not met on a constant basis, the pledge would be punished by confinement and bondage.

Roxanne’s relationships develop as she goes through her semester.  Anne, one of her fellow pledges challenges her to games of chance in which bondage is the consequence, Ron, a nice boy she met in Economics class who is a pledge at brother fraternity Nu Delta, and Kathy, her sexy blonde athletic roommate, who can’t keep her lips away from Roxanne’s.
Bondage Sorority 1: Pi Lambda Kappa - Roxanne is appointed Sargent at Arms - here Roxanne sits for her formal portrait as a class officer for the sorority yearbook.
Bondage Sorority 1: Pi Lambda Kappa – Roxanne is appointed Sargent at Arms – here Roxanne sits for her formal portrait as a class officer for the sorority yearbook.

Roxanne executes her duties as the “Sargent at Arms” by punishing her fellow pledge sister and administrator Wilma Redding, a willowy girl of privilege with long blonde hair for being caught sucking off a guy that she had tightly tied up.

All of the events, but scholastic and sorority-related lead up to the Fall Formal, which occurs near the end of this first part of Bondage Sorority 1:  Pi Lambda Kappa
As of this writing, there are two other texts by Felix Dartmouth available on Amazon.Com.
 Kindest regards, and thank for you interest in Archives BBS products!