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Summary – Archives BBS Bondage Website

Archives BBS provides original bondage photography, video and text by Felix Dartmouth.  Archives BBS is a vast repository of original content featuring well-known fetish models as well as talented amateur models. In addition, Archives produces popular video programs, delivering content via immediate download.  Many of the text works of Felix Dartmouth are available from Amazon.Com in Kindle Format.

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Last Seat on the Plane – a classic bondage text file

Hello all – This story was found on I think, years ago.  It might have been written by “John B.” a prolific and talented bondage text author.  I have always thought it was a fun idea, where a pushy female execute gets her comeuppance.  I corrected a few typos, but here it is, presented as I found it years ago.


Last Seat on the Plane

Kate was a rising star in her industry. She had spent four years in college and graduated with perfect results. She had spent 5 years at the industry’s leading company and now she was on the point of hitting the big time. Becoming a vice president before she hit thirty, all she had to do was to complete one small detail of a make or break business deal. She had just a few days, but one flight and one meeting would clinch it.

Stunning nude woman in high heels, wrists tied behind her back
Defiant nude woman Polistar, with her elbows tied behind her back in a strck shibari armbinder, and in high heels, about to confront her punishment, which will consist of an airtight plastic headbag for suffocation play. From the video “Bondage Punishment for Polistar”.

Kate was very frustrated at the airport, they had lost her reservation her seat had been sold. She was now queuing to get the last ticket, on the one plane that could get her there on time. Kate was dressed to impress she had an expensive business jacket tailored to emphasize her large bust and neat waist. A tight blouse that also emphasized her breasts, while her male colleges were staring at her tight top, she would be earning their sales bonuses. Her bottom half was just as well-proportioned a tight skirt black hose and killer 4 1/2-inch heels she was the perfect feminine package.

Kate got to the end of the line, finally she could get her ticket. The receptionist looked at her papers then she uttered one crushing sentence, “Well I am sorry, but we don’t have any seats on the plane”. A desperate look crossed Kate’s face, she felt she was going to lose it any second, but she calmed down. Kate continued trying to bargain with the booking office “I Continue reading Last Seat on the Plane – a classic bondage text file

Wet-Bed Story from a file dated 4/28/1991

A note from Felix:  Let me take you back to the very earliest days of the internet.  This is a text file that was passed over “listserves” and originated on the pioneering site, “Compuserve”.  The file is dated on my computer as 4/28/1991.  Those who remember the history of Archives BBS will recall that it came online (on a telephone line BBS system) on February 9, 1993.  I have added a few images for visual interest, but they are not related to the story.



We had cause to punish one of our previous maids. She was a young girl called Diana. Dorothy and I had made the mistake of becoming too familiar with her and this had led to a number of problems. After receiving an invitation by one of our friends to join her for a skiing vacation she pestered us relentlessly to be allowed to go. She would not take no for an answer. This was the last straw. Now she was trying to horn in on the misguided generosity of our friends. There was no way we were going to let her take that vacation, but we did agree to let her visit two other ladies of our acquaintance who lived near a ski resort. We never told her she could go skiing, but she naturally assumed that she would be able to.

Handcuffed woman
Vika is handcuffed in “Anonymous Bondage Witness”

These friends in the mountains were Sam (Samantha) and Jane. Sam had been a nurse in an asylum before retiring to the mountains with Jane, one of the female attendants she had worked with. We had met them on a skiing trip and had stayed with them frequently
since. They usually stayed with us when they came down to shop in Los Angeles. From some of the comments they made we had suspected that they had bossing around the patients that had been in their care. We asked them if they would mind have Diana stay with them with the idea of “teaching her her place”. We were relieved that they were understanding. In fact they were highly enthusiastic and were very pleased that we had thought to ask them. They explained that many of their patients had been too independent and proud for them to fit into the regimented structure of a ward and their first task had been to “bring them down a peg or two” so that they were no longer disruptive to the smooth operation of the ward. They told us that some of the therapies they had used at the asylum would prove most efficacious in correcting her attitude. Continue reading Wet-Bed Story from a file dated 4/28/1991

Wardrobe in “Bondage Transport Training for Mary”

The outfits for Bondage Transport Training – Mary were purchased from Shein.Com – one of my new favorite fashion vendors.  In the past, I have purchased from,, and, and all really good resources.  I’m sure I’ll include their fashions in future productions.

I like because of the really “new-look” fashions and the very reasonable prices.

Like John Willie, I am truly a “slave to fashion”!  I think fashion and the outfits my models wear add a lot of value to my modest productions.

This is the second in my “Wardrobe” series.  The first is “Bondage Punishment – Vika“.  I may go back and reconstruct older videos with commentary in this manner.

But, let’s go ahead and start!  The first outfit that Mary wears is this darling deep red sheer-sleeve blouse.  Here is the  website image:

woman in sheer blouse

I’ve noticed that the less expensive blouses have a stretchy fabric for the body and very loosely fitted shoulders and sleeves, allowing for a lot of “give” in the fit and size.  The first scenes of the video feature this blouse, when Mary comes in and talks with Marshall about wanting to experience what it feels like to be a “real prisoner”.

Here is beautiful Mary, wearing this blouse:

Mary wearing deep red blouse from
Bondage Transport Officers must always look their best. Here, Mary is wearing a darling blouse and a cute black skirt with high heels for her visit with her mentor, Marshall.

She really makes an impression, and it’s a great way to start this video!









The next outfit is a really stunning black body-suit with sheer sleeves.  I had actually bought this outfit for one of my rope partners and we were going to to a shibari suspension scene on a Houston venue stage, but this scene never worked out.

woman in blouse with sheer sleeves





I thought this website image was just super-cute and perfect for a Bondage Transport Training officer.  At first, I wanted Mary to wear denim like the model in the photo, but she suggested she wear the body-suit with no bottom.  This was a brilliant suggestions, and why I love working with Mary so much!  Take a look:

Mary, working on her Bondage Transport skills, is wearing a drop-dead outfit!
Mary suggested that she wear this very sexy body-suit without a skirt or pants, and I’m so glad she did. Notice how her eyes are fixed on the camera. This is the way she approaches the convicted persons whom she escorts.
Mary requires that her male prisoners be locked in a chastity tube with a urethral probe for greater security and easier urination. But she knows that the psychic torture is ramped off the charts by her dressing proactively in the face of their utter helplessness and degradation.













Mary is a very imposing woman in person, and physically gifted.  Her legs and butt in this outfit and just entirely too sexy!

There is a segment in the video where I dress Mary up in a harem outfit that I also used in “The Prisoner 6 – Vika“.  I also used this outfit with Polistar in a video which is not published as yet – The Prisoner 8 unfinished – Polistar”.  This purple harem outfit, with sheer sleeves and harem-style sheer pants is an ideal for the “I Dream of Jeannie” look.  When worn with no bra, and with handcuffs locked behind the back, it is extremely humiliating and virtually shouts “bondage slave”!  These segments with Mary are not to be missed!

After the harem outfit scene, Mary returns to visit with Marshall about her experience going undercover in the courtroom.  She is wearing the cutest top.  Here is the website image:

cute blouse, with sheer shoulders and tight fit





When Mary enters the room after going undercover in court as a prisoner.  I tie her wrists behind her back using a very practiced tie that I call the “WEWaround” (west-east-west around) tie, a very Western tie for binding a woman’s wrists behind her back (can be used on men, too, of course!).

Here is out bondage transport officer Mary wearing this blouse:


After her undercover trip into the court where she was “mock-sentenced”, Mary changed out of her humiliating harem outfit and into this cute, breezy blouse. 

Mary in a fun casual sexy top with black skirt.
After her undercover trip into the court where she was “mock-sentenced”, Mary changed out of her humiliating harem outfit and into this cute, breezy blouse.










She’s just darling!

The final outfit is in the last scene of the video.  Mary has spent a lot of time struggling in intense nude shibari bondage (remember, nude is an outfit!) and dresses up to go pick up her prisoner.  She’s wearing this incredibly hot blouse.

formal blouse with pussy bow and sheer shoulders and sleeves

I usually don’t allow bras like the websute model is wearing, so Mary’s breasts (which are both bolted) are on display under the sheer fabric of this blouse.


Mary is ready to pick up her prisoner for bondage transport!
After a sexy and sweaty afternoon of transport bondage, Mary dresses up to report and secure her prisoner, a former boyfriend for bondage transport to his 10 year sentence in Denver. His jaw will drop when he sees her entering his cell with his transport chains. Revenge is sweet!

So, after a confidence-building exit interview with Marshall, in which her wrists are handcuffed behind her back, Mary discusses her immediate plans for the transport of her former boyfriend, and what she will do with the money that she earns for her first dangerous bondage transport assignment.





I hope you enjoyed this review of the outfits used in “Bondage Transport Training – Mary“.  One note.  The bondage transport warrant provides that Mary must spend 1 year in maximum security bondage prison if she fails to deliver her prisoner.  She is on her assignment now.  Will she be successful?  Please let me know your guess and any comments on these outfits in the comments below!


Workshop Girl – erotic text by Karl G. Mann (aka Karl Binder)

Workshop Girl

by Karl G. Mann

Note from Felix: “a.k.a. Karl Binder”, a friend of the system, and is the talented actor who was featured in “Witness Protection with Kobe Lee“,  “Conjugal Visit with Paris“, and “Bondage for Cash 1“.

Also, Karl provided the system with a photo essay of beautiful Laura as a maid in service.  Click here for that gallery.

I don’t recall if it was the summer or perhaps during spring break. It likely was my junior year of high school, but it could have been the next. I can’t remember her name, but it might have been something like Patty though I doubt it. We were attending a workshop at the university for high school students involved with their school districts’ environmental education program. The workshop lasted a few days and we were given rooms in one of the dormitories, so it must have been summer.

Most of the attendees had roommates, but I had a room to my self overlooking Fifth Avenue only a block from where my sister worked and across from where I would attend graduate school in the future. I remember opening the window at night and hearing the sound of traffic as the morning rush hour approached. Each day we would go to workshops and to talks or presentations by visiting experts, educators, activists, and the occasional college or grad student. We each were given a loose-leaf binder with with the program outline and notes for each of the presentations. These we would take back to our schools in the fall to use in mentoring other students.

I don’t remember meeting her, but we became friendly during the first few days of the workshop. She was from a neighboring school district. I don’t recall that she was especially pretty, but she was attractive, and not like the girls I’d fancied before who all had been fair. She was certainly not thin, though not at all overweight, and she was dark in a Mediterranean way. Part Italian I believe. Her hair was straight and cut to hang above her shoulders about midway down her neck and seemed slightly oily. It was neither dark nor light.

I have no memories of conversations with her the first few days or of the time we spent together during sessions or at dinner in the dining hall, just a general impression of wanting her in a way that was new to me. I had a girlfriend, who was away with her family on vacation, with whom I had been sexual for almost a year. There was a part of me that felt reluctant to pursue this, to me, mysterious girl yet I did.

It was the night before the last day of the workshop and, although I can’t remember, my guess is that we spent the evening together out and about on campus before going to my room. By now we had been intermittently holding hands when others weren’t around, so once inside my room it was a simple step to be touching more. We kissed, we lay on the floor, we made out. She let me pleasure her breasts and slip my fingers inside her bra as I had done the first time I made out with a girl two years earlier. She felt different than the other girls I’d known, especially my lithe girlfriend.

Something about her body was “round,” but firm. In some whys she seemed like a tomboy, yet feminine and sensual. She had an odor I didn’t recognize, a bit heavy and musky, a scent I would encounter in later years again with a Sicilian divorcee. As she became aroused she sweated and I liked it. She pushed her body into mine and I particularly enjoyed that she could feel my erection against her thighs and belly as we lay still clothed and moving in mutual exploration. We kissed deep wet kisses that did not break for minutes.

I slipped my hand into the waist of her pants, a move she resisted at first. I said it would be OK, I just wanted to please her and would stop when she wanted me to. Opening her pants, I then helped her remove them before settling on the narrow bed that was not yet used. Touching her panties I could feel that she was swollen and wet. Then after a few minutes she came.

I wanted to slide my hand into her panties, but she wouldn’t let me. I wasn’t sure why at the time, having been doing the same with my girlfriend for many months. I so enjoyed the warm slippery wetness and softness of aroused labia, but I realized later that she probably was still a virgin. I could tell she wasn’t sure about going further and suspect she feared that once inside her panties I would soon be inside her.

I’ve learned that when fully aroused a girl’s desire make it difficult to stop short, a knowledge that has served my own desire to penetrate and cum before feeling I’ve truly “had” a girl. She very likely also feared the risk of pregnancy, a risk I have frequently engaged in with a number of girls since and would have been willing to chance with her. So, through her panties I made her come a few more times, while tasting her nipples or locking lips for a slippery dance of impassioned tongues.

By now she held my penis through my pants or rubbing her thigh hard against it. Finally sated, she relaxed, then after a minute of catching her breath, unzipped me, held my cock, and with focus and determination went down on me until I came in her mouth. We then lay together for most of an hour, half asleep and still half aroused, occasionally kissing and touching or rubbing. Sometime before dawn she dressed and left for her room.

Next morning I could smell her on my fingers. We sat together during breakfast, lunch, and through the final sessions and then said goodbye. After the workshop we exchanged a few letters and cards. I remember getting some that were quiet creative and fun, not unlike the “mail art” I would exchange in the next decade with some artist friends, but we never met again. She was quiet busy with senior year academics and activities, I think she was in the band, and likely had a boyfriend. Likewise, I was preoccupied with advanced classes and an increasingly sexual and accomplished girlfriend.

by Karl G. Mann
Workshop Girl, part of An Erotic Memoir
Copyright 2020

Wardrobe in “Bondage Punishment for Vika”

I consider wardrobe an important part of the making a bondage video – this is what will be the first of a series discussing the costuming for the “Bondage Punishment for Vika” video.

I frequently purchase new wardrobe for videos, and this video has 2 new blouses, which were purchased from  I am a big fan of this site, because they have trendy, feminine outfits at a reasonable price.

However, the first outfit, Vika is wearing a vintage country-western blouse, denim cut-offs, and boots.  Often, when women are arrested,

Country-Western Crop-Top blouse in "Bondage Punishment for Vika"
Vika wears cut-off jeans, boots, and a vintage crop-top country-western blouse with sheer sleeves.

the are not wearing the outfits that they would be likely to wear in an interview, or a court situation where she is a prisoner, perhaps for an arraignment or a sentencing hearing.  Vika was securely shackled, but wearing “hanging around” or “hanging out” clothes.  This particular blouse we purchased off Etsy.Com, and is an early 1980’s style.  It’s a crop-top with sheer blouson sleeves.  The buttons are unique, with rhinestone stars.  There are four buttons on each cuff.  The label says “Banjo”.   I believe this is a remnant from the “Urban Cowboy” era, when country-western dancing was very popular in the last 1970’s and the early 1980’s.  This blouse simply states “pick me up and fuck me” and would be worn by a young woman in hopes of a hot night under the sheets after an evening of line-dancing.

(note – this blouse is also worn by the obedient prisoner Polistar in “Bondage Punishment for Polistar“.

Country-Western Crop-Top blouse in "Bondage Punishment for Vika"
Vika wears cut-off jeans, boots, and a vintage crop-top country-western blouse with sheer sleeves.

An interesting note about this outfit is that because the boots (hers, not mine) “shedded” on her bare feet and Vika wanted to keep her feet clean, she wrapped her feet in plastic bags and then put her boots on.  Once her leg-irons and the remainder of her restraints were locked, she was booted in plastic for almost an hour.

Of course, we can’t overlook the fabulous denim cut-offs and fit her perfectly.  I was grateful that she brought them, and I have had positive comments from subscribers.

I consider “nudity” an outfit also!  The human body is beautiful, of course, and it’s hard to improve on the beauty, sexiness, and drama

Vika nude., bound in a Takate Kote
Vika nude., bound in a Takate Kote

of the nude body, bound in natural jute.  Classical Japanese styling, the wonderful gifted beauty of Vika in her natural state, and the strictness of bindings all combine to present the viewer with a stunning image of bondage, texture, color, and beauty.

Many prisoners, and Vika is no exception, desire release from their judicially imposed shackles and may not realize that the security of ropes must be accompanied with full nudity.

Vika chooses this alternative, however, and gasps in shock at the strictness of the firm takate kote (たかてこて) (sometimes referred to in the West as a  “Box Tie”) in which she is bound and the tightness of the collar which is imposed upon her throat.

Specially trained in the art of Japanese bondage, Marshall is skilled at imposing completely secure rope bondage, so the thought of escape does not even occur to his female prisoners.  May of them soon are asking to be returned into their handcuffs and leg irons after passing time in expert rope bondage.

I often purchase blouses from current fashion producers, and in this case, there are 2 blouses purchased from This first blouse is a classically styled black blouse, almost formal in it’s styling, in fact, but it is of sheer chiffon nylon material and extremely sheer.

Surely meant to be worn with a bra, this blouse has an erotic impact at the outset.  When worn with a bra, it would turn heads at any club

Vika in black organza blouse and leather skirt
Vika in black organza blouse and leather skirt before she is locked in handcuffs, since she is a prisoner

or restaurant, and is seductive, when a beautiful woman wants to “dress to impress” that special man.

In a judicial setting, such a top, combined with a smart leather skirt and 5-inch high stiletto high heels, shackled in accordance to the security imposed by the local marshals service,  would immediately draw all eyes and photographers.

Often times, saleswomen in the medical or office supplies business will wear such blouses to gain entrance into the offices of the doctor or purchasing agent, and in exchange for 15 minutes of their presence will extract a high-ticket order.  Often referred to as a

Vika in black organza blouse, with leather skirt, high heels. She is collared, shackled and has a ball-gag around her throat
Vika in sheer organza blouse, black, with leather skirt, high heels. She is collared, shackled and has a ball-gag around her throat

“sales slut”, these women are trained to wear a jacket in the office lobbies and elevators, and in front of the stern receptionists, and when they enter the office of their sales target and the door is closed behind them they begin their sales pitch.

Removing their jacket, they stand at attention, hands behind their back and begin to extol the benefits of their product.  Answering in the affirmative, “Yes, sir” and in the negative, “No, sir”, they are skilled at leading the sales target to a close within 15 minutes and then put their jacket back on and go to their next cold call.

This particular marshal does not allow a bra, but the strictest rules of decorum are satisfied when fabric, even if it is sheer organza fabric, covers the female breasts.  Marshal has learned years ago that in dealing with female prisoners, to always lock their wrists behind their back, attach chains to their ankles and impose a collar as an attachment and a choke-point.

The final blouse that was purchased and used in the “Bondage Punishment for Vika” video is also from  It is a sheer white blouse, also of a shiny organza material, but the styling has the “little girl” feel with sheer cap-puff sleeves.

Adding to the styling of this blouse is a Mandarin collar which gives

The bondage prisoner Vika in a sheer white organza blouse with puff sleeves. She has a respectable tan skirt and is collared and ball-gagged
The bondage prisoner Vika in a sheer white organza blouse with puff sleeves. She has a respectable tan skirt and is collared and ball-gagged

the blouse an extra “modest” feel, while revealing the breasts.  In comportment with required female prisoner security, Vika’s wrists have been handcuffed behind her back and she is collared and ball-gagged.  Knowing that she will be lined up in the docket with all the other female prisoners, Vika asks to be tied up instead of simply handcuffed.

Accommodating, Marshall fashions a “Chinese Prisoner Tie” which holds Vika’s arms securely.  Thus trussed up tightly, Vika prepares to be transported to the courtroom where she will be consigned to her restricted punishment.

I think it’s important that a woman be allowed to present herself to judicial punishment in stylish, fetching and sexy outfits.  While I don’t allow bras under sheer blouses, I do make sure that the prisoners that I escort do not appear before a magistrate or a judge in scruffy t-shirts, torn jeans or worn-out flats.

A pretty blouse, a nice skirt, lady-like high heels, nice hair an makeup are always offered to my prisoners to make sure their court hearings go well, and that when they are sentenced, and they are photographed for the front pages of the local newspapers, they are dressed nicely.

I hope you have enjoyed this article about the costuming in this particular video.  Please look for more in the future!


“Brave” Browser – a more secure and private browsing experience recommended

I recommend using the Brave browser for browsing, particularly Archives BBS.

Archives BBS is a content delivery system for the photographic, video and text works of Felix Dartmouth. Typically, I do not give technical advice on computer use, or “tips” on a great online experience.

There have been numerous browsers available over the years, Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Firefox are among the most popular. I have tended toward using Chrome.

I am not a conspiracy theorist, and I am an avid user of both Facebook and Google and also of Microsoft and Apple. These are wonderful companies, and they make my life easier. However, several years ago, I started to notice something. Purchasers of my videos may know that I purchase wardrobe for models. So, when I would browse an apparel site, such as, on Chrome, I would go to Facebook, and be presented with a ad. Or, if we were planning a family trip, and a family member sent me an email about it on gmail, then, when I went to, I would be presented an ad for the same airline that we were considering flying.

What is happening is that my information is being “passed around” to these various sites. I’m not being told to whom it is being passed, or why or when. I’m certainly not being paid, and I’m not given any obvious way to “opt out”.

I have the right to privacy. If I go to to read about the latest celebrity gossip, I don’t want my browser telling them “hey, this dude shops at – pitch him some apparel websites”!

If I deposited a paycheck at the bank, say for $600.00, and I went to a cocktail party, I don’t want the teller coming up to me when I am talking to someone and saying, “Hey, Felix, I’ll bet that $600 that you deposited today sure won’t go far” !

Many of us utilize ad blockers, and that’s one way to go, but blocking the ad means that you would have been presented the ad in the first place. Also, often, content sites, like major newspapers will not allow you to read content, unless you disable the ad-blocker. Many of us lack the technical savvy to install and maintain ad blockers.

As an easy example, let’s take a look at Brave Browser as it brings up FaceBook. If you click the “shield” it reports the action that it took for the FaceBook site:

So, we see that when we load Facebook, there are 20 cross-site trackers. Many of them refer back into Facebook programs, and many of the others refer over to Google. They all take time to load, they all waste time and resources, and they all disclose things about you that you are not aware of.

The Brave browser blocks these cross-site trackers by default.

When you browse with Chrome, you are handing over information to Google, which hands it off to Facebook, which hands it off to Amazon, etc. ad infinitum.

For this reason, I recommend the Brave browser for Archives BBS browsing and actually for all the sites you browse.

I would like to note that Archives BBS is a “Brave Verified Creator”. That means that Archives BBS might be eligible to receive “BAT” or “Basic Attention Tokens”.

Archives BBS Years in Review, 2018 and 2019

Archives BBS Year in Review, 2019

During 2019, Archives BBS released 4 videos that are detailed below.  Also, Archives BBS operated an online service from February to October of 2019.  This service offered streaming video of some of the Archives BBS videos, and quite a bit of image content as well as text content.

However, I was dissatisfied that I didn’t have a database connection to the dates, descriptions, and keywords that I had in my previous service.  Also, I wasn’t satisfied with the security for the streaming video.  I discontinued the service in October, 2019.  Thank all of you who subscribed!

Presently, I am simply offering access to current image releases to the public (that means free!).  These images are under the “Demo Content” page.   Please check regularly for new content.

The tens of thousands of original bondage images I have produced over the decades are largely offline, but I am still searching for a satisfactory way to make them available at a reasonable subscription fee.

Also, there is a search feature for Meta content that is off the Home Page and also another Search Page.  So, you can search for “Mary” or “blouse”, or “handcuffs”, etc.

Following are the video releases fro 2019 and 2018.

The Prisoner 8 – Mary

The Prisoner 8 - Mary - Topless, ballgagged in a takate kote - on bed
After complaining that her handcuffs are too tight, Mary, the female prisoner is bound in a takate kote (#たかてこて) and ball-gagged. Her nipples have been bolted.

Beautiful, tall and strong, but kept securely shacked, Mary, who made her first appearance in Female Slave Lot 830,   has been arrested and is taken to the safe house by Marshall to await her extradition and sentencing hearings.  In the course of the approximately 2 hour story, Mary has several outfit changes, is trussed into very tight Japanese shibari as well as rare Chinese prisoner transport bondage, is carefully fitted for a ball-gag and engages in conversation about her pending imprisonment.

This is a great addition to the classical Archives BBS “The Prisoner” tradition, first seen in 2002 in “The Prisoner” with Jessica!

Bondage Punishment for Vika

This second in the vigilante (Bondage Punishment) series involves the prolific and talented beauty, Vika, in the character of a bratty slut bitch who has been securely chained wearing a bare-midriff top with sheer sleeves and cutoffs.  Vika makes several outfit changes

The Prisoner Vika in sheer black blouse, leather skirt, tightly bound and gagged, with leg-irons
The Prisoner Vika in sheer black blouse, leather skirt, tightly bound and gagged, with leg-irons

and is tightly bound in stiff jute rope, including a nude takate kote (a classic Japanese tie) hogtie that tests her limits.  Her initial panic at her rope restrictions is illustrative of her desire to escape and avoid the inevitable prison sentence that awaits her, but she has been expertly bound.

Aficionados of Vika will be pleased that she has adapted to wearing a larger ball-gag that before.  She endures a careful  ball-gag sizing scene.  She tries gags of various size balls and locates the precise size ball for her, filling her mouth, and strapped tightly behind her beautiful white teeth, making intelligible speech impossible.

It’s great to see that as Vika tries the smaller sizes, she has to reluctantly agree that they are too small and that her mouth requires a larger size for a better seal and fit.

Don’t miss the desperation of Vika, who tries to play it cool, but inwardly fears captivity in prison and seeks a way out!

Bondage Punishment for Polistar

This “bondage punishment” format is a free-flowing format where a criminal woman has been captured by a vigilante and secured by handcuffs before either being punished by the vigilante or taken to prison to serve a stiff sentence.

Polistar in totally nude bondage - shibari elbows-together armbinder
Polistar in totally nude bondage – shibari elbows-together arm binder

Polistar has been captured and at first can’t believe that the vigilante has any evidence against her, but when she weighs his proposal of a weekend in stiff bondage versus a 2 year prison term for theft, she chooses the weekend in his tight strictures.

Polistar, a new model with Archives BBS, is a beautiful woman, tall, strong and muscular, and she also has the natural desire to obey strong male authority, answering with an emphatic “Yes, sir” when given commands.

When given the instruction, “Prisoner Attention”, this female in bondage promptly snaps to, shoulders back, and tits out, eyes straight ahead.

Unruly by nature, she is given the choice of a strict hogtie or a plastic head bag as a punishment, and she chooses the head bag.  For this punishment, she is tied into a tight elbows-together shibari arm binder.  The plastic is air-tight with no air holes.  Polistar chose the strictest of suffocation punishments that shouldn’t be missed!

Anonymous Bondage Witness 3 – with Vika

Vika’s acting skills are on display in this Anonymous Bondage Witness tour-de-force .  Since Vika is the District Attorney, and the “Anonymous Bondage Witness” program is her own pet project, it’s near and dear to her heart.

Vika in shackles and handcuffs in her own Witness Protection in Bondage program
As a District Attorney, Vika in shackles and handcuffs in her own “Witness Protection in Bondage” program. Vika wants to make sure that Marshall has the proper security procedures in place for her witnesses.

She has heard that Marshall, a trained, but possibly somewhat of a goofball deputy is handling a large number of the cases, and may not be up to her standards of strictness of security.

So, she issues a warrant for her own arrest and detention, and presents to to Marshall, and demands to be treated “just like a real prisoner”!

Marshall starts off with good security, and is irritated when his prisoner, also the District Attorney is trying to receive business phone calls about sentencing recommendations for young female prisoners while in custody.

This video reprises the peak punishment bondage that we see in

District Attorney Vika nude, and bound in a tight Japanese Takate Kote
District Attorney Vika nude, and bound in a tight Japanese Takate Kote

“Vika in Cruel Bondage”, with the takate kote, the happy baby tie with full crotch exposure, the foam-rubber enhanced ball-gag and the plastic suffocating head-bag, the most difficult bondage position ever shown on Archives BBS.

Archives BBS Year in Review, 2018

2018 was a difficult year for Archives BBS, but persistence allowed us to continue in business.  The online subscription model that we had used for so long was more and more difficult to maintain, and it was discontinued.  That left the huge image base offline, and it remains offline to this day.

There is a huge amount of pirated material out there, and it’s hard to compete with free, but people who are honest and want the original content that we have to offer are still customers, and we gain new customers daily, to our delight.  Thank you all.

For a period of time in 2018 the website was actually offline, but returned to online operations mid way during the year.

A lot of this had to do, I think, with the flooding in Houston that occurred after Hurricane Harvey.  The whole event hit Houston so hard, and the flooding was so widespread it occupied a huge amount of mind-space. 

Vika in Cruel Bondage

Often young women who accept favors from rich men must compromise their normal standards.  Sometimes, they are sent for punishment, which is required to continue receiving the lavish gifts

Vika bound in a "bunny ears" tie with a crotch-rope
Vika bound in a “bunny ears” tie with a crotch-rope

and lifestyle which has become central to their way of living.

Here, Vika as been sent for punishment.  She’s not happy about it, but she knows that the punisher’s report is the key to her getting back into good graces with her Master and benefactor.  The key to the lavish dinners, the trips on the yacht, the private air travel and the generous allowance.

He does not go easy on her, because he knows that the Master requires retribution and a tribute in the form of suffering.  Probably most humiliating for Vika is that she is asked to put on business-wear, be chained like a common prisoner and escorted to have lunch with the Master and some of his business partners.

Vika constantly complains and questions her ties and punishment requiring that she be frequently ball-gagged and sometimes hooded.  The “peak” tie of this story is the plastic head-bag “happy baby” tie in a Japanese Takate Kote, with a ball-gag and foam-rubber packing.  This is as excruciating a tie as is possible, and still be physically “safe”.  It is extremely humiliating due to the spread legs, the intense arm and shoulder bondage, the engulfing ball-gag and the air-tight headbag.  She is fed just enough air, but is always on the edge.

Don’t miss the intense bondage video, “Vika in Cruel Bondage“!

Thank you for following this retrospective on 2018 and 2019.  I look forward to 2020 with optimism.  I already have at least 1 shoot for early January, and I think 2020 will be a great year for Archives BBS.

With your support, please continue to look for what I hope is original, sexy, beautiful bondage content!


Chinese Rope Bondage on Archives BBS

Those of you who follow my work have noted that I include a lot of rope bondage in addition to handcuffs and judicial restraint on my beautiful models.  Prior to 2017, I tied in the typical American nylon/cotton rope style.

I began studying Shibari (Japanese Rope Bondage) in 2017 and since that time, my tastes in rope bondage have changed markedly.  Please regard the image below from “Vika in Cruel Bondage” from 1997:

Vika topless in a Japanese Takate Kote
Vika is kneeling, topless, bound in a Japanese Takate Kote.









This tie is beautiful to be sure, and it enhances the beauty of the wonderful model Vika.  (Twitter: @vika_model).  This jute rope (purchased from ) is sensuous on the skin and the structure of the binding securely hold the model in her captivity. Continue reading Chinese Rope Bondage on Archives BBS

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