The 2-Gig barrier: What’s a Bondage Video Producer to Do?

Many of us remember the times when a megabyte was a “big” file?  I do!  I also remember when I paid $400.00 for a 20-megabyte hard drive which was such a luxury because I didn’t have to use floppy disks.

It’s my opinion that “hard” media is dead.  That’s rich coming from me, who spent hours in the Houston July heat shipping CD-ROMs and DVD’s to customers from 1996 to 2014 when I ceased to offer these formats.  And I thank you all for your orders!

OK, now I am going to present a gallery of bound women. But, please read the educational (promotional, informative, strategic) content to the end!

But for years, I have offered content in downloadable format.  First WMV, then finally MP4.

I’d like to review  few videos and the formats and file sizes.

Bondage Weekend Wager – WMV – 466 Meg
Dungeon Girls 1 – WMV – 799 Meg
Coin Toss Bondage 2 – MP4 – 969 Meg
The Prisoner 2 – MP4 – 1224 Meg = 1.2 Gig
Slave Coffle – MP4 – 1500 Meg = 1.5 Gig
Female Slave – Lot 830 – MP4 – 2700 Meg = 2.7 Gig

With each file size, videos got longer, and with Bondage Coffle, we went from the 780 x 480 pixel format of DV (and DVD) to the 1920 x 1080 format of HD.  This was a huge jump in processing power demanded of the client PC and the video card, but a MUCH better overall experience for the viewer.

OK, here’s the thing.  Notice that Female Slave, Lot 830 is over 2 Gig.  So was Female Slave – Lot 782 and The Prisoner 3 with Kylie K.  I am going to have to “recast” these videos as multiple files because people have trouble downloading file greater than 2 Gig.

I anticipate that all upcoming large-form video content will be presented in multiple files of between 1 and 1.8 Gig, totally significantly over 2 Gig, possibly up to 5 or more Gig.

How do you play the “whole thing”.  It’s simple – in your video player, simply set up a play list with the files in the proper order!

But often, where a limitation is imposed, an opportunity presents itself.  If I have to split up the files, why not have a 5 Gig offering, or even a 10 Gig offering?

For instance, the footage taken of Olivia on 5/4/2011 is over 2.5 hours long – it was published for the membership (click to subscribe) of Archives BBS, but this could be published to individual purchasers in 2 – 4 files totaling over 4 Gig.

A similar situation exists for “Incarceration Station #1 and #2.  They were published to the membership because there was no practical solution to providing a 2 + hour video at the time it was filmed.  They contains footage of a particularly irritated Jenni as somewhat cruel bondage is imposed on her.

The bottom line?  There really is NO LIMIT on the size of programs that can be offered.  Now, some would argue that a 3 minute small, fuzzy video of “just the right” content may be preferable to an omnibus opus of previously unknown length.  But why have a limit?

Let’s use our imagination even more!  What is the size went into some type of optimized combination of QUALITY and LENGTH.

Stay tuned, my friends, stay tuned.


I would very much appreciate your comments!



What happened to FileFinder on

What happened to FileFinder?

FileFinder is a unique database driven file presentation system which was developed by Archives BBS.  For some time, it has been available as a demonstration of the Archives BBS Member Service.

Filefinder has been removed for  The content that was accessible via the FileFinder is no longer online to non-subscribers.

FileFinder is available only to subscribers at Archives BBS Member Site (

Don’t despair, however – because I will be posting content from the publicly available FileFinder in this forum.

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