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What is Archives BBS?

Archives BBS is a producer of bondage photography, video and text files. Archives BBS bondage oriented programs are lighthearted, fun, tasteful and feature beautiful women in strict bondage. While Archives BBS products do not show any type of explicit sexual conduct, they may be considered adult oriented.

Notice:  Subscribe now to the Archives BBS Member Service for access to new image and video content by Felix Dartmouth.

18 U.S.C. Sec. 2257 Compliance Notice

All models, actors, actresses and other persons that appear on were over the age of eighteen (18) years at the time of the creation of such depictions.

The records required pursuant to 18 U.S.C. Section 2257 and C.F.R. 75 are kept by the custodian of records, L M Corpening, 440 Louisiana # 900, Houston, TX 77002.

The title of this material is and various and is an ongoing work originally produced from 1978 to the present date and first released online on Archives BBS on Feb. 9, 1993.

How can I access your entire archive of photographs, stories, and video files?

My archive is now offline, and cannot be accessed at the present time.  Selected past and recent works are available on the Member Site.

In what online bondage video formats to you publish?

Archives BBS currently produces in MP4 format.  Past formats have included WMV, MOV and DV.

What happened to the subscription site?

The subscription site is now operating.  To subscribe, go to this page.

Help! I can’t order physical DVD’s anymore. What happened?

Physical DVD’s are a thing of the past. We no longer produce physical DVD’s nor do we offer service by mail.

I just viewed an image on the system and I want to save it. How do I do that?

For most browsers, you right-click on the image with your mouse, and select “save image as”. Check to make sure that the filename is correct (for example “image.jpg”) and make sure that your file is being placed where you want it on your hard drive, then select “Save” or “OK”.

How do charges for Archives BBS products appear on my credit card statement?

Charges for Video Downloads appear as “Archives BBS”.

I am worried about receiving unsolicited e-mails and snail-mails – do you mail me anything I don’t ask for?

No, Archives BBS only e-mails you regarding the status of your subscription, or to acknowledge orders. We don’t use the US mail at all. You will not be “spammed” by us.

We have a Email-List which we encourage you to join if you are of majority age and wish to keep up with Archives BBS activities.  All subscribers are encouraged to join for news of updates.

I want to order a video, but don’t want to be embarrassed when the package arrives. What does your packaging look like?

We no longer offer service by mail.  You will not receive any mail from us.

Do I need any special computer system to use Archives BBS?

No. Any operating system browser will work with Archives BBS.  We see access from Windows, Unix, Safari, and IOS on our system.  Our new Archives BBS Member service is is fully adaptive and can be viewed on Iphone, Android, and computer desktops.

I remember a really neat image series, but I have no idea how to find it. Do you have an index?

Yes, Archives BBS implemented a database system for all published files. The interface to this database is the File Finder, a member accessible feature. With this, you can find files by part of the filename, by date, by Archives BBS model, or by a string in the description.

(Update – the Filefinder system no longer indexes all the files – it may be reinstated in the future. 3/16/2019)

I really like this model on your system. Can you give me her e-mail address or phone number?

No. The identity of the models is confidential.

I really like your “Pi Kappa Lambda” (PLK) and “An Easy Job” (AEJ) text file series. Can you mail me the full text file?

(Those text files are not released an an entire story – they are published in segments.)  This is now obsolete!  Complete text files are now available on for Kindle!

Bondage Sorority 1:  Pi Lambda Kappa
Bondage Sorority 2:  Pi Lambda Kappa
Bondage:  Campus Parking Ticket Roundup 1
Bondage: Assignment in Mexico (also known as “An Easy Job”)

I hope you enjoy these complete bondage text files by Felix Dartmouth!

Do you do custom video or photo sets?

Sorry, no. I only produce for general release. If you like, however, send me your ideas and I may incorporate some of your ideas in a future video.

©2019, Archives BBS

Laura’s Maid Service

We were sent these image files by guest artist Karl Mann.  The model is Laura, who is engaged to do housework, after which time she is returned to her restraints, which involve leather cuffs and spreader bars.


Full resolution files available by request. For prices and terms send email to All images Copyright 2014 KMannPhoto. .

We thank the talented Laura and KMann for these great photos!


Archives BBS Year in Review – 2014

I frequently try to do a “year in review” but often I’m so busy on the 1st with other matters I never get around to it!  Well not this year.  Here is it, 2015 and I’m in front of my keyboard typing!

First, I’ll talk about the videos.  As most of you know, video production drives a lot of the content on the member site as well as the public site.   So, let’s cover that first, and I think some of you might be interested in the infrastructure changes, but I’ll leave that to the end.

As always, it’s the subscribers who have access to all the Archives BBS content.

So, here are the 4 video releases in 2014:

Bondage Scenes 2 with Vika – This was Vika’s second video, with the popular Anonymous Bondage Witness dating back to December of 2013.  Vika is a fabulous story improviser, and her versatility is on full display in this fun video.  There are 3 main story-lines, each one fun to see!

The Prisoner 3 – Fabulous new model for Archives, Kylie K. is featured in this super-fun “Prisoner” template video.  Kyle K.  is a wonderful actress, and plays a “double intention” of trying to be nice to her Marshall and at the same time, thinking that he is a real jerk to keep her in bondage.  She tries on outfits that she will wear before the judge and her foxy body with womanly D-cup breasts are a real eyeful!  She gets irritated with her treatment and plots a turnabout on her Marshall in the final scenes!

Female Slave – Lot 782 – Megan is just one of those young ladies who comes with everything included.  What a beauty! She is a new model for Archives and really did a great job.  She is also very lithesome and elbows can easily touch and be tightly corded behind her back.  In addition, a ball-gag “sits” perfectly in her mouth and she does not get claustrophobic when she is headbagged.  She was the first model to try the “Female Slave” idea, and she really did a great job!

Female Slave – Lot 830 – I never had to say “One more time, with feeling” to Mary!  She took right to the story of a female student in student debt, and the idea that she could be sold as a slave to have all the debt forgiven.  Mary is an athletically blessed young lady, and she is kept under very tight restrictions throughout the video.  Also, she easily accommodates a full-size ball-gag tightly strapped!   This video was released tight at the end of 2014 and it seems to have been very well received!

Would I deprive you of images?  No indeed – just click on the smaller image for full-size detailed image.

A few other matters of a more infrastructure/technical nature. In July of 2014 I was given just a few days’ notice that my provider was discontinuing their MS Windows server service, and I would have to convert all my FileFinder scripts to PHP and MySQL. After my panic subsided, I looked around and found an excellent programmer among my circle of friends here in Houston. The month of August was not the best for updates, but the service emerged in September with an entirely new, UNIX based infrastructure. I am very happy because it’s very fast, stable and it also has excellent management tools.

Also, in December, I converted the site (the public site) to a UNIX based, WordPress site (which you are reading right now!).

Why am I telling you this? It’s because the less I have to worry about operations and technical matters, the more time I have to edit video, photos, negotiate with models, and generally produce content. That’s what I’m hoping for 2015! New models, established models (like Kobe Lee and Vika!) higher quality video, and just more fun in 2015. Stay tuned, my friends, stay tuned.