Damsels in Distress – Campus Parking Ticket 2

Damsels in Distress – Campus Parking Ticket 2
©Felix Dartmouth, 1999
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Note:  This story has been taken offline for the public site on 12/24/2017.  All parts of this text are available at the Amazon Kindle Store at this link (click here).

Some parts of the text are preserved for reference:

Campus Parking Ticket Roundup – Part 2

Jim Cranston – Assistant Chief of Police
Donna Cranston – his wife
Ron Johnson – Chief of Police
Regina Strong – Police Sergeant
Billy Marks – Rookie Officer

Text file by Felix Dartmouth, Illustrative photographs by Felix Dartmouth

© Felix Dartmouth 1999, All rights reserved
Note first published on 8/16/1999
Taken offline on 10/22/2006


Jim awoke, stiff and sore. He had spent the night in handcuffs, with his wife, Donna, dressed in her sexiest lingerie. She was not too happy that he had left Regina handcuffed in a solitary confinement cell. She thought that a night in the cuffs would teach him a lesson.

Female student under arrest during Campus Parking Ticket sweep
Female student under arrest during Campus Parking Ticket sweep

He had slept some, but he spent most of the night trying to quell his
enormous frustration at being in bondage and having his luscious wife inches away from him.

He imagined, in a moment of weakness, that Donna, his own wife, was being brought into the jail, wearing handcuffs, leg-irons, and one of Regina’s new ball-gags.

The vision, brief as it was, was practically fatal to his night’s rest. His raging excitement was only quelled by concentration on details of matters on his desk at work.   Often, his mind’s eye returned to a vision of his lovely Donna, red with humiliation,  struggling to keep pace with the officer who gripped her firmly above one elbow, due to her leg-irons.

He awoke with her holding him. She smiled and said, “I hope you’ve learned your lesson.”


©Felix Dartmouth, 1999
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