Campus Parking Roundup 06


©Felix Dartmouth, 2000

Note this text file has been taken offline for the public on 12/24/2017.  Parts of the text are included for reference below:

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Note:  the illustrations of this episode
are from the video by Felix Dartmouth “Sent
for Training
, starring Nikita and Mina”.

Jim Cranston – Assistant Chief of Police
Donna Cranston – his wife
Ron Johnson – Chief of Police
Regina Strong – Police Sergeant
Billy Marks – Rookie Officer 

Text file by Felix Dartmouth

Campus Parking Ticket Roundup – Part 6

 Regina also had two undergraduate woman prisoners to take back to the College Jail.  She had walked Donna, in her humiliating French Maid outfit, her excruciatingly tight rope bondage and gag to a bench in the hallway, and handcuffed her ankle to a steel ring in the concrete floor.

She signed for the prisoner and then asked about the
other two girls that she was to escort back to the College Jail.

Handcuffed and leg-ironed in suburbia
Handcuffed and leg-ironed in suburbia

They were brought out from behind a steel door.
They had on very pretty dresses and their hair and makeup had been carefully done.  One wore a light
yellow sundress with bare shoulders and a pleated skirt and white high heels.  The other wore a white shirtdress with a wide and tight black belt and sheer sleeves.  They were two sorority women.  Their treatment must have been far different from the treatment accorded Donna because they were in high spirits.

They were handcuffed, and leg-ironed, of course, and
their wrists were cuffed behind their backs, but they were chattering about getting back to the college and getting back to their life.  Their parents had flown in and paid their fines, so they would be released upon return to the College Jail. 

©Felix Dartmouth, 2000

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