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Bondage Transport Training – Mary  –  


The Prisoner 8 – Mary  –  


Bondage Punishment for Vika  –  


Bondage Punishment for Polistar  –  


Anonymous Bondage Witness 3 – with Vika –  

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The Prisoner 7 – Brianne BluAdd to Cart

Summary – Archives BBS Bondage Website

Archives BBS provides original bondage photography, video and text by Felix Dartmouth.  Archives BBS is a vast repository of original content featuring well-known fetish models as well as talented amateur models. In addition, Archives produces popular video programs, delivering content via immediate download.  Many of the text works of Felix Dartmouth are available from Amazon.Com in Kindle Format.

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7 thoughts on “Archives BBS”

    1. I think this is a great idea, Billy. I have used back handcuffs on prisoners in the past, and since your comment, I think it might be a good idea to do so again.

      I think that since black handcuffs are easier to see, depending on the clothing and the coloring of the prisoner, they can tend to embarrass a woman just a bit more.

      Especially during visitation with a husband or boyfriend, locking up a woman in black cuffs increases her self-consciousness at being a prisoner that must be locked up.

  1. Hi, love your work. Please reconsider opening up your membership site again, it was probably the only site I paid for as I loved the content at the price point. Would really love to see your work again.

    1. Yes, I expect that the new site will start off with streaming access to many of my videos, all of my stories that are available for Kindle. I am working on an image display solution. Thanks for your interest!

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