Freddy asks (regarding parts of PLK and AEJ):

Freddy asks:

Given this posting, are all of the PLK and AEJ parts on your site and accessible if I join? Freddy is referring to the text file series “Pi Lambda Kappa”, and “An Easy Job”, authored by Felix Dartmouth

Felix Replies:

Thanks for the question, Freddy!  I welcome anyone to join the Member Site.  But I do have to say that not all the parts of PLK and AEJ are available.  I don’t believe that the


and CDROM2

text files are on the Member site.

So, you could compile all the released parts by purchasing CDROM1 and CDOM2 and subscribing, but I do have to note that there are some unreleased parts, that will appear on the Member Site in the future.

To Subscribe to the Archives BBS Member Site, you can go here:

I hope this answers you question.




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