Angelica is a Deputized Prisoner Undercover – AEJ7B

Bedtime in Custody – Angelica is a Deputized Prisoner Undercover

©Felix Dartmouth, 1998.

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Episode dated 1/30/98


Abstract:  Stacy has been kidnapped from a jail cell a customs.  Angelica, now deputized, is undercover as a prisoner.  Jim has taken her to the hotel to get some shut-eye!


AEJ 7B (An Easy Job, Part 7 – segment B)

“I hope that you aren’t going to make me sleep in this contraption!” were all the words that she could think of.

“No,” said Jim, “But you will have to be tied up for bed. I’m going to let you shower first, though.”

Angelica realized that she was covered with perspiration. The unconscious struggling against the straps and gnawing at the gag had taken a great deal of energy,

“I really need one,” she said.

Jim was beginning to undo some of the leather straps about her shoulders and Angelica waited patiently.

“I’m going to need you to sign a form that waives your rights to segregated detention facilities.”

“What if I don’t sign?”

“Then you’ll have to spend the night in the Women’s Prison. Obviously the holding cells at customs are not secure enough to hold anyone.”

Hotel Bedtime Bondage - locked in handcuffs.
Since Jim requires that Angelica maintain her undercover role as a prisoner, even behind the locked hotel-room doors, Angelica is handcuffed behind her back at all times.

“Jim,” asked Angelica. “Where is Stacy?”

“I really don’t know,” he replied.

“I can only hope that she may be in less security than she was with me and may find some way to contact us, but I seriously doubt she will be able to.”

Jim loosened the buckle at her belly, allowing the strap at her crotch to fall down. She shook the hated strap free of her handcuffs, and her skirt slid slowly down wrinkled to mid calf. The octopus of leather was taken away and Angelica was left handcuffed and
leg-ironed with a thin cotton cord tightly holding her elbows together. Out of his briefcase, Jim pulled a form and placed it on the desk.

“Here, sign this,” he said.

“This means that you can stay here with me rather than being taken to the prison to spend the night.”

Angelica signed with difficulty due to the way her arms were bound, but without hesitation, as she knew the conditions of the Women’s Prison.

“Now, let me tell you what we are going to do. You get to take the first shower. I am going to untie your elbows, and undo one of your cuffs on the leg irons and the handcuffs. You will then strip nude, and we will send your outfit for cleaning. It should be ready by morning. Do you have any nightclothes?”

“Yes,” she said. “I have pajamas.”

“Are they like men’s pajamas?”


“Well, you’ll have to wear the outfit that Stacy brought. I can’t have your legs or arms covered when you’re trussed up for the night. Bad security.”

“Let’s see it,” requested Angelica.

Opening Stacy’s bag, Jim pulled it out. It was the same one that Lacy had worn to test out the leather body harness. It was a teddy, but with long, sheer sleeves. Angelica smiled, but twisted her arms.

“I kind of like it, but won’t Stacy be a little upset?”

Jim began to untie the knots at Angelica’s elbows. He looked at her hands and noted no blueness. She worked her shoulders as Jim unlocked her handcuffs from her left wrist only. Then he stooped down and unlocked her right ankle.

“Now, go ahead and undress.”

She unbuttoned the cuffs of her sleeves and then the rest of the buttons of her blouse. She had a little difficulty removing it with her handcuffs on. Her bra, slip and skirt followed. She stood in her panties with her handcuffs dangling, reluctant to go the final step to nudity.

“Well,” said Jim. “Are you going to take a shower in your panties, or
don’t you want me to send them out to be cleaned?”

She knew that the way the strap put pressure on them, they needed to be cleaned, so she stepped out of them with trepidation, as if they were the only thing that was saving her from being raped.

Jim had sleep, rather than rape on his mind, however, and he stooped again to re-link her ankle- cuffs.

“You won’t be able to step in and out of the tub in these irons,” he said. “I will lift you in, and once you dry off, I will lift you out. You only have seven minutes to take your shower. We need to get to bed!”

So the once haughty stewardess was now nude, in irons, and a confessed criminal in the custody of a Federal Marshal now having waived her rights to segregated detention. Twisting her arms behind her, Jim lead her shuffling in her shackles toward the shower.

“We’ll leave the bathroom door open,” he informed her.

In the bathroom, he turned her toward him, and held her. She lifted up her legs and the leg irons made it over the bathtub rim, and she was lowered into the tub. Jim took two towels, and a washcloth and made them convenient for her. The hotel provided a plastic
shower cap for her hair. She turned on the water and pulled the shower curtain.

“Not too long,” said Jim. “We both need to get some sleep.”

Jim sat on the bed and wondered what to do about the Stacy situation. There was really no way to tell what had happened. He could only really wait until a ransom demand was made, and this might be never. He assumed that her life was in mortal danger. He took Angelica’s clothes, and put them into a clothes bag and hung it outside the door. They would be ready in the morning. Also, he ordered a Continental breakfast to be brought up to the room at 10:00 the next day. This should allow them to get caught up on their sleep.

His plan for the next day was unclear. He figured that he would just wait and decide in the morning what to do. Although he disliked being in a defensive position, he felt that the best thing to do would be to wait for something to happen and then react to it.

Occasionally the sound of Angelica’s irons could be heard clanking against the tiles of the shower as she cleansed herself of the perspiration that resulted from her involuntary struggle against her strappings. Jim heard the water turn off and the shower curtain drawn back. He could hear Angelica drying off with the towels.

“Jim, will you please come lift me out?” she called.

He entered the bathroom. She was a lovely sight, still with her hair up in the plastic shower cap, standing with her arms to the side with one of her wrists locked up by the handcuffs. With her hands on his shoulders, he lifted her out of the tub.

“I just need a few more minutes,” she said. “I need to brush my teeth
and use the toilet.”

Jim left, closing the door almost all the way. After a minute or so she emerged with her shower cap still on and said,

“Your turn.”

The Deputized Stewardess handcuffed and fitted with her ball-gag
The Deputized Stewardess handcuffed and fitted with her ball-gag. She knows that she will be posing as a prisoner and will remain locked up in her prisoner shackles. She has even been fitted with a red ball-gag.

Jim took the teddy and handed it to her.

“Here, put this on before I truss you up while I’m in the shower.”

“You don’t think that I’m going to run away, do you?” asked Angelica, as she stepped into the outfit that Stacy was to wear in bed with Jim for the night.

“I know you aren’t,” said Jim. “Not the way I’m going to tie you.”

She carefully navigated her handcuffs through the stretch sleeve, then she tied the cord at her neck.

The teddy was of a stretch material, and it fit her perfectly, just as it had Lacy.

“How are your going to tie me?”

“While I’m in the shower, very tightly and thoroughly. How did your boyfriend used to tie you?”

“Nowhere near as tight as you tied me or Stacy up,” she said. “He just used to tie my hands up behind me. I always thought that I could get away if I had to. He would cross my wrists like this and tie them, then he would tickle me.” She demonstrated by crossing her wrists behind her back, holding the handcuff in the hand of the wrist that it was locked onto.

“What about your legs?” asked Jim.

“He only tied them once. I think that he liked me to be able to kick around some.””And how about a gag?”

“No gag, he couldn’t kiss me then,” she said, folding her arms in front of her.

“Well, I’m going to have to tie your legs and gag you as well. Also, you’ll have to be hogtied, and tethered by the neck to the bedpost.”

“You mean that I have to sleep that way? I don’t see how I could!”

Exerpt from “An Easy Job”

©Felix Dartmouth, 1998.

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