Awaiting interrogation

awaiting interrogation

We are waiting for the police inspector, who will interrogate me. Apparently they consider me as very dangerous. After all, why would they tie me so tightly, even under guard? No doubt, the inspector must be a dirty old man. He ordered them to tie me up this way.

2 thoughts on “Awaiting interrogation”

  1. The inspector has a cunning plan: he fancies the policewoman and hopes to make her feel jealous and excited at the state of his prisoner…

  2. Often in police departments, in the detective divisions, whenever women arrive to make an inquiry, or to report suspicions activity, the procedure is that they are roped up, as this woman is here in very tight Chine-Style five flowers bondage.

    They are then left to rest, confounded as the bondage heat grows within them, until by the time they are actually interviewed, they make very little sense and are left to cool off in a punishment cell, suspended from the ceiling.

    This treatment of young women was reviewed by the city council, but support came from a surprising precinct; the young women themselves. After all, if they were not to be tightly bound in interviews, why would they show up at all?

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