Shoplifter exposed in bondage humiliation

shoplifter exposed

You better think twice before you try to steal anything in this shop. The security staff has no pity for shoplifters. Other customers have fun with it. They may undress the accused at will, while she is standing here until closing time.

3 thoughts on “Shoplifter exposed in bondage humiliation”

  1. Noriko swoons with delight. She loves being tied, particularly in a public place. Noriko is a friend of the store manager and they have a private arrangement. Noriko drops into his store from time to time and pretends to shoplift. The manager pretends to arrest her and, rather than bother the police, he deals with the case himself. So Noriko ends up being tied and put on public display. The customers soon take advantage of Noriko’s predicament and start to remove her clothing. This makes Noriko very excited, particularly if a customer gives her a wedgie as well.
    And everybody is happy. Noriko enjoys being humiliated, the manager welcomes the increase in sales from the customers who come in to see Noriko being punished, and the customers appreciate the entertainment. So that’ s all right then.

    1. This is a fully story in itself. There is a lot more than what we see on the picture. Thanks!

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