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  1. Noriko returned from her ordeal to stand once again in front of the meeting of the company Board members. She felt thoroughly chastened and humiliated. She had just been ordered to visit each department in the company’s office building to apologise for her treachery and betrayal. It had been a very uncomfortable experience. She had been received by her former colleagues with insults, threats, jibes and, worse of all, silence. She had done her best to sound contrite with her expressions of regret, but had found it difficult when distracted by the flash of camera-phones, the gropes of salary men and the exploratory fondling of the messenger boys who took special delight in examining Noriko’s panties. Noriko felt awful.
    “Ah! Noriko! You have returned.” Mr Amachi observed “I trust your former colleagues have left you in no doubt how they feel about what you have done. You have let the side down badly. Your behaviour has been unforgivable. We placed our trust in you and this is how you repay us. I hope you feel ashamed of yourself.”
    “Yes, sir, I do.” was all Noriko could mumble, unconvincingly.
    “Well before you leave us for good, there is just one other task you must perform. You must crave forgiveness from each and everyone in this room. We are not seeking a token gesture of regret, we are looking for a sincere demonstration of your remorse; we need to be convinced of your contrition at your act of treachery and betrayal. It must be from the heart. Your sorrow must shine through. Nothing less will do. Do you understand?”
    “Yes, sir” Noriko whispered.
    “Good” Mr Amachi continued. “Obviously an apology of this magnitude can only be delivered from the knees. You will crawl under the table and visit each Board member in turn. You will beg forgiveness from each one. You will convince him of your sincerity and remorse. When you have satisfied him, you will move on to the next member. Understood?
    Noriko nodded.
    “I am sure you will find it an easy task: you were always good at sucking up to your bosses” Amachi quipped as his colleagues tittered. And when you have performed this final task, you will be free to leave. Mr Fukasi here will drive you to the centre of town where you can catch a bus. Your skirt will be returned to you in due course, I don’t know where it is at the moment, it seems to have disappeared. Anyway, that’s for later: right now you need to be on your knees crawling under the table. Get to it!”
    “Yes, sir” Noriko mumbled.
    “And try not to speak with your mouth full” reprimanded Mr Amachi as he polished the toe of his shoe on the exposed fabric of Noriko panties.

      1. Hi. Thanks for your interest. (I am not Billy, the writer of the story, but the one who made the image.) I made this image in Photoshop, putting together pieces of 3 or 4 different photos. So, unfortunately, there is no dvd. It is only the result of our fantasy. Nevertheless, I would love to see a movie like this 🙂

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