5 thoughts on “Prison visit in rope restraints – no skirt”

  1. This is a compromise offered to many young ladies that have been sentenced to prison. For family and boyfriend visits, they must be tightly tied up with rope, and appear without a skirt.

    Many families and prisoners overlook this administrative requirement and simply have visits to the limit permitted, that is one every two weeks. After two full months of imprisonment, the prison administration sends a questionnaire to the fathers and boyfriends. It has been found that while many boyfriends will request no bondage, or simply handcuffs locked behind their backs, the fathers will frequently increased restraint and include a headbag, or perhaps a ball-gag to make sure their daughters have learned a proper lesson.

    All in all, parents, relatives and boyfriends all agree that the program of punishing physical restraints is worthy one for young women in prison during visiting hours.

  2. Another delightful image. Not only is Noriko required to shed her skirt, but prison regulations insist on stockings and a suspender belt being worn. The guards always check to ensure that Noriko has complied with regulations before she is allowed to receive visitors..

  3. The prisoners quickly learn that they should request a mail guard for their trussing-up. The female guards are far crueler, and will use throat and crotch-ropes to keep the inmates breathless and distracted, often unable to concentrate on their visitor.

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