Campus Parking Ticket Roundup 6 – Arrested and Imprisoned

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Illustrations in this text file are from the production Female Slave – Lot 830 .

Characters in this episode:

  • Jim Cranston – Assistant Chief of Police
  • Donna Cranston – his wife
  • Ron Johnson – Chief of Police
  • Regina Strong – Police Sergeant
  • Billy Marks – Rookie Officer 

Text file by Felix Dartmouth

Campus Parking Ticket Roundup – Part 6

Regina also had two undergraduate woman prisoners to take back to the College Jail.  She had walked Donna, in her humiliating French Maid outfit, her excruciatingly tight rope bondage and gag to a bench in the hallway, and handcuffed her ankle tightly to a steel ring in the concrete floor.

Mary inducted as a female slave
Mary inducted as a female slave – once her handcuffs are on, her freedom is gone!

She signed for her prisoner and then asked about the other two girls that she was to escort back to the College Jail.

They were brought out from behind a steel door. They had on very pretty dresses and their hair and makeup had been carefully done.  One wore a light yellow sundress with bare shoulders and a pleated skirt and white high heels. The other wore a white shirtdress with a wide and tight black belt and sheer sleeves.  They were two sorority women.  Their treatment must have been far different from the treatment accorded Donna, because they were in high spirits.

Since they were still technically prisoners, they were handcuffed, and leg-ironed, of course, and their wrists were cuffed behind their backs, but they were chattering about getting back to the college and getting back to their life. Their parents had flown in and paid their fines, so they would be released upon return to the College Jail.  But until they were returned, and checked back into custody at the College, they would have to remain locked up in restraints.

 “Alright girls,” warned Regina. “See my friend here in the ropes and gag? How would you like your sisters to see you like this, being brought into the jail?  Maybe I could radio ahead for a welcoming committee?”

Both girls gasped on seeing Donna, attired like a
fetishist’s dream, and punishingly bound.

Of course, both these girls had endured the transportation in chains and a tight gag up to the State Lockup for

Mary with her wrists locked behind her back in handcuffs
Mary with her wrists locked behind her back in handcuffs

Women. The terror they felt then as they were bussed in bondage to incarceration was exactly what the Board of Directors had in mind for these errant young beauties.

Still, the prospect of this type of demeaning garb, the
painful bondage, and the gag (not being able to talk the whole way back) was a powerful deterrence to further conversation.

Regina noted that the girls had believed that they had
escaped the gag, and signed for these two prisoners also.

It was not until they approached the car and Regina
opened the doors to the back seat that the two pretty sorority sisters saw what was in store for them.

 Two black leather lace-up discipline helmets were
tossed on the backseat, along with black rubber penis gags with breathing tubes.


With a more than a bit of wining and tussling, Regina had inserted the penis-gag into the mouth of the girl in the sundress, and had laced up the soft kid leather in the back, tightly sealing the helmet against the prisoner’s feminine features.

Now standing blindly helmeted next to the car,
Regina helped Donna into the middle of the backseat, and firmly tied and cinched her knees.  A seatbelt assure that
she would remain there.  The girl in the sundress was next to be seatbelted and trussed just above the knees. The rubber tube that extended from her penis-gag fell about 1 foot from her helmet.  There was a screw-knob like that of a blood-pressure reader that could be closed, cutting off all air.

Mary, female slave lot 830, in full transport shackles, including cowhide transport belt
Mary, female slave lot 830, in full transport shackles, including cowhide transport belt

“Officer,” asked the pretty girl in the white
shirtdress, “must I be gagged and hooded for this trip?”

“Of course!  Your friend is, why should you get special treatment?”

“We are already handcuffed and leg-ironed. To gag us just seems, well, mean!”

“I think that you’ll survive.  This is part of your punishment.”

The girl approached Regina, and brushed her breasts
against her uniform.  “I know that I am helpless, but is there anything that I could – offer you?”

Regina knew better than to fall for this type of ploy by
a student.  “Honey, open that pretty mouth of yours like a good sorority girl. I think you have had this type of shape in there before.”

She took the helmet and turned it inside out, revealing
the large black rubber penis-gag.  She placed it to the temptress’s red lips, and held her at the nape of her neck,
under her tresses.  At first she held her mouth clenched shut, but Regina pressed the rubber against her lips.
A tentative lick followed then a more open mouth.

 Regina was patient as the young woman placed her
lips in a ring around the tip of the penis-gag and moistened it with her tongue. When the woman had accepted it behind her teeth, Regina gently but firmly pressed the gag in the entire way to the back of her throat.

The girl shuddered and groaned as her eyes rolled
at the insertion of the huge invader.  Quickly Regina pulled the helmet up, and pulled the laces tight over her golden brown curls.  A tight 2-inch collar went around her throat and over the base of the helmet where the final knot of the
laces was tied, and a keyed padlock was fastened around a D-ring hasp.

She was seatbelted to the side of Donna, and Regina
got into the driver’s seat and got onto cell phone.  She called the station dispatch at the College Jail, and told
them that she was brining in the 3 prisoners and gave her ETA.

She asked to speak to Jim, but he was not in the station.

The cabin of the police cruiser was heavy with the scent of the women in distress in the back. Regina turned on the air conditioning, because, as usual in Texas, even in the fall, it was hot.

 Donna was the only prisoner without a blindfold,
but she was gagged, and she expected a quiet ride up to the College Jail. Her companions, in their leather hoods and prod gags were hardly uncomfortably bound, being chained with handcuffs and irons, but they moaned in
misery due to their discipline helmets and deep gags.
Donna, tightly bound with rope, maintained her composure despite the drool that formed on her lower lip and that began to drip onto her lap.

Regina, in the rear-view mirror noted that Donna
was drooling, and pulled the cruiser over. Leaning over the seat, she reached back, and unbuckled the ball-gag

Bondage Prisoner Mary - illustration for First Story
Bondage Prisoner Mary – illustration for First Story

in Donna’s mouth, and allowed it to come out of her mouth and rest around her throat, like a big necklace.

Donna worked her jaw, which was sore from being
extended around the large ball, but did not say anything.  Regina pulled back onto the highway.

After a while, Donna ventured to speak “Well, to what do I owe the honor?”

“What honor?”

“Of being ungagged,” said Donna.

 “Well, you are a bit older than the other girls, and you are Jim’s wife, so I thought that you deserved a bit more consideration.”

“Thanks,” said Donna, ruefully.

“No need to thank me. Gags are optional, but advisory.  I
knew that if the two young ladies on either side of you were left unbridled, they would be chattering the whole way back.”

“So, Jim wasn’t at the station when you called?”

“No, he was out. No matter.  You know, that you won’t get to see him, since you will be in solitary.”

“What?  Why not?  He is my husband, and the
Assistant Chief!”  Donna struggled, but her tight ropes and the seatbelt held her firmly in place.

“A man visiting his wife in a cell is classed as a conjugal visit, and can only happen after sentencing.  He could visit any other woman in his official capacity, but since you and he are married, you are off-limits for him.  Your only communication with him will be through me, at least until you are sentenced.”

“Sentenced! For parking tickets?  This is ridiculous!  I thought that I would be released after the hearing.”

“Don’t think so, honey – I talked to the judge and you’re going to be bound over for trial.  The hearing is just a due process thing. I don’t think that you can be allowed representation there. You can only plead guilty or not guilty. A guilty plea is automatic prison time, so you should plead not guilty.”

“Now wait a minute. Has Jim paid my files?  How much could they be?”

“With warrant fees and all they come to about $4,200.  I don’t think that Jim is going to pay them.  You know, he’s
really mad about this whole thing.”

“Why would you know?”

“He told me, last night, in bed.  You know, he’s a real firecracker, and he’s great with ropes!  As a matter of fact, the way I have you tied right now, that’s how I spent most of yesterday evening.  I was gagged a lot of the time, sometimes with the ball, but other times with him, if you know what I mean.”

“No, I don’t!” retorted Donna frostily.  “I want to talk to a lawyer as soon as we get back. And I don’t believe you about Jim.”

“Believe what you want, but I’m going to keep you locked down tight and arrested and imprisoned as long as you are under my control, and that’s going to be for a long, long time.”

The rest of the ride was passed in frigid silence. Just before the pulled into the station, Donna’s ball-gag was replaced, and the two sorority girls’ hoods were removed.

They were panting and gasping from their ordeals with the
penis gags, and were in no mood for talk.  Regina pulled in under the awning, and two female officers took the  prisoners into the prisoner reception room where they were checked in by the desk clerk.

Donna made quite a sight in her corseted French Maid
uniform and her very tight rope bondage and mouth-filling red ball-gag. Although she was used to wearing heels, she did not have her hands to balance, and the deputy was holding her arm had to give her support.

The two girls were greeted by concerned parents and
boyfriends who hugged and kissed them even before they were released from their prisoner’s shackles, but Donna was whisked away, right past her husband’s office (which was empty) into a dingy cell.  The guard had grabbed handcuffs and leg-irons, and once she and Donna were locked together in a cell, Donna’s ropes were removed, and replaced with the metal shackles.

Her gag was unstrapped and tossed onto her cot.
Wordlessly, the deputy left the cell, closed the heavy metal door, threw the bolt closed and turned the lock with her set of keys.  In her chains and tight corset, Donna sat on the edge of her cot, weeping bitterly in her bondage imprisonment.

©Felix Dartmouth, 2000
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