Moot Court – The cases are imaginary, but the shackles are real!

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Moot Court – where the shackles are real!

By Felix Dartmouth © 2001

It was a breezy early Friday afternoon in late in October, and a chill was in the air, but it was still warm enough for pretty dresses and strappy high heels. Hayden was a second year law student taking Criminal Procedure 1, one of the most important courses since she wanted to be a Prosecutor with the county District Attorney’s office.

“Janine, I really appreciate your being the defendant in my Moot Court. You know how important this is to my grade.”

As Hayden and Janine walked across campus, toward the Law Center, Hayden was explaining what was going to happen.

“This is not just a test of my courtroom presentation, it is also a test of criminal procedure, and a bail hearing.”

“Is this a big part of your grade?” asked Janine.

“It sure is! How I do here could make the difference between an A and a C for me.”

prisoner visited by her Boyfriend in Moot Prison
Females convicted in Moot Court and placed into rope bondage and taken to Moot Prison

“You look really nice. Am I dressed OK?”

Hayden was dressed in a very smart black business suit with a short pencil  skirt and a tight jacket with a neatly tailored waist. She wore five inch patent back high heels, but without straps. Her hair and makeup was carefully done. Her brown shiny tresses fell in curls just to her shoulders.

“Well, you look a lot prettier than most criminal defendants, but I think you’re just perfect to garner sympathy with the judge and the jury if necessary. You know, we are supposed to coach our clients on their appearance before the court.”

Janine was a business grad student, so she was also very mindful of her appearance. She was wearing a smart looking bright flowered silk long sleeved dress with high heels. Her blonde hair was in a long ponytail. “Do you think I should change?”

“Oh, no! We might be running late as it is. Let’s just go on in.”

The Law School was a busy bustle with students moving to and fro. There was a table in front of the Auditorium where the Moot Court was to take place. One table was marked “Defense Atty.”, another was marked “Prosecuting Atty.” and the third one, the one on the right was marked “Defendants”.

Hayden and Janine walked up to the Defense Attorney table and Hayden checked in. The graduate assistant behind the table was cordial as he took her information and told her that her session would begin in about 30 minutes. He handed her a manila folder with the details of her case.

He looked next at Janine, expecting her to be the next defense attorney, but Hayden said to him, “She’s my client.”

“Oh, she’s the defendant?”

“Yes,” volunteered Janine.

“If you will please go to the table over there, they will get you booked in.”

“Thanks,” said Hayden.

As they walked over, Janine whispered to Hayden, “What do they mean by “booked in”?”

“I think that they try to make this as realistic as possible, but don’t worry, I’ll get you off before you know it. Once you are booked, we’ll review your case.  There is usually a technicality that you can get off on. We just need to see what it is.”

“OK, sounds good. How long did you say that this would take?”

The couple had already reached the table. A very young man was behind the table; he might have even been an undergraduate.

“Who’s the perp?” he asked, smiling.

“I guess I am,” laughed Janine.

“Name, please” he asked.

She didn't expect to be locked into shackles
She didn’t expect to be locked into shackles for “Moot Court”, but now her hands were in chains behind her back!

“Janine Walters”

The young man made several notes on a ledger. Then he asked Hayden for the case number.

“Case Number ED-20000306-A” said Hayden.

The student wrote the case number into the ledger. “Good. Miss Walters, we try to make these courts as realistic as possible, to give the attorneys the right motivation, the prisoners are treated much like actual prisoners in the legal system.”

“OK . . .” said Janine.

“That means that you will be “arrested” then booked, arraigned, and given a bail hearing. Your attorney will assist you in entering a plea and represent you at the bail hearing.

A trial date is usually set for that day and she will represent you at the trail. If you are found guilty, you will be processed into a mock prison on the campus, but then released at the end of the day. Is all that OK with you?”

“Well, I guess so . .”

“Very good. Now, after you are processed, you will be allowed to meet with your attorney in a mock holding cell which is a classroom in the Law School.”

Bondage Prisoner Mary - illustration for First Story
Bondage Prisoner Mary – illustration for First Story – Shackles are required for all defendants in Moot Court.

“Well, I need to go study my case,” said Hayden. “Will you be all right, Jeanine?

“Sure, when will I see you again?

“Before the arraignment I get to conference with you. I have to look at your case file and find out what you are charged with and the evidence against you.”

“Ok, see you then.”

Hayden took her brief, and went to review it.

The young man took a paper bag, and put it with a rattle on the table. “These are to be your shackles,’ he said.

“You mean that I am to be placed in shackles?” Jeanine asked astonished.

“Of course, that is consistent with criminal procedure in the state of Louisiana. We carefully follow all the guidelines that are enumerated in Committee Report Minutes Louisiana State Prison Commission Women’s Prison Standards subcommittee.

“I thought all this was just pretend, like an exercise.”

“It is an exercise, but we try to make it as realistic as possible. It really motivates an attorney to see their client in regulation shackles. Let’s get these on you.”

He pulled out a set of chains and leather straps.

“Do we have to do this here, there are so many people around?”

Ball-Gagged Female Chattel Catalogued in the Database
Ball-Gagged Female Chattel Cataloged in the Database – even though this woman is play-acting to help her law-school friend, she is restrained just like a real prisoner.

There were about 30 people waiting in various lines. In fact, behind her at the defendant’s table there was a young woman in a frothy white lace dress and heels. She was dressed like a young teenager who was about to go to her quinceanera party.

“Shackles are placed on the prisoner at the point of arrest, which is now. To delay would be a security risk that is considered dangerous from the prisoner and the deputy. Now, please place your wrists behind your back.”

Reluctantly, Janine turned around and faced the young woman in white behind her. She watched with wide blue eyes and handcuffs were placed on Janine, who winced as the steel clasped her wrists tightly between the hand bone and the wrist. Leg irons were next, then a leather harness that locked around her waist to which her handcuffs were fastened. A chain was taken from her handcuffs to her irons, and this suspended the chain of her leg-irons at mid-point.

“I didn’t know that I would be handcuffed and chained up like that,” said the beauty in white.

“Either did I,” said Janine ruefully.

A red rubber ball with a leather strap running through the middle of it was taken out, and placed up to Janine’s lips. Janine was unsure of its purpose, and she opened her mouth for a question, and the ball was quickly popped behind her teeth and tightly strapped under her hair. She moaned in protest and tried to use her hands to prevent this affront, but of course her manacles prevented her from doing so.

As the ball-gag was being strapped onto Janine, a tall handsome student came up beside the pretty girl in the white dress.

“I can’t wait to see you locked up in the court restraints,” he said, and kissed her underneath her ear.

“You are going to owe me big-time for this! You didn’t tell me that I would be shackled and gagged in front of the whole Law School!”

“I’m just glad I brought my camera.” He kissed her on the lips.

As he did this, Janine was taken by the elbow and hustled off behind the table into the moot cells. They were study carrels that were in a cafeteria-style open room. Each carrel had a set of chains locked to a d-ring screwed into the  desk. An open padlock awaited Janine as she was “helped” into the chair. A quick snick of the lock assured that she would remain fastened into place until she was to go on trial.

tied at meeting - for the Moot Court
This is a Moot Court Orientation session – the bound woman is a defendant.

It was not long after she was locked into place that the young woman in white who was behind her at the table was escorted, similarly shackled in handcuffs, waist-belt and leg-irons to the carrel next to Janine. She was not  gagged however; the ball-gag hung around her neck, but it was not buckled behind her teeth.

She had been putting up a struggle, and the student behind the table had grasped her with this left hand under her elbows, so that his left hand grasped her right elbow and squeezed them together, and with his right hand, he held her hair, pulling her head back and up.

He did not let her walk normally, but throttled her forward movement with an upward and backward motion. Her irons jangled as he worked her into position. He bent her over the desk as he positioned the chains around her throat. Even though the lock clicked into place, he still held her tightly and to Janine he seemed to press his pelvis against her rear. Janine thought that this was highly inappropriate.

After the pretty blonde caught her breath, she looked over a Janine and said, “I guess I shouldn’t have smarted off to that guy about liking to chain up pretty girls. At least he didn’t gag me, like he did you!”

“Mmmm,” Janine nodded in assent, but inwardly she wondered how she shrugged off such rough and even abusive treatment.

Hayden walked into the room, and came over to Janine’s carrel. “Bad
news,” she said. Janine wondered what could be so bad!

She came up next to Janine, and pulled her hair back, and began to unbuckle her ball-gag, but then she stopped. She held her head and looked her straight in the eyes.

“I am going to take this ball-gag off, but you have to understand that after our interview, I have to strap it in again, until you enter your plea at the arraignment.”

Janine nodded.

Hayden unbuckled the gag, and pulled it out of her mouth. Janine coughed and groaned in relief that the rubber ball was pulled out of her mouth, and that she could relax her jaw.

“Here’s the situation. You have been charged with hacking into major corporate installations. They gave me an area of the law that I am totally unfamiliar with. If you had been charged with murder, this would be a breeze.”

“Hayden, I know I agreed to do this, but is all this restraint really necessary. I mean, I don’t even think that dangerous felons are ball-gagged.”

“Well, according to the Louisiana State Prison Commission Women’s Prison Standards Subcommittee, all treatment that you are accorded is entirely proper. If I appealed it, or asked for more lenient treatment, it would just go worse for you.”

“Well, I still don’t understand why all these cuffs and shackles are necessary.”

“Let’s go over the arraignment. I know they are going to move to deny bail, and I will protest. They have not shown me the evidence yet, but I think that all the evidence will be computer log files that I will have to wade through.”

“So, what if bail is denied? Do I just have to come back Monday?”

Hayden winced. “I’m going to do my best, but unfortunately, if bail is denied, you are going to have to remain in custody.”

“What! The whole weekend? Where?”

“Well, you know that we don’t have actual cells to keep you in, but a sorority traditionally helps us out. It’s Pi Lambda Kappa. They will take you from the courtroom to their house and hold you there for the weekend. You won’t be the only one.”

“I have a date with Randy tonight! How did I let you get me into this?”

“Guard!” called Hayden.

The young man who roughhoused the blonde came up. Hayden handed him the ball-gag. “The prisoner is ready for her arraignment. Please transport her through the prisoner’s entrance.”

“Yes, ma’am,” he said.

“Wait!” snapped Janine, but as she did so, the young student guard popped the rubber ball behind her teeth, pushed her head down between his legs, just under his crotch, and tightly pulled her ball-gag strap as tight as it would go as she groaned in misery.

She looked over at the wide-eyed blonde next to her, watching in awe, as she was hustled up to a standing position. She was held tightly by the elbows, which were pushed together behind her back, and taken out a door in to a auditorium. There were thirty or forty students in the gallery.

Janine was taken to a bench with other prisoners, and locked with a padlock as she had been at the study carrels.

Hayden was talking with a young man in the suit. They were laughing and exchanging pleasantries.

“All rise” a bailiff called.

The judge entered the courtroom. He was a distinguished man, probably a professor, or maybe an actual judge.

“First case,” he called.

Janine watched as several cases before hers were disposed of. She
noticed a disturbing trend. All the young men on trail were either granted bail, or released on a technicality, and all the women were either sentenced, or denied bail, and were bound over for trail the following week. One girl was so upset that she broke down in tears and had to be dragged in chains from the courtroom.

“Case Number ED-20000306-A , the case of the United States VS Janine Walters”, called the bailiff.

Janine was released from her chains, and sat at the table on the left. The young man to whom Hayden had been chatting sat on the table on the right. He was the prosecutor. The judge was shuffling through some papers. Hayden seemed nervous and fidgety.

Janine looked around behind her, hoping there was no one there that she knew. Her heart skipped, there in the first row, it was Randy, her date!

End of Part 1

By Felix Dartmouth © 2001

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    1. I think there is a Part 2 available to subscribers. It’s all part of the increased efficiency of the modern law-school education that “moot-prisoners” are kept strictly locked in their shackles at all times.

      They have, however been given permission when visiting with loved ones and boyfriends, to wear nice dresses, or evening gowns, but they must be locked in shackles before any such visits.

      With any luck, or the skill of their attorney, then can usually be released after a week or so.

      1. I would like to think there is a Pt 2 to this? Members area only, its been a few years, still only for Members? It’s actually quite good as a story starter.

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