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Some time ago, I came across an image on Tumbler that had an unusual semblance of authenticity.  She is displayed in what appears to be a prisoner uniform and also in what appear to be transportation restraints.

Female Prisoner - Location unknown
Female Prisoner – Location unknown – she is wearing a work shirt, jeans, and is handcuffed, and leg ironed, with a connector chain from cuffs to irons










I think that it’s possible that she has a sort of “arrangement” with a man and has has been allowed to be locked up for a certain term, say, 5 years.

She seems to be only photographed indoors, and in what seem to me to be “prison scrubs”, and in shackles as we see from the above photograph.  Her communications to me are cryptic at best, and I think she is only able to have one session per month online.

Female Prisoner - punishment crib
The female prisoner appears to be lying down on a floor with iron bars on top of her in a fashion reminiscent of a “punishment crib”. Her wrists are locked in handcuffs. This is probably a sleeping arrangement for this prisoner.











She appears to be subject to punishment, as we note above.  This appears to be a “sleeping crib” arrangement that is equivalent to a flat-cage.  I don’t think that she is able to turn over on her side or stomach in this sleeping arrangement.

I think this is a selfie that she squeezed off before she was required to put on her somewhat spartan prisoner uniform and become a female prisoner in chains:

Prisoner in civilian uniform - squeezing off a selfie
Prisoner in civilian uniform – squeezing off a selfie – sometimes sympathetic guards will allow a “last selfie” before the prisoner is locked in her chains and institutionally issued uniform.










I think, from her uniform, that she is perhaps a junior college student, perhaps at an expensive private school.  Presumable, her education will resume after her term of imprisonment is served.

If I may note, punishment often is an element of incarcerations, particularly when young women are involved.  For instance, it is well-known that in China and Japan, female prisoners are subject to extremely tight bondage in an isolation cell daily during daylight hours, making a 5 year term an excruciating punishment, indeed.

I recommend for this young woman, that her wrists be handcuffed behind her back, and rather than the comfortable scrubs, she should be dressed in hobble skirts and punishment blouses from superdresses.com.  A ball-gag and a plastic headbag with carefully placed breathing holes should be added.

She should spend all her days as a female prisoner in chains in high heels, standing in a stark cell, with her collar tethered to the ceiling by a chain panting for breath and struggling against the infernal itching of her punishment blouse.

There is one final image of the prisoner:

Female Prisoner - location unknown
Female Prisoner – location unknown. The handcuffed prisoner is wearing a work-shirt and an identification vest with her prisoner number.










This identification number is telling.  Females in a punishment bondage prisoner will often do anything to get out early.  Some will stoop so low as to substitute numbers with another female inmate and try to fool the system.  That is why labia-piercing identification tags have come into such frequent use.  This prisoner appears to be in transport to an alternate location.

The prisoner has noted that she can be contacted on Kik as “prisonergal”.  However, because of her situation, communications may be extremely limited.

If anyone knows of any other prisoners who can benefit from a profile page on Archives BBS, please comment below.



4 thoughts on “Female Prisoner in chains posts on tumbler”

  1. Why should I be punished further? I already receive daily spankings, am forced to sleep on my back with my hands chained to bars on top of me. I’m not allowed to wear nice clothes and I have little contact with the outside world.

  2. What many prisoners fail to understand is that after sentencing, as they are locked in handcuffs of the marshal’s service, the daily routine of the prisoner, including all attire, punishment, and work related activities are entirely at the behest of the Board of Prisons and the Warden of any particular facility to which the prisoner has been assigned to serve out her sentence.

    With the development of advanced punishment garments such as are mentioned in the main article and the results of recidivism rates from Chinese and Japanese institutes of female incarceration, the trend of eight hours of punishment per day are sweeping women’s prisons throughout the world.

    However, as you point out, nice clothes are usually not allowed for prisoners. This will also change – each prisoner will be given a $250.00 allowance per quarter to order from bebe.com, nastygal.com, for forever21.com. This will allow prisoners to feel more feminine when visiting with family, boyfriends, and the like.

    All prisoners will still be required to be handcuffed, behind their back and be locked into a full set of transport shackles during visitation as has always been the case.

    I hope this clarifies the position of treatment of female prisoners. The punishment blouses and the associated procedures are already here, and females will begin their daily punishment regimen beginning Monday, Oct 26, 2015.

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