Bondage: Assignment in Mexico (formerly “An Easy Job”)

Bondage:  Assignment in Mexico” (formerly “An Easy Job”), written by Felix Dartmouth is now available as a Kindle Book at

Here is a direct link to the book page: “Bondage:  Assignment in Mexico“.

Bondage: Assignment in Mexico story concept:

As a beautiful and educated young woman in her 20’s, Stacy worked in an office in Dallas and leveraged her good looks for money on the side. When she receives a mysterious and lucrative invitation to spend a weekend in Mexico, she nearly balks when she learns that she must travel in strict restraints for the flight across the border.

Bondage Assignment in Mexico - formerly "An Easy Job"
The first of Felix Dartmouth’s writings to be compiled into full-size book format with selected illustrations and made available as a Kindle Edition for download.










When she arrives at the villa where she is to spend the weekend, she, her host, and his beautiful assistant are all kidnapped and she finds herself with her wrists tied behind her back trying to keep from falling out of a jeep bouncing over rough mountainous terrain!

After a frightening night hogtied in a dank cell, Stacy and Katrina are rescued, and Stacy thinks that this might be a welcome end to her bondage adventure. However, it soon becomes apparent that Stacy had stumbled upon an international slaving ring. She vowed when she got back to the United States that she would report what she had seen.

As she was returning to her home country, a chance meeting on the jet flight, and a hold-up at customs indicated that she had seen much more than she thought: She had witnessed the kidnapped wife of a billionaire industrialist and arms dealer as a prisoner of the slavers, and it was becoming clear that her life would not return to normal until after this kidnapping right was broken up and the evil perpetrators brought to justice.

Don’t miss this story of Stacy, going undercover in the strictest bondage, with handcuffs, leg irons, ball gags, and all imaginable restrictions of a captive woman as she and her companion strive to thwart the slavers that have held so many innocent women captive!

If you enjoy action and adventure, women in peril, tight restraints, and international intrigue, you will not want to miss “Bondage: Assignment in Mexico”!

I am planning on publishing all my writings on as Kindle editions.  To read more about the background of writings by Felix Dartmouth (that’s me!) and my future publishing plans, please refer to THIS POST.