One thought on “Prisoner Caption – Marcia McKenzie”

  1. Even though a woman may be a prisoner, it is up to her to retain her pride and self-worth. However, one of the most crushing events a woman can undergo is sentencing and imprisonment.

    That is because the mechanisms the justice system impose on a woman who has broken the law can be harsh indeed. The initial arrest, the perp-walk in full prisoner’s shackles, and grinding court proceeding where the female prisoner may be allowed to change out of her jail-house scrubs into a nice silk dress with pantyhose and high heels, or perhaps a navy-blue skirted suit with high heels and a power blouse.

    In any event after dressing for court, she will be replaced in her manacles by a jealous and resentful deputy, envious of her wealth and place in society.

    Her lawyer may have requested that she be brought in before her jury without restraints, but the judge, citing a recent incident where a female prisoner, wearing a suit that could be mistaken as that worn by an attorney, made it as far as the security checkpoint.

    Therefore, this prisoner would, in addition to being held in chains, would be further gagged and collared, mute and fettered throughout her trial.

    Indeed, the jury considered quickly before the defense had presented any evidence that guilt would be attached, and they looked forward to the sentencing phase.

    With all this against her, Marcia McKenzie still held her head high, knowing that she would be marched in chains before the jury, the photographers, her parents, her husband and her two small children.

    All she had was her pride, and this could not be stripped of her by her restraints of her upcoming punishing incarceration.

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