One thought on “Prisoner Caption – Vika Part 2”

  1. Vika’s (vika_model) plan to remain in the public consciousness certainly worked, but it also came to the attention of the guards in her new home. When she reported to start serving her sentence, she removed all of her clothes and once naked and assuming the instructed position to allow the guards to cuff her ankles and wrists, she continued the conversation with the guards as if they were guests on her show.

    They were unimpressed at this, and the photoshoot she had taken part in after agreeing to a plea bargain.

    It confirmed their belief that she was not taking her punishment seriously, and also that she would continue to court publicity even while incarcerated. With the warden’s agreement, they therefore upgraded her security level. For at least the first year of her sentence, this means that she will be straitjacketed as well as being gagged and encased in a canvas hood all day every day apart from the designated food and drink breaks. As well as preventing her from getting in the news, they hope that these stringent measures will make Vika realize the seriousness of her crime and punishment.

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