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Last Seat on the Plane – a classic bondage text file

Hello all – This story was found on I think, years ago.  It might have been written by “John B.” a prolific and talented bondage text author.  I have always thought it was a fun idea, where a pushy female execute gets her comeuppance.  I corrected a few typos, but here it is, presented as I found it years ago.


Last Seat on the Plane

Kate was a rising star in her industry. She had spent four years in college and graduated with perfect results. She had spent 5 years at the industry’s leading company and now she was on the point of hitting the big time. Becoming a vice president before she hit thirty, all she had to do was to complete one small detail of a make or break business deal. She had just a few days, but one flight and one meeting would clinch it.

Stunning nude woman in high heels, wrists tied behind her back
Defiant nude woman Polistar, with her elbows tied behind her back in a strck shibari armbinder, and in high heels, about to confront her punishment, which will consist of an airtight plastic headbag for suffocation play. From the video “Bondage Punishment for Polistar”.

Kate was very frustrated at the airport, they had lost her reservation her seat had been sold. She was now queuing to get the last ticket, on the one plane that could get her there on time. Kate was dressed to impress she had an expensive business jacket tailored to emphasize her large bust and neat waist. A tight blouse that also emphasized her breasts, while her male colleges were staring at her tight top, she would be earning their sales bonuses. Her bottom half was just as well-proportioned a tight skirt black hose and killer 4 1/2-inch heels she was the perfect feminine package.

Kate got to the end of the line, finally she could get her ticket. The receptionist looked at her papers then she uttered one crushing sentence, “Well I am sorry, but we don’t have any seats on the plane”. A desperate look crossed Kate’s face, she felt she was going to lose it any second, but she calmed down. Kate continued trying to bargain with the booking office “I Continue reading Last Seat on the Plane – a classic bondage text file

Wet-Bed Story from a file dated 4/28/1991

A note from Felix:  Let me take you back to the very earliest days of the internet.  This is a text file that was passed over “listserves” and originated on the pioneering site, “Compuserve”.  The file is dated on my computer as 4/28/1991.  Those who remember the history of Archives BBS will recall that it came online (on a telephone line BBS system) on February 9, 1993.  I have added a few images for visual interest, but they are not related to the story.



We had cause to punish one of our previous maids. She was a young girl called Diana. Dorothy and I had made the mistake of becoming too familiar with her and this had led to a number of problems. After receiving an invitation by one of our friends to join her for a skiing vacation she pestered us relentlessly to be allowed to go. She would not take no for an answer. This was the last straw. Now she was trying to horn in on the misguided generosity of our friends. There was no way we were going to let her take that vacation, but we did agree to let her visit two other ladies of our acquaintance who lived near a ski resort. We never told her she could go skiing, but she naturally assumed that she would be able to.

Handcuffed woman
Vika is handcuffed in “Anonymous Bondage Witness”

These friends in the mountains were Sam (Samantha) and Jane. Sam had been a nurse in an asylum before retiring to the mountains with Jane, one of the female attendants she had worked with. We had met them on a skiing trip and had stayed with them frequently
since. They usually stayed with us when they came down to shop in Los Angeles. From some of the comments they made we had suspected that they had bossing around the patients that had been in their care. We asked them if they would mind have Diana stay with them with the idea of “teaching her her place”. We were relieved that they were understanding. In fact they were highly enthusiastic and were very pleased that we had thought to ask them. They explained that many of their patients had been too independent and proud for them to fit into the regimented structure of a ward and their first task had been to “bring them down a peg or two” so that they were no longer disruptive to the smooth operation of the ward. They told us that some of the therapies they had used at the asylum would prove most efficacious in correcting her attitude. Continue reading Wet-Bed Story from a file dated 4/28/1991

Workshop Girl – erotic text by Karl G. Mann (aka Karl Binder)

Workshop Girl

by Karl G. Mann

Note from Felix: “a.k.a. Karl Binder”, a friend of the system, and is the talented actor who was featured in “Witness Protection with Kobe Lee“,  “Conjugal Visit with Paris“, and “Bondage for Cash 1“.

Also, Karl provided the system with a photo essay of beautiful Laura as a maid in service.  Click here for that gallery.

I don’t recall if it was the summer or perhaps during spring break. It likely was my junior year of high school, but it could have been the next. I can’t remember her name, but it might have been something like Patty though I doubt it. We were attending a workshop at the university for high school students involved with their school districts’ environmental education program. The workshop lasted a few days and we were given rooms in one of the dormitories, so it must have been summer.

Most of the attendees had roommates, but I had a room to my self overlooking Fifth Avenue only a block from where my sister worked and across from where I would attend graduate school in the future. I remember opening the window at night and hearing the sound of traffic as the morning rush hour approached. Each day we would go to workshops and to talks or presentations by visiting experts, educators, activists, and the occasional college or grad student. We each were given a loose-leaf binder with with the program outline and notes for each of the presentations. These we would take back to our schools in the fall to use in mentoring other students.

I don’t remember meeting her, but we became friendly during the first few days of the workshop. She was from a neighboring school district. I don’t recall that she was especially pretty, but she was attractive, and not like the girls I’d fancied before who all had been fair. She was certainly not thin, though not at all overweight, and she was dark in a Mediterranean way. Part Italian I believe. Her hair was straight and cut to hang above her shoulders about midway down her neck and seemed slightly oily. It was neither dark nor light.

I have no memories of conversations with her the first few days or of the time we spent together during sessions or at dinner in the dining hall, just a general impression of wanting her in a way that was new to me. I had a girlfriend, who was away with her family on vacation, with whom I had been sexual for almost a year. There was a part of me that felt reluctant to pursue this, to me, mysterious girl yet I did.

It was the night before the last day of the workshop and, although I can’t remember, my guess is that we spent the evening together out and about on campus before going to my room. By now we had been intermittently holding hands when others weren’t around, so once inside my room it was a simple step to be touching more. We kissed, we lay on the floor, we made out. She let me pleasure her breasts and slip my fingers inside her bra as I had done the first time I made out with a girl two years earlier. She felt different than the other girls I’d known, especially my lithe girlfriend.

Something about her body was “round,” but firm. In some whys she seemed like a tomboy, yet feminine and sensual. She had an odor I didn’t recognize, a bit heavy and musky, a scent I would encounter in later years again with a Sicilian divorcee. As she became aroused she sweated and I liked it. She pushed her body into mine and I particularly enjoyed that she could feel my erection against her thighs and belly as we lay still clothed and moving in mutual exploration. We kissed deep wet kisses that did not break for minutes.

I slipped my hand into the waist of her pants, a move she resisted at first. I said it would be OK, I just wanted to please her and would stop when she wanted me to. Opening her pants, I then helped her remove them before settling on the narrow bed that was not yet used. Touching her panties I could feel that she was swollen and wet. Then after a few minutes she came.

I wanted to slide my hand into her panties, but she wouldn’t let me. I wasn’t sure why at the time, having been doing the same with my girlfriend for many months. I so enjoyed the warm slippery wetness and softness of aroused labia, but I realized later that she probably was still a virgin. I could tell she wasn’t sure about going further and suspect she feared that once inside her panties I would soon be inside her.

I’ve learned that when fully aroused a girl’s desire make it difficult to stop short, a knowledge that has served my own desire to penetrate and cum before feeling I’ve truly “had” a girl. She very likely also feared the risk of pregnancy, a risk I have frequently engaged in with a number of girls since and would have been willing to chance with her. So, through her panties I made her come a few more times, while tasting her nipples or locking lips for a slippery dance of impassioned tongues.

By now she held my penis through my pants or rubbing her thigh hard against it. Finally sated, she relaxed, then after a minute of catching her breath, unzipped me, held my cock, and with focus and determination went down on me until I came in her mouth. We then lay together for most of an hour, half asleep and still half aroused, occasionally kissing and touching or rubbing. Sometime before dawn she dressed and left for her room.

Next morning I could smell her on my fingers. We sat together during breakfast, lunch, and through the final sessions and then said goodbye. After the workshop we exchanged a few letters and cards. I remember getting some that were quiet creative and fun, not unlike the “mail art” I would exchange in the next decade with some artist friends, but we never met again. She was quiet busy with senior year academics and activities, I think she was in the band, and likely had a boyfriend. Likewise, I was preoccupied with advanced classes and an increasingly sexual and accomplished girlfriend.

by Karl G. Mann
Workshop Girl, part of An Erotic Memoir
Copyright 2020

Bondage: Campus Parking Ticket Roundup 2 – bondage text on Kindle at by Felix Dartmouth – just released

I’m pleased to announce the release of my 5th title on Kindle at – Bondage:  Campus Parking Ticket Roundup 2

Bondage: Campus Parking Ticket Roundup 2 - bondage text on Kindle at by Felix Dartmouth
Bondage: Campus Parking Ticket Roundup 2 – bondage text on Kindle at by Felix Dartmouth

Bondage:  Campus Parking Ticket Roundup 2

Bondage:  Campus Parking Ticket Roundup 2

You can access all the text publications by Felix Dartmouth at his author page:

Many of the text works by Felix are available to subscribers at Archives BBS.

Here is a blub about Felix (me) at the author page:

Felix Dartmouth has been a provider of photographic, video and text content to the world wide web, published on his own site since opening Archives BBS ( as a dial-up service in 1993.

In the 1980s Felix prepared and submitted manuscripts to House of Milan and Harmony Communications, but was not able to conclude a deal to be published in their popular publications. After the advent of online communications, Felix found a ready audience for his works on his own site, but also on the USENET newsgroups ( and (

As was the custom at the time in these newsgroups, text works were published serially (fragmented) and that format was maintained by Felix for all of his writings. Responding to numerous calls to consolidate the various story-lines into unified “book” format, Felix is beginning to publish on the Kindle Reader. Please look for additional titles in the coming months!

Here are a few nice things that readers have said about Felix Dartmouth’s bondage text writing:

“Re: [ARCHIVE] Felix wins “Best Bondage Writer” – Congratulations, Felix — of all the awards this year, I think yours was the most-deserved in its category. Obviously, nobody campaigned for that stupid “Best Scene from Mainstream Media” category, but in all the other categories, the other commercial webmasters waged relentless campaigns of Usenet spam and self-promotion to drive out the vote for themselves and their models. Your award was classy: a rare case of the clear-cut Best in Show winning on his own merits. Well done!”

“Hello Felix, first and foremost let me wish you a happy new year. I just finished reading your year in review and was very glad that you wrote: ” Also, I plan to increase my output of fiction, which suffered somewhat, including the Campus Parking, Christina Wilson, Moot Court, and the Pi Lambda Kappa series.” I just wanted to observe that to me you are one of the finest writers in bondage fiction and I sure would appreciate reading more of your works.”

“I had the pleasure of reading the first two parts of Campus Parking Ticket Roundup and wanted to comment on it. You are an excellent writer, and I make a living writing, so I don’t make such compliments idly. You’re willing to take your time, let the eroticism creep in. You don’t try to bludgeon the reader with sex or sexual situations, but try to start with reality and take a detour, veering back to reality often enough to make the erotic parts seem realistic, even though they aren’t.”

“Thanks for your quick reply. However, I’ve spent much time on your BBS just trying to find the next story of “A Woman Imprisoned in Bondage”, but I still cannot find the EXACT one. I must admit that I like that novel very much and I am eager to know what happened after Angelica was put into that erotic prison.

“I know it’s just an excerpt from “An Easy Job”, but I just don’t know where I can read the WHOLE novel. I found your “Damsels in Distress”, but only 12 earlier stories from “An Easy Job” appears. I also used the file search to search “Angelica”, “An Easy Job”…even “Felix”, but I still could only find some odd stories that weren’t the continuation of “A Woman Imprisoned in Bondage”.

Please be kind as to let me know the answer as soon as possible. Your story has aroused me up but how can you just show me an abrupt ending that way? This is a kind of torture and cruelty. 🙂

In my country, it very hard to apply a VISA or Mastercard since the communist country just doesn’t allow people to freely take capitals to the outside world. So I wait almost a year to get a VISA and pay to be your BBS member! Please take this into your consideration —- for almost a whole year I have imagined many times how Angelica’s story should go on and now I cannot wait to see the answer!”

I thank everyone for these nice comments!

Story – Audited – Young women sentenced, handcuffed and jailed

A text file by Luke Williams

If the restrictions that female prisoners are subjected to, you might find this other article of interest.

Nobody wants to be audited, but the new crime audits make being audited by the IRS look like a walk in the park. Under the terms of the Criminal Accountability Act, citizens are randomly chosen, and every aspect of their life and past is thoroughly investigated. Large amounts of data are available to investigators at the Criminal Audit Division of the FBI. Bank records, security camera footage from locations and times the audited person was known to be at, and cellphone records and emails are accessible.

(here is another awesome story by Luke Matthews)

The letter informing the recipient that they have been audited is hand delivered. From that point they have two months to fill out and return what is called a ‘declaration’ and a ‘bid’. The declaration is a list of all criminal offenses that the audited person thinks that they have committed, together with as many details as they can remember. The bid is the suggestion that the audited person makes about what their punishment should be. At this point, they have no idea what the CAD knows about what they have done. They are told that they must record every single crime they can recall, but in practice this involves a guessing game about what the investigators will be likely to find. The more that the audited person reveals about their criminal offenses (especially ones unknown to the auditors) the more likely the CAD are likely to be lenient. One of the ways in which they can be lenient is to accept a low bid.

Obviously, the complexity of all this makes hiring an attorney necessary. At the moment, the system is relatively new, so even the most experienced attorneys are still trying to find the best ways to help their clients. What crimes should they declare? What should their bids be like? They want to try and secure the lowest possible sentence but bid too low and the CAD will seek a total sentence that tends towards the upper end of the sentencing rules. Ultimately a judge decides, but they have not yet rejected an accepted bid or deviated much from the recommended sentence requested by CAD after a rejected bid. If the CAD attribute any additional crimes to the defendant beyond what they have declared, they can challenge them, but it invalidates their bid which may otherwise be accepted by the CAD with a recommendation for an additional element based on the added offenses. Rejection of additional crimes usually results in a criminal trial on those charges. If the defendant has already admitted to enough criminal offenses to warrant it, CAD usually requests that they be held on remand ahead of the trial, and this is usually granted and does not count towards any final sentence. So the incentive is there to be as thorough and accepting as possible.

Continue reading Story – Audited – Young women sentenced, handcuffed and jailed

Story – Judge Reynolds

He hadn’t been a completely popular choice for the American Prison Reform Association’s ‘Man of the Year’ award, but in the reception before the ceremony he won over some of the doubters. As Judge Anthony Reynolds worked the room, he knew who favored him and who didn’t. He was courteous and charming to those who were pleased he was there, but he made a real effort on those who weren’t so pleased.

He was being honored for setting up and leading the Prison Welfare Commission, an organization which had been credited for making prison safer for inmates, and campaigning for prisoners to be able to work and not stay in their cells all day. No-one at the award ceremony had a problem with the work of the Commission. They did believe that in spite of his work with the Commission, Judge Reynolds passed harsh sentences and therefore shouldn’t be given the award.

Continue reading Story – Judge Reynolds

Incarceration Experiment – A Reader Replies

We have received an email from a reader, Rick, and are grateful he has agreed to allow us to publish it (please refer to the previous article):

‘Someone showed me the reports on the Incarceration Experiment, thanks to your reporters for publicizing what is going on. My girlfriend was planning to drive through that state on the way to visit relatives, but as she seems to think the speed limit is advice not a law and sometimes uses her cellphone or puts on make-up while driving, I’ve suggested to her that she takes an alternative route. If she gets caught and jailed, I don’t plan on taking on more work to keep her out of the ‘default’ conditions!

Continue reading Incarceration Experiment – A Reader Replies

Story – Incarceration Experiment: Update

In our previous report, we visited prisons in three of the 22 new correction districts, headed by elected superintendents with broad powers to reshape the correctional system in their areas to their own design.

Now, after a court judgement, reporters have been able to visit Gray Mesa Correctional Facility, to which we were previously denied access.

Gray Mesa, and the superintendent responsible for it, Mason Boskovich, have been the focus of controversy that has attracted national and international attention. The facility gets most of its funding from payments by the prisoners themselves, and this has enabled Boskovich to continually lower taxes that fund the correctional system in his district. His ambition is for the prison to one day earn enough money to pay a rebate to residents. It has made Boskovich a popular figure in his area, but divisive beyond it. The regime he has introduced has provoked lawsuits, and even the criminal prosecution of some of his staff. But he remains unrepentant, and maintained his silence to the media, even if he was now forced to allow us to see inside his notorious prison.

Potential inmates are introduced to the regime they may have to live under when they are charged. “It’s Boskovich’s hard sell’, one attorney representing prisoners told me. “Whenever someone gets charged with any criminal offense that potentially carries a prison sentence, they get the book and the DVD, and it is designed to scare the life out of them. And it does a pretty good job of that.” The book and DVD inform the accused of what life would be like in Gray Mesa under the so-called ‘default option.’ “They’re told, if you don’t do anything, this is what life is going to be like for you. And it’s horrible.” But the point of this isn’t to prepare people for inevitable hardship, it’s to give them a big incentive to hand over lots of money. “After scaring them, Boskovich offers them an out, a way to a much less unpleasant life behind bars. At a price, of course.” At the end of the DVD and accompanying book are a bewildering list of possible packages and options available. There’s the ‘basic package’, the ‘bronze’, ‘silver’, ‘gold’ and ‘platinum’, each more expensive than the previous, and offering a less restricted and more comfortable sentence for the prisoner. As well as the packages, prisoners could also buy individual enhancements to improve their living conditions. “It’s all carefully designed to wring as much money out of the prisoners as possible. They make things deliberately awful for them to make them buy their way past some of the worst aspects. The problem is, not everyone can afford to do that, and it also incentivises the prison and its staff to give prisoners as hard a time as possible to get them to pay up even more. It’s a sick system.”

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Sorority Bondage – Pi Lambda Kappa 03

©Felix Dartmouth, 1998
Archives BBS

The full version of Pi Lambda Kappa (a text that involves sorority bondage) is available in two volumes on Kindle at

Pi Lambda Kappa 1

Pi Lambda Kappa 2

Note:  This text file was originally published on May 28, 1998 and was part of a series of web-site updates.  If you enjoy images, video and text of beautiful women in restraints, you might enjoy frequently checking Archives BBS.

In addition, Archives BBS offers a popular series of bondage videos. Bondage illustrations from this text file episode are drawn from a recent video “The Prisoner 5“, starring Vika.  You can follow Vika on

Pi Lambda Kappa, 03

After lunch, Ron paid, and then after the walk with her wrists handcuffed behind her back across the parking lot, with him holding her left elbow firmly in his right hand, he strapped her into the front seat.

As Ron drove her back to her dorm, Roxanne was in kind of a dreamy state.

Ron sure was nice! He was firm, but gentle, unlike Rex and the other frat boys that she had met. But, the sorority frowned on any pledges going out with the independents.

She was so lost in thought that she was startled when Ron spoke up.
“I sure enjoyed our lunch, Roxanne. Would you like to go out next Friday night?”

“I’m afraid I can’t,” said Roxanne. “But, I might be free for lunch and studying Saturday morning.”

“Great!” Ron smiled as he pulled up to her dorm. “It’s a date. I suppose I have to let you go now.”

The Prisoner 5 - with Vika - One can see that even as a prisoner, Vika presents a collared challenge. Could you successfully escort this female prisoner across the country to serve her prison sentence?
The Prisoner 5 – with Vika – One can see that even as a prisoner, Vika presents a collared challenge. Could you successfully escort this female prisoner across the country to serve her prison sentence?











“You sure do!” Roxanne said. “I have a very important class
and I have to change. I can’t go to class dressed like this.” Continue reading Sorority Bondage – Pi Lambda Kappa 03