Female Slave – Lot 2024 – Vika

We all are aware that student loan debt has grown to be a 12 trillion dollar burden on our young college graduates. For the men, there was little that could be done, and they are left as undesirable marriage partners, with most successful women desiring debt-free partners. They were simply left to work for years to retire their debt.

Young women, on the other hand, have value as bondage slaves, office workers, child-care providers, etc.  Therefore, a market has arisen to fill the need of those in need of slaves, and those young women who feel they have no alternative but to enter servitude.  Here you will find the process followed that turns a young woman from a female captive into a female slave.

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Specifications:  HD video 1920 x 1080 –  downloadable Mp4 format.  The complete program will be delivered in 3 MP4 files.  The length of the program is 2 hours, 30 minutes.

The news division of Archives BBS has been granted exclusive access to the process of the surrender and sale of beautiful young female slaves who would have a strong possibility of retiring their student debt.

Slave for Auction Vika arrives at the secure facility
Slave for Auction Vika arrives at the secure facility – here she will be prepared for auction and sale on the world-wide market!









This documentary, which is about 2 1/2 hours in length chronicle’s Vika’s entrance into the secure slaving facility, and the “pitching and bidding” process that is part of the title transference of these women.

We understand that it’s hard for young ladies to fully appreciate the process, but this particular video maybe instructive to future captives.

Vika collared, wrists tied, ball-gagged, and leg-ironed from Female Slave - Lot 2024
Vika collared, wrists tied, ball-gagged, and leg-ironed from Female Slave – Lot 2024










This is not a negotiated process between the slave and the master.  The master bids and the student loan auctioning process requires that the highest bid is accepted.  The impact of this is frequently lost on the beautiful young woman who is anxious to be freed from the financial bondage of her debt.  In this particular documentary, we are revealing bid-sheets which heretofore have been confidential.

The bondage slave Vika is astonished that she will not be freed for five years
The bondage slave Vika is astonished that she will not be freed for five years and she begins to realize that she will be sold to the highest bidder, regardless of the conditions of her captive slavery!








After all, the conditions that the slaves are held in can vary widely, but these young women are now prisoners, and cannot in any way dictate their conditions.  Sleeping conditions are always a significant factor, of course.  Some slaves will sleep in the traditional chains at the foot of the master’s bed.  Some will be restrained in a cell in the basement, and some may even be relegated to a tight flatcage in the garage.

The following bids are all qualified, that is, they exceed the student loan debt that the captured female is attached on her person.  In the case of the current female on the block, Vika, that amount is $280,000.

Bid Sheet #1

Location:   Alabama

Amount:    $285,000

Accommodations: Cage in the Barn – chained at night

The bondage prisoner is often required to be in slutwear costuming prior to her auction sale
The bondage prisoner is often required to be in slutwear costuming prior to her auction sale










Other Slaves at Estate: 0

Work: Farm and house work, cooking

Clothing provided: Goodwill

Visitation: None permitted

Communication: None permitted

Punishment: Yes, Corporal and Isolation

Sex: None permitted

Transport to site: Standard police transport

Extra Benefits: None

Quote from the Bidder: “We need a little extra help around the farm.”

All prisoners sold as slaves are required to wear strap-on high heels
All prisoners sold as slaves are required to wear strap-on high heels. There are no exceptions to this. Studies have shown that strap on black patent high heels can increase winning bids by over 20%. Therefore all auction prisoners are kept in high heels and often in irons.











Bid Sheet #2

Location:   Alaska

Amount:    $345,000

Accommodations: Local Jail Cell – County sheriff

Other Slaves at Estate: 1 (male)

Work: Trucking, Hunting, Trapping

Clothing provided: Weather appropriate

Visitation: None permitted

Communication: None permitted

Punishment: Yes, Lockdown in cell

Sex: None permitted

Transport to site: Airline transport in full set of shackles

Extra Benefits: None

Slave up for auction wears a humiliating costume
Slave up for auction wears a humiliating costume. Auction slave Vika is required to wear a humiliating tutu costume with her garter and stockings and high heels.










Quote from the Bidder: “Not many women up here.  We have it in our budget to buy a few student loan slaves.”

Bid Sheet #3

Location:   Washington DC

Amount:    $325,000

Accommodations: Private estate – basement cell

Other Slaves at Estate: 1 (male)

Work: Secretarial, Delivery, Receptionist, Lobbying, Dating

Clothing provided: Full wardrobe of suits, blouses, lingerie, heels, slutwear

Visitation: Yes – in handcuffs and headbag – no touching permitted – 1/month

Communication: Yes – 1 call per month – all communications recorded

Punishment: Yes, extreme rope punishment bondage and gagging

Sex: As required by male and female executives

Transport to site: Private Jet transport in full set of shackles

Extra benefits: Contacts after freedom is granted

Quote from the Bidder: “Developing political operatives in a high-security environment.”

Bid Sheet #4

Location:   London, England

Amount:    BP400,000

Accommodations: Industrial Complex steel cage – nightly and when not assigned

Other Slaves at Estate: 15 (per intake class, mixed male/female)

Work: Intelligence, Travel, Surveillance, Disinformation

Clothing provided: Costuming as needed for assignments

Visitation: Yes – through glass pane in handcuffs – 1/month

Communication: None permitted

Punishment: Yes, corporal punishment and bondage

Sex: Males and Females will be locked in chastity

Transport to site: International Freight Travel – boxed for security in cargo hold

Extra benefits: Hey, It’s London!

Quote from the Bidder: “We’ll have the biggest cadre of spooks the West has ever seen.”

Bid Sheet #5

Location:   Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Amount:    US, 900,000 + 20,000 per month + Tuition + Travel

Accommodations: Cages in the Harem area – handcuffs and deputy out of cell

Other Slaves at Estate: 125 (all female)

Work: No work pre-defined

Clothing provided: harem clothing, burqas – $20,000 per month for Western Wardrobe

Visitation: None Permitted

Communication: None permitted

Punishment: Yes, whipping, confinement

Sex: No sex permitted except with the 80 year old Emir

Transport to site: 1st Class travel on Lufthansa – as a prisoner in full transport shackles and uniformed deputy

Extra benefits: Shopping in London/Paris/Dubai – Master’s/Doctorate degree from the institution of your choice in Europe/Asia.

Quote from the Bidder: “I love to see Western girls happy – but they must not escape.”

Bid Sheet #6

Location:   Houston, Tx

Amount:    US, 1,100,000

Accommodations: Crib cages, wet-packs nightly, metal collars chained to cement floors – handcuffs when not working locked behind her back

Other Slaves at Estate: 0

Work: cleaning, kitchen work, house work

Clothing provided: clear plastic uniforms, ball-gags, shackles – speaking to female owner not permitted

Visitation: None Permitted

Communication: None permitted – punishment if communication is attempted

Punishment: frequent severe punishment – strait-jacket  – suspension, dark caging, wet-packs, paddling, caning

Sex: slave will be kept plugged and in chastity at all times

Transport to site: Houston Police Cruiser – maximum security transport with head-bag

Extra benefits: None.

Quote from the Bidder: “5 years of sadistic medical punishment to straighten out this pretty young hussy.  I have the money.  I’ll bid my limit until she’s mine!”

Another aspect of the bidding process is the Debtor pleas for purchase.  Once the captured female is handcuffs, she is imprisoned for 90 days until she is sold.  If no sale takes place, she is released, and must live with the oppression of her student loan debt.

Following are several “Please for Purchase” that the captured female Vika prepared in advance of her entering the facility.  Oh, a quick distinction:  When a female is handcuffed, jailed and is up for bid, she is referred to as a “captured female”.  When the bidding is done, and the money is transferred, she is referred to as a “student loan slave”.

Debtor pleas for purchase #1

Thank you for taking my ball-gag out.  

Hi, my name is Vika.  At least that was my name when I was a free woman.  I have a number now.  I’m debtor number 2024.  I’ve turned myself over to the program.  I am in bondage now. I am looking for redemption.

I don’t think my story is really any different.  I borrowed student loans at a private school, and studied Marketing.  I was in a sorority and had to live an expensive lifestyle and buy dresses, and stuff.  I got out of college $280,000 in debt!  My father was aghast!  He knew the cutoff for auction redemption was $200,000.  Most parents don’t raise their little girl to be a slave.

So, now here I am.  I know I’m pretty cute.  All woman, no tattoos, perfect skin, tall and athletic.  I’ve worked as a model and I am in pretty good demand.  I am not naive.  I understand that I am in captivity.

So, what can I do for you?  Why should you buy me?  Well, I’ll be really, truly yours!  I fully expect to be kept chained, or tied up, or whatever, but also expect to work!  I will wear any kind of humiliating uniform you have for me and I will serve at dinner parties and do light bookkeeping.  I will be your sex slave, will suck you off, well I guess I will leave that up to you.  I will bring you honor and prestige as your companion.  I know how to behave among rich ment.

Hey, I’m going to be sold to someone; it might as well be you!

Debtor pleas for purchase #2

So, you’re in the market for a young girl?  Well, if you are, you came to the wrong place, because I am a full-grown woman.  I have  degree, a boyfriend, and parents.  I have a job, too, but I also have $280,000 in student loan debt.

I need my debt paid off.  And I’ve taken a chance, because I’ve already turned myself over for sale, and I’m now locked into this.  I’m sorry but I’m a little pissed off.

I want you to buy me, but I have to tell you I might be a challenge for you.  If I see an open door, I’m going to bolt!

So, you’d better have good security – that means cages, handcuffs, maybe chains.

So, are you up to the challenge.  Can you keep a girl like me for the full 5 years as a bondage slave?  Your rights to me start when you fund my debt.  My rights end – well, I guess they have already ended since I was handcuffed earlier today.

Later today, I’m going to be packed up like a piece of cargo and shipped off. I’m not looking forward to it.  Will I be sleeping in your cage tonight?

Debtor pleas for purchase #3

Hi, Master. Is that what I should call you? I know I don’t know you, but I know you’re watching me via this monitor.

I think you’ve all read something about me.  How I owe $280,000 in student loan debt, and how I want a new life?  How I’ve turned myself over for sale for 5 years of slavery?  But I’m a young strong woman, and I can take this.  If you bid more than the $280,000 you know I get to keep it right?

You see that I’m a prisoner – see how I’m restrained (describe all your restraints)?  These bonds sting,but not as much as my oppressive debt.  I’m entering bondage to be free of debt.  Does that sound like a fair trade?  I’m at the point where it sounds fair to me.

I’m ready for ownership that doesn’t involve a faceless finance company with endless monthly payments.  Instead, I will be your female slave.  Now’s your chance to own me, lock, stock and barrel!  Bid me up!

Debtor pleas for purchase #4

Please buy me, please!  This suspense to just too much for me, not knowing where I will spend the next 5 years in servitude.  It didn’t take me long to figure out how strict the security here would be.  Whenever I’m taken out of my jail cell, I have to put my arms through this slot in the door and be handcuffed, behind my back.

If my sale doesn’t go through today, I’m told that I will be put into the ball-gag training program.  90 minutes in a gag per day, no exceptions.  All with me locked in chains or tightly tied up with rope!

You know why I have to be put through this.  I have 280,000 in student loan debt.  I’ve turned myself over into captivity for this debt to be paid off.  If you bid more, and I’m really hoping you will, I get to keep that.

You may think I am a foolish young girl to be selling myself like this.  Well, please understand that if I don’t do this, my debt will be like an invisible steel collar locked around my throat that will strangle me for the next 20 years, like until I am 44!

I’ve made my decision, and now I’m locked up at the marketplace – standing on the block, a woman in chains praying for my liberating bid.

Please buy me, please!  I will be your female slave!

Debtor pleas for purchase #5

I’ve thought a lot about this.  I don’t know whether you will see all these videos.  I know you have to put down a bond to bid.  I know you are all serious, serious about bidding for my slave contract, that is.

But, I couldn’t help but think about sex when I am your slave.  It’s part of life, you know?

I would think that most of the men who would bid on me would be older, that is to have enough money to own a girl like me as an enslaved captive.  I guess not just the money to buy me and pay off my loan, but I would think you would have to have the security – the cages, and the staff to keep me captive.

I wonder, though if a younger man might have the wherewithal to purchase me.  How many days would I have a penis down my throat?  Oh, maybe that’s embarrassing for some of you?  I mean, I guess I don’t know the protocol for these types of things.

I get hit on all the time, multiple times per day.  Maybe if you are older, have a wife, children, maybe even position in a religious community.  Would you take a slave out of her cage and fuck her?  Then I guess you’d just put her back into her cage.

Would you let her take a shower, get dressed, or would you just turn her over to a servant or another slave to deal with?

Just what level of humanity would you have – what kind of empathy for an unfortunate girl who has been sold into slavery?  

I understand, you’re not the bad guy here.  You didn’t get me into this bondage of debt.  You in fact are going to be the means by which I will eventually gain my freedom.

One thing is for certain, however – what ever happens, it won’t be my choice it will be yours.  I guess you like it that way.

The below program is presented as 3 files, split at 45 min, and 90 min appox
0:00 Vika in car, slutty secretary outfit, secure facility
5:37 Arrives at the intake facility
12:13 Vika is locked in handcuffs
16:20 Vika’s first pitch
22:55 Garter and Stockings
29:42 Tied up and ball-gagged
35:52 Vika’s second pitch
49:33 The bids come in!
57:15 Topless in a tutu
1:03:13 Topless tutu pitch
1:28:03 Another pitch, more bids
1:35:18 Ending #1 – Scooby-Doo ending
1:52:20 Ending #2 – Vika is packed in plastic for sadistic bidder
2:23:15 HD Previews of other Archives BBS Videos
2:29:08 Ending of program

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  1. Note: I’ve been very pleased with the initial sales response, but I got the nicest email just a few moments ago:

    “Hi Felix

    I’ve just downloaded the latest ‘Vika’ movie and my first impressions are VERY favourable!!!!!!!

    I especially enjoyed Vikas’s pitches——I was tempted to ‘bid’ myself!!!!!!!!

    Already looking forward to her next venture, care of Archw.

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