Female Slave – Lot 830

Student loan debt has grown to be a 12 trillion dollar burden on our young college graduates. For the men, there was little that could be done. They were simply left to work for years to retire their debt. Young women, on the other hand, had value as bondage slaves, office workers, child-care providers, etc.

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Of course, we all know this, but some young women begin to see an advantage!

How would an ambitious young woman view her options if, after an expensive college education, she could discharge her debt completely and be a few hundred-grand to the upside after three to five years of bondage servitude?

It might seem a viable alternative to some rational and ambitious young women!

Like all the slaves at auction, Mary was allowed to prepare a “plea for purchase”:

Debtor pleas for purchase

Thank you for taking my ball-gag out. Hi, my name is Mary. At least that was my name when I was a free woman. I have a number now. I’m debtor number 830 if you’re interested. I am a slave – convicted, that is, as a slave. Well, I guess you are interested if you’re watching this.

I didn’t expect to be doing this tied up like I am. I borrowed student loans at a private school, and studied Science. I got out of college $280,000 in debt! My mother was so upset. I can make a good living, but this seems like an easier way. Three years is not too much to spend to be financially independent, and then I can start working in my field.

I know you will have full rights to me. You can keep me locked up, but I promise I won’t run away. I give you my word. I’ll do domestic work, and wear whatever uniform you want. I can work at parties, and serve drinks and work in the kitchen.

So here I am, tied up and on the auction block. Well, I guess it’s more like a virtual auction block. I see your bids and they are very generous. It’s going to be an adjustment to me to be owned, that is, to not really own my own body and be a prisoner, locked up and stuff.

I think I am about to be gagged and hooded again. So, I guess I just have one more thing to say:
Hey, I’m going to be sold to someone; it might as well be you!

Remember, Debtor number 830 – that’s me. Please buy me!

Table of Contents

Phone call to Mom – Official Slut outfit 00:30:00
Lair of the Slaver 00:52:12
Locked in Cuffs 06:00:00
She gets the keys 08:09:00
Cuffed Topless as a female slave 12:01:00
Roped wrists (she asked for it!) 14:00:00
Ball gagged! – full size! 17:06:00
Slave Pitch #1 19:45:00
Re gagged 22:55:00
Power Blouse Transport 29:19:00
Cuffed in Front 31:35:00
Wrists behind back, gagged 35:49:00
Slave Pitch #2 37:34:00
Bebe Blouse Transport setup 47:00:00
Full Transport Shackles standard for female slave 49:30:00
Slave Pitch #3 55:00:00
Bagged in Plastic and Gagged 1:00:00:00
Bondage on the Bed 1:04:00:00
Her Release 1:07:00:00
Shackles arranged for that night 1:09:00:00
Dominatrix Mary! 1:11:31:00
Bondage Coffle Preview 1:13:08:00
Kylie K. in a clear plastic raincoat 1:14:01:00
Kylie K hogtied, ball gagged on floor 1:19:32:00
End 1:21:07:00


31 thoughts on “Female Slave – Lot 830”

  1. I’m willing to fully buy you offering you the full $280.000 I want you by me gorgeous, can we work on something? Is this for real?

  2. Dave, I appreciate your interest, but I don’t believe that your generous bid of $280,000 would be adequate to acquire ownership of Lot 830. That amount is the minimum amount to retire her debt, and for a young, beautiful and brilliant woman such as this, I anticipate that the bidding will exceed two times that amount.

    The Lot (830) has already been hypothecated, and placed in her slave’s chains and will be sold. The bidding will be open for a week, and we suggest you check back to avoid disappointment.

  3. Who gets her children? If she is normally fecund, she should produce two or three children in five years.
    What is a master to do if she is insolent, disobedient, insubordinate? American women have been poisoned by feminism for several generations.
    She will do well to get enough to pay off her student loans, as the market is swamped with girls wanting to become indentured servants to pay off their debts.
    While a pretty girl, she is hardly exceptional. If she doesn’t bring enough to pay off her debt, her buyer will have to make the payments on the balance. This will keep her a slave until the loans are all paid off.

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