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8mm Bondage Archives released to member site

8mm Bondage Archives released to member site

We have set up for release 42 three minute video conversions of 8mm Kodachrome film, that has been remastered to HD video on the subscriber site for Archives BBS.

Some of you may remember that there was a lot of uncertainly in the video market in the late 1970’s.  Sony Betamax and VHS were battling it out, and the inferior VHS won out.  For the first several years of 1980’s Video Cassette Recorders, as they were called, were in excess of $5,000.

Punk Rock Renee with her wrists and elbows tied behind her back
8mm Bondage Archives - Remastered from 1979-1980
The English girl was captured and bound in June of 1982. The video of her is available to subscribers of Archives BBS in Kodachrome Color!










After it became clear that VHS was the winner, the VCR prices dropped below $1,000 and I felt like I could afford one in December, 1982.

Now, prior to that time, I was taking video in 8mm (Super 8) Kodachrome.  No sound, of course, and you would send the exposed film off in a mailer for processing, but believe it or not, the image projected was colorful and really kind of sharp.

That was over 25 years ago.  I didn’t name this system “Archives BBS ” for nothing!

Michelle bondage archives in 1980 bound and gagged in a slip and pearls
8mm Bondage Archives - Remastered from 1979-1980
Michelle with her wrists tightly tied behind her back, and then to the slim part of her waist, wearing pearls. She is gagged with a mouth-filling knotted plastic laundry bag










I recently invested in having this film scanned to HD MPG format, and ended up with 2 hours of rare footage.  The project had all kinds of problems from a technical standpoint, but I worked through them.

The models are Whitney, Michelle, Renee, Maria, Sara, Justine, and four unknown women in bondage. Continue reading 8mm Bondage Archives released to member site