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MSP’s Bondage World Returns Again!

They’re Back!

The MSP’s Bondage World programs, that is!  For many years, these great programs have been available to the public.  MSP’s Bondage World consists of 2 programs that were originally released on DVD approximately in 2004.

They were offered for sale until about 2008 when they were taken off the market.  But, don’t despair!  Both DVD’s are back in MP4 downloadable form.

These unique programs are filmed in a private jail, where beautiful young women are subjected to intense restraint.  The stringency of the bondage, however, belies the attitude of playfulness and fun that infuses both these programs!

MSP’s Bondage World 1Add to Cart

MSP’s Bondage World 2Add to Cart


If you haven’t experienced these great bondage videos, you really owe it to yourself to have them in your collection!

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