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Angelica is a Deputized Prisoner Undercover – AEJ7B

Bedtime in Custody – Angelica is a Deputized Prisoner Undercover

©Felix Dartmouth, 1998.

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Episode dated 1/30/98


Abstract:  Stacy has been kidnapped from a jail cell a customs.  Angelica, now deputized, is undercover as a prisoner.  Jim has taken her to the hotel to get some shut-eye!


AEJ 7B (An Easy Job, Part 7 – segment B)

“I hope that you aren’t going to make me sleep in this contraption!” were all the words that she could think of.

“No,” said Jim, “But you will have to be tied up for bed. I’m going to let you shower first, though.”

Angelica realized that she was covered with perspiration. The unconscious struggling against the straps and gnawing at the gag had taken a great deal of energy,

“I really need one,” she said.

Jim was beginning to undo some of the leather straps about her shoulders and Angelica waited patiently.

“I’m going to need you to sign a form that waives your rights to segregated detention facilities.”

“What if I don’t sign?”

“Then you’ll have to spend the night in the Women’s Prison. Obviously the holding cells at customs are not secure enough to hold anyone.”

Hotel Bedtime Bondage - locked in handcuffs.
Since Jim requires that Angelica maintain her undercover role as a prisoner, even behind the locked hotel-room doors, Angelica is handcuffed behind her back at all times.

“Jim,” asked Angelica. “Where is Stacy?”

“I really don’t know,” he replied.

“I can only hope that she may be in less security than she was with me and may find some way to contact us, but I seriously doubt she will be able to.”

Jim loosened the buckle at her belly, allowing the strap at her crotch to fall down. She shook the hated strap free of her handcuffs, and her skirt slid slowly down wrinkled to mid calf. The octopus of leather was taken away and Angelica was left handcuffed and
leg-ironed with a thin cotton cord tightly holding her elbows together. Out of his briefcase, Jim pulled a form and placed it on the desk.

“Here, sign this,” he said.

“This means that you can stay here with me rather than being taken to the prison to spend the night.”

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