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Sorority Bondage 2 – Pi Lambda Kappa – on amazon.com

I’m pleased to announce that Sorority Bondage 2 – Pi Lambda Kappa is available on Amazon.com.  This completes the Pi Lambda Kappa series, with all parts in order.

Sorority Bondage 2 - Pi Lambda Kappa
Sorority Bondage 2 – Pi Lambda Kappa – Thrilling bondage sorority adventures by Felix Dartmouth available at amazon.com for Kindle!










You can order the Kindle version from amazon.com at the below link:

Bondage Sorority 2:  Pi Lambda Kappa

This, and the Bondage Sorority 1:  Pi Lambda Kappa, represent the full text of all the Pi Lambda Kappa Episodes.

During the early days of this site, the Pi Lambda Kappa episodes were presented “a-serially” and I fielded may questions about how the full text in order.  I’m sure many were confounded with my position at the time, that the complete story was not going to be made available.  I remember telling people that I felt that “the whole was less than the sum of its parts.”

The text is illustrated with 9 original plates, in this case with the model Dana who was my original inspiration for the character Roxanne, the sargeant at arms of Pi Lambda Kappa Sorority.

I feel differently now, and I am glad to be able to provide a format where this can be discretely downloaded to a Kindle Library for reading on a Kindle, or on a PC as found most convenient by the reader.

I was inspired to write this story by things I witnessed at my university in Texas related to the manner of dress that was observed by sororities in the 1970’s and a scene I happened upon where I saw six beautiful young women in evening gowns, wrists tied behind their backs and with blindfolds on, marched across a parking lot from a sorority house to a waiting Cadillac.

I was awe-stricken by this site, and I followed them in my Mercury Cougar.  It was apparent that they knew I was following them, and began circling the block.  Feeling too much like a stalker, I continued on my way, as did the car-full of bound young women.

I hope by reading the Pi Lambda Kappa set of stories, you also can get just a hint of the feeling of mystery, sexual intrigue, and thrill of the secret societies of sororities!

All the best,