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Anonymous Bondage Witness 3 – with Vika

New for 2019! Since one of District Attorney Vika Hampton’s most important programs, the “Anonymous Bondage Witness” protection program has been instituted, successful prosecutions are up 28% thanks to the increase in witnesses willing to testify against major defendants.

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District Attorney Vika has found that physically locking down, jailing and keeping her witnesses in chains until her defendants are safely behind bars, has increased willingness to participate as a witness. Numerous attractive young women have clamored to enter the program and are now locked into strict  bondage custody as important criminal and civil trials grind along.

Production stills from “Anonymous Bondage Witness 3 – with Vika”:

This forward-looking new program is even more restrictive than jail or actual prison, due to the concern for the safety of the young women involved. All the prisoners/witnesses in the program are kept physically restrained in a secure facility with handcuffs or rope, and frequently they are also ball-gagged and hooded even while caged.

In addition to the physical restraints, all the young women in the program are subject to punishment by torture bondage, caning, whipping, or intense suffocation by plastic bagging. In order to enter the program, participants must sign consent forms granting permission to use extreme forms of bondage and punishment.

Vika has grown concerned, however, that one of her deputies, Marshal, may not be enforcing the strictness required for the safety and satisfaction of the witnesses. She has heard that he may have become sloppy, not tying tightly enough, perhaps not locking handcuffs on securely, and letting some of the more attractive prisoner sweet-talk him in being more lenient.

Vika thinks that the best thing to do is to go undercover as a witness herself! She has a warrant for detention issued in her name, and she proceeds to one of the safe-houses to have it executed on herself and for her to be placed in bondage into the program.

Vika presents herself as an Anonymous Witness prisoner 

Needless to say, Marshal is surprised when his boss appears, decked out in her power business outfit and highest strappy heels, and presented him a warrant for her person to be held in bondage in the Witness Protection program.

Vika in handcuffs
Vika in handcuffs, taken into custody as an Anonymous Bondage Witness

Marshal, despite his reluctance, locks Vika in handcuffs and leg-irons, and it’s not too long before she is gnawing on a silicone red ball-gag.

The trouble starts early when Vika starts asking for phone privileges and starts receiving phone calls from her District Attorney’s office. Irritated, Marshal lets her take a few calls, but he can tell already that she is going to be nothing but trouble.

Sure enough, she insists on being taken out of her handcuffs and shackles, not realizing that her alternative is being bound nude in tight Japanese style bondage. She has to admit to herself, however, that her bondage is satisfyingly restrictive.

Called to testify, the District Attorney is dressed and shackled for transport

After spending time in a blindfolded hogtie, she is called in to testify. Marshall is always careful to make sure that his bondage witnesses are appropriately attired, but Vika chose to call her outfit “slutty”. She was then handcuffed, shackled, ball gagged and hooded, and transported to be an anonymous bondage witness. In her outfit and bondage, no one would ever guess that she was actually the district attorney.

When she returned, she brought with her reports that she was arrogant and entitled and rude to her handlers. That would not be good for her, because she was required to be punished.

Receiving a bad report on her bitchy behavior, Vika must be punished

There was no rush, however. Marshal asked her to put on an eggshell-blue sheer nylon negligee and tied her wrists behind her back and settled in to watch some television. Vika was bored and irritated, and couldn’t settle down.

The time had come for her punishment. She was stripped in preparation for her punishment. She was tied up in a strict takate kote, and then her legs were pulled back at her thighs, exposing her puss. Her mouth was stuffed with foam rubber, which was followed by a ball-gag.

Next, a plastic head-bag cut off all her air. Her breath was now being strictly controlled by Marshal. Struggle as she might, she was unable to avail herself of life-giving air due to the clear plastic tied around her throat.

She strictly roped up and her face and head were bagged. This was her punishment.

After having endured her punishment she relaxed and was locked into handcuffs. Marshal puttered around and said he needed to go on an errand.

As Vika lounged in her handcuffs, her eyes moved to another part of the bed. What was that? The handcuff key?

Marshal gets is comeuppance for sloppy restraints!

The next day, Marshal was looking over his paperwork, and District Attorney Vika Hampton swaggers into the room. It seems Marshall left his key and Vika escaped!

This is just what she was trying to discover, laxness in the Anonymous Bondage Witness Program! Marshal must be strictly disciplined to keep his job.

So it is that Vika reinforces her power as the District Attorney, bringing criminals to justice!

Technical details and timeline

Specifications:  HD video 1920 x 1080 –  downloadable MP4 format.  The complete program will be delivered in 4 MP4 files totaling 4.33 Gigabytes.  The length of the full program is 3 hours, 07 minutes, and is reasonably priced at $35.00.  See the detailed time chart is found at the bottom of this page.

Approximate timeline of the video:

Anonymous Bondage Witness 3 – with Vika
(note – since the full video is in 4 parts, the below is a guide to the order of events)
0:00 Titles, credits, timeline
0:30 District Attorney Vika arrives at the safe house and call in
3:56 She presents the warrant she issued on herself to be held as a witness
6:50 Locked in handcuffs and irons
9:07 Vika struggles, locked in a set of transport connectors
12:47 Ball gagged
19:19 District Attorney Vika receives a phone call from the office
26:00 Nude, tied up in TK
47:33 Blindfolded
1:00:00 Gorean Slave Position
1:02:47 Dressed in slutty outfit for testimony
1:11:50 Gagged and hooded for transport and testimony
1:31:16 In sheer nightgown, tied with wrists behind her back
1:44:53 Tied up, watching TV
1:58:25 Nude, tethered
2:05:10 Bound in a takate kote
2:16:54 Tied into a “happy baby” legs spread position
2:23:34 Ball-gagged with foam-rubber mouth packing
2:29:15 Head-bagged for suffocation punishment
2:35:52 Untied from her takate kote
2:40:14 Lingerie with sheer coat – locked in handcuffs and leg-irons
2:42:16 Marshall leaves the key!!
2:44:11 Escape!
2:45:39 The arrest of Marshall!
2:48:14 Previews of other HD Archives BBS videos
3:09:11 End of program