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Chinese Rope Bondage on Archives BBS

Those of you who follow my work have noted that I include a lot of rope bondage in addition to handcuffs and judicial restraint on my beautiful models.  Prior to 2017, I tied in the typical American nylon/cotton rope style.

I began studying Shibari (Japanese Rope Bondage) in 2017 and since that time, my tastes in rope bondage have changed markedly.  Please regard the image below from “Vika in Cruel Bondage” from 1997:

Vika topless in a Japanese Takate Kote
Vika is kneeling, topless, bound in a Japanese Takate Kote.









This tie is beautiful to be sure, and it enhances the beauty of the wonderful model Vika.  (Twitter: @vika_model).  This jute rope (purchased from DeGiottoRope.com ) is sensuous on the skin and the structure of the binding securely hold the model in her captivity. Continue reading Chinese Rope Bondage on Archives BBS