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Pi Lambda Kappa – Part 05 – Sorority in handcuffs

Gwen, ball-gagged - Pi Lambda Kappa text series
Gwen, ball-gagged – Pi Lambda Kappa text series

Pi Lambda Kappa, 05

©Felix Dartmouth, 1998

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Pi Lambda Kappa, 05

Gwen, handcuffed and collared - Pi Lambda Kappa text series
Gwen, handcuffed and collared – Pi Lambda Kappa text series
It was Friday afternoon, and her roommate had gone on a date. Roxanne was anxious for her to go so that she could have the room to herself. She got back to her dorm, locked her door and opened the closet door to examine herself in the full length mirror. She admired the way she looked dressed up as she was in the bright red silk blouse with the full sleeves and slightly puffed shoulders and swooping neckline. Her dark straight skirt emphasized the slim quality of her figure and took the eye down to her
black heels.
She walked over to her chest of drawers and pulled out the bag with the two pair of handcuffs that she had purchased. She opened up the lightweight pair and locked and unlocked them to make sure that the key worked. It worked fine, as did the spare. She marveled at the light weight. The difference of three ounces really was noticeable.
Leaving the keys on the bed, she took the handcuffs and walked over to the mirror and locked them on her left wrist. She looked at herself, turned sideways and hung her one handcuffed arm down to her side. Then, turning her back to the mirror and looking over one shoulder, she locked both her wrists behind her back. She turned both wrists outward, once the initial locking had been effected, and closed the ratchets tighter so that her wrist bones were pinioned in a palms outward position as is recommended in the handcuff instructions.
She modeled in front of the mirror. From the front, the handcuffs were not visible, but something indiscernible had entered her posture that indicated that her wrists were not held in a natural position. Her breasts were distended just so, and she knew that if she were on the street, that it would be obvious that she were handcuffed even to the casual observer from the front view.
Of course, from the back, the gleaming aluminum cuffs were clearly visible against the deep red silk and black skirt that she wore. She wanted to get undressed, but she was handcuffed, and she went to relax on her bed for a minute before she unhandcuffed herself and got undressed. She went over to the bed and sat down, the lay over to her left and on her stomach, with her hands trying to find a comfortable position behind her as she lay there.
She allowed herself some time to just lay there and dream for a while. Suddenly the phone rang. It had rung twice before she even sat up, and as she fumbled for the key, it had rang another three times. She decided to try and answer it with her hands ‘cuffed, then maybe the caller would excuse her and she could get uncuffed. She was able to get the phone to her ear, but there was a strain on her wrists.
“Hi Roxanne, this is Ron,” said the voice on the other end.
“Ron, I’m glad you called. Listen, I’m having a little problem.
Could you hold on for a second?” asked Roxanne.

Gwen, ball-gagged and collared - Pi Lambda Kappa text series
Gwen, ball-gagged and collared – Pi Lambda Kappa text series
“Sure,” came the reply.
Roxanne let the phone drop on the bed as she allowed her strained arms to rest a moment. She took the handcuff key, and saw that she had put her ‘cuffs on so that the keyhole is on the top where it is hard to reach. By careful and painful twisting, she was able to match keyhole and key and twist to gain her freedom. She was anxious to talk to Ron, and she left the handcuffs locked to her other wrist as she picked up the phone.
“I’m so glad you called!” said Roxanne, trying to get her
breath.”What was the matter?” asked Ron.
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