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Archives BBS Years in Review, 2018 and 2019

Archives BBS Year in Review, 2019

During 2019, Archives BBS released 4 videos that are detailed below.  Also, Archives BBS operated an online service from February to October of 2019.  This service offered streaming video of some of the Archives BBS videos, and quite a bit of image content as well as text content.

However, I was dissatisfied that I didn’t have a database connection to the dates, descriptions, and keywords that I had in my previous service.  Also, I wasn’t satisfied with the security for the streaming video.  I discontinued the service in October, 2019.  Thank all of you who subscribed!

Presently, I am simply offering access to current image releases to the public (that means free!).  These images are under the “Demo Content” page.   Please check regularly for new content.

The tens of thousands of original bondage images I have produced over the decades are largely offline, but I am still searching for a satisfactory way to make them available at a reasonable subscription fee.

Also, there is a search feature for Meta content that is off the Home Page and also another Search Page.  So, you can search for “Mary” or “blouse”, or “handcuffs”, etc.

Following are the video releases fro 2019 and 2018.

The Prisoner 8 – Mary

The Prisoner 8 - Mary - Topless, ballgagged in a takate kote - on bed
After complaining that her handcuffs are too tight, Mary, the female prisoner is bound in a takate kote (#たかてこて) and ball-gagged. Her nipples have been bolted.

Beautiful, tall and strong, but kept securely shacked, Mary, who made her first appearance in Female Slave Lot 830,   has been arrested and is taken to the safe house by Marshall to await her extradition and sentencing hearings.  In the course of the approximately 2 hour story, Mary has several outfit changes, is trussed into very tight Japanese shibari as well as rare Chinese prisoner transport bondage, is carefully fitted for a ball-gag and engages in conversation about her pending imprisonment.

This is a great addition to the classical Archives BBS “The Prisoner” tradition, first seen in 2002 in “The Prisoner” with Jessica!

Bondage Punishment for Vika

This second in the vigilante (Bondage Punishment) series involves the prolific and talented beauty, Vika, in the character of a bratty slut bitch who has been securely chained wearing a bare-midriff top with sheer sleeves and cutoffs.  Vika makes several outfit changes

The Prisoner Vika in sheer black blouse, leather skirt, tightly bound and gagged, with leg-irons
The Prisoner Vika in sheer black blouse, leather skirt, tightly bound and gagged, with leg-irons

and is tightly bound in stiff jute rope, including a nude takate kote (a classic Japanese tie) hogtie that tests her limits.  Her initial panic at her rope restrictions is illustrative of her desire to escape and avoid the inevitable prison sentence that awaits her, but she has been expertly bound.

Aficionados of Vika will be pleased that she has adapted to wearing a larger ball-gag that before.  She endures a careful  ball-gag sizing scene.  She tries gags of various size balls and locates the precise size ball for her, filling her mouth, and strapped tightly behind her beautiful white teeth, making intelligible speech impossible.

It’s great to see that as Vika tries the smaller sizes, she has to reluctantly agree that they are too small and that her mouth requires a larger size for a better seal and fit.

Don’t miss the desperation of Vika, who tries to play it cool, but inwardly fears captivity in prison and seeks a way out!

Bondage Punishment for Polistar

This “bondage punishment” format is a free-flowing format where a criminal woman has been captured by a vigilante and secured by handcuffs before either being punished by the vigilante or taken to prison to serve a stiff sentence.

Polistar in totally nude bondage - shibari elbows-together armbinder
Polistar in totally nude bondage – shibari elbows-together arm binder

Polistar has been captured and at first can’t believe that the vigilante has any evidence against her, but when she weighs his proposal of a weekend in stiff bondage versus a 2 year prison term for theft, she chooses the weekend in his tight strictures.

Polistar, a new model with Archives BBS, is a beautiful woman, tall, strong and muscular, and she also has the natural desire to obey strong male authority, answering with an emphatic “Yes, sir” when given commands.

When given the instruction, “Prisoner Attention”, this female in bondage promptly snaps to, shoulders back, and tits out, eyes straight ahead.

Unruly by nature, she is given the choice of a strict hogtie or a plastic head bag as a punishment, and she chooses the head bag.  For this punishment, she is tied into a tight elbows-together shibari arm binder.  The plastic is air-tight with no air holes.  Polistar chose the strictest of suffocation punishments that shouldn’t be missed!

Anonymous Bondage Witness 3 – with Vika

Vika’s acting skills are on display in this Anonymous Bondage Witness tour-de-force .  Since Vika is the District Attorney, and the “Anonymous Bondage Witness” program is her own pet project, it’s near and dear to her heart.

Vika in shackles and handcuffs in her own Witness Protection in Bondage program
As a District Attorney, Vika in shackles and handcuffs in her own “Witness Protection in Bondage” program. Vika wants to make sure that Marshall has the proper security procedures in place for her witnesses.

She has heard that Marshall, a trained, but possibly somewhat of a goofball deputy is handling a large number of the cases, and may not be up to her standards of strictness of security.

So, she issues a warrant for her own arrest and detention, and presents to to Marshall, and demands to be treated “just like a real prisoner”!

Marshall starts off with good security, and is irritated when his prisoner, also the District Attorney is trying to receive business phone calls about sentencing recommendations for young female prisoners while in custody.

This video reprises the peak punishment bondage that we see in

District Attorney Vika nude, and bound in a tight Japanese Takate Kote
District Attorney Vika nude, and bound in a tight Japanese Takate Kote

“Vika in Cruel Bondage”, with the takate kote, the happy baby tie with full crotch exposure, the foam-rubber enhanced ball-gag and the plastic suffocating head-bag, the most difficult bondage position ever shown on Archives BBS.

Archives BBS Year in Review, 2018

2018 was a difficult year for Archives BBS, but persistence allowed us to continue in business.  The online subscription model that we had used for so long was more and more difficult to maintain, and it was discontinued.  That left the huge image base offline, and it remains offline to this day.

There is a huge amount of pirated material out there, and it’s hard to compete with free, but people who are honest and want the original content that we have to offer are still customers, and we gain new customers daily, to our delight.  Thank you all.

For a period of time in 2018 the website was actually offline, but returned to online operations mid way during the year.

A lot of this had to do, I think, with the flooding in Houston that occurred after Hurricane Harvey.  The whole event hit Houston so hard, and the flooding was so widespread it occupied a huge amount of mind-space. 

Vika in Cruel Bondage

Often young women who accept favors from rich men must compromise their normal standards.  Sometimes, they are sent for punishment, which is required to continue receiving the lavish gifts

Vika bound in a "bunny ears" tie with a crotch-rope
Vika bound in a “bunny ears” tie with a crotch-rope

and lifestyle which has become central to their way of living.

Here, Vika as been sent for punishment.  She’s not happy about it, but she knows that the punisher’s report is the key to her getting back into good graces with her Master and benefactor.  The key to the lavish dinners, the trips on the yacht, the private air travel and the generous allowance.

He does not go easy on her, because he knows that the Master requires retribution and a tribute in the form of suffering.  Probably most humiliating for Vika is that she is asked to put on business-wear, be chained like a common prisoner and escorted to have lunch with the Master and some of his business partners.

Vika constantly complains and questions her ties and punishment requiring that she be frequently ball-gagged and sometimes hooded.  The “peak” tie of this story is the plastic head-bag “happy baby” tie in a Japanese Takate Kote, with a ball-gag and foam-rubber packing.  This is as excruciating a tie as is possible, and still be physically “safe”.  It is extremely humiliating due to the spread legs, the intense arm and shoulder bondage, the engulfing ball-gag and the air-tight headbag.  She is fed just enough air, but is always on the edge.

Don’t miss the intense bondage video, “Vika in Cruel Bondage“!

Thank you for following this retrospective on 2018 and 2019.  I look forward to 2020 with optimism.  I already have at least 1 shoot for early January, and I think 2020 will be a great year for Archives BBS.

With your support, please continue to look for what I hope is original, sexy, beautiful bondage content!