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Chastity Belt Fitting in Bondage Now!

Chastity Belt Fitting

If you enjoy videos of this type, that is, of beautiful women in strictest bondage, both judicial bondage and sensual restraint with handcuffs, shackles and rope, please refer to the full catalog of Archives BBS bondage videos.

At some point in a relationship, and man or a woman, in this case a man, desires to really clamp down on his slave in both a physical as well as a psychological and a sexual way.  In the case of this video, we are talking about a man imprisoning his woman slave in chastity.

Collared and leashed with ball-gag ready
Collared and leashed with ball-gag ready

After physical restraint has been achieved the next step is control over all sexual activity.  The hardware employed by this endeavor dates back to the medieval ages – the dreaded Chastity Belt!

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Considerable strides have been made with both belts for women as well as men.  Men need less hardware, but in a way their belts (really tubes) are more sinister, and prevent masturbation completely, reserving all sexual energy for their owner, usually their mistress.


Females, on the other hand, must still put up with far more hardware when they are locked in a chastity belt.  A waistbelt around the slimmest part of the waist is required, and well as a metal shield though the crotch and up the butt, widening at the vagina, with custom keyed locks fastening the entire arrangement together around their hips and sex.

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All women will complain that the belt is uncomfortable and hard to

Chastity Belt Fitting in Bondage
Chastity Belt Fitting in Bondage

clean, but their masters are serene in knowing that if they are prone to slutty behavior, like going to bars and picking up guys and fucking them, that their vaginas will remain un-penetrated.  They will be able to suck guys off, but that’s all!  Therefore despite the woman’s pleas, her chastity belt remains locked about her hips and her now inaccessible, locked up vagina!

Out-of-town masters are particularly prone to lock up their female slaves in a chastity belt, and in the case of this video, they will have an expert, like Marshal, visit their property and properly size her for her chastity belt.

Abjectly bound chastity belted female
Abjectly bound chastity belted female

Chastity belts are made by craftsman who are highly skilled at making belts incredibly secure and as comfortable as possible for long-term wear.  Accessories which are frequently included are butt-plugs and huge vagina insertions which can include heating elements, vibration elements and electronic punishment shocking modules that will have a female slave instantly doubled over with pain should she commit the slightest misbehavior.

A well-equipped chastity belt with insertion and punishment

Chastity belted female prisoner locked in a shrews fiddle
Chastity belted female prisoner locked in a shrews fiddle

accessories, custom measured and made by a master at the craft will exceed EU 2000.  A complete caging, transportation and confinement in Austria, where the best craftsman ply their trade will start at EU 6000.

This video:  Chastity Belt Fitting

In this case, however, Marshal’s task is simply to tightly bind and measure the slave Alexandra.  Measurements are taken from a tight

Chastity Belt Bondage
Chastity Belt Bondage

belt around the waist, down to the vagina, to the anus, and to the small of the back.  Other measurements are taken between the bottom of the vagina to its top, where the widest part of the chastity shield will cover the clitoris.

The length of the dildo and the butt-plug is based on the woman’s height and waist size.  Of course the chastity belt wearer will only be plugged in both orifices when she sleeps hogtied on the floor of her master’s bed chamber or is caged in a crib-cage being punished in a jail cell in the cellar.

This is all ahead of our chastity belt prisoner, however. Today, we only measure her for her sexual imprisonment.

There are actually 5 stories on the DV MP4.

Locking Chastity Belt Prisoner
Locking Chastity Belt Prisoner

1.  Preparation for Bondage Camp
2.  Chastity Belt Bondage Fitting
3.  Demonstration of Alexandra’s locking High-Heel Straps
4.  Kitchen Bondage take down
5.  Slave dressed and bound up for turnover to new Master.

Here is the detailed Table of Contents:

0:00 Off to Bondage Camp
5:52 Position 1 – forced standing
10:21 Locked in the Shrew’s fiddle
20:44 Nude, Collared, Raincoat
29:26 Business attire, gloved, cuffed and ironed
34:18 Collar clipped to hanging chain
36:00 Chastity Belt Measurements
40:00 From the bottom of the belt to the end of the labia lips
47:46 Kneeling in handcuffs
48:54 Alexandra demonstrates her locking heel straps
49:59 Kitchen bondage
57:07 Ball-gagged, blindfolded, waiting to be picked up by buyer

This video was filmed in sharp and clear DV – which is 740  x 480 and can be easily viewed full-screen.