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Bondage Scenes 2 with Vika

Under contract in bondage, Vika must balance her daily affairs with her bondage obligations!

There is a time that has already come – for young women to get what they want they must bargain with their own freedom. Here was Vika needing to go to a job interview, but she had also agreed to be locked in a permanent collar. So, here she was the hard steel around her throat. She couldn’t go to the interview with a slave collar locked around her throat!

What could she bargain with? You guessed it! Rolling her eyes, she allowed her self to be tied up until the interview! In her sheer pink blouse and strappy heels, she was marched by her lead around the prisoner’s room, and then outside into the hallway.

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Another trend that we are seeing in society is the desire of young women to enter the company of royalty and the very rich. Some men require that a woman present herself in tight bondage. Vika as long known this, and she has received an invitation to meet a young English Earl. He has required that she be transported topless and tied in Chinese bondage.

After her weekend, she returns enchanted. Since he as asked to see her again, she agrees to be restrained and jailed. Word will be sent to the young Englishman that she has been imprisoned on his behalf.

After the shooting session was over, Marshall and Vika were sitting on the couch and Vika indicated that it would be several hours before her boyfriend picked her up. Felix said that he really had to go, and that Vika would be left alone. She didn’t know that would mean that she had to be restrained.

She felt just a bit hurt at first, but then realized that she had just met Marshall. “Look,” she said. “I know you just met me. I agree to be restrained. I want you to feel comfortable. You can tie me up just as tight as you want; hand and foot.”

Wearing a slutty BEBE blouse, she was handcuffed and her ankles were tied. Then, she was encased by a clear plastic tube that was so tight she could barely flex her elbows. The ends of the bag were tied like a candy-wrapper and she sweated as she squirmed in her bondage.

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Here is the program for “Bondage Scenes with Vika 2”:

Vika’s Collar 0 25
Vika Tied 3 07
Lets Tethered 3 50
Marched in Bondage 8 51
Hallway Excursion 10 43
Uncollared 14 25
Topless, gloves 18 16
Boyfriend Interview 23 10
Slut Outfit 28 45
Tied for Security 30 47
Handcuffed, legs tied, bagged 35 00
Out Take 41 49
Elena in Prison 42 43
Hands behind head 47 24
Collared 48 25
Handcuffed 51 00
Ball-gagged 52 58
Headbagged, collared to wall eye bolt 53 51
End 60 26