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Campus Parking Ticket Roundup – Part 20 – handcuffed bride


©Felix Dartmouth, 2002

Note: the illustrations of this episode are from the bondage video by Felix Dartmouth “Bondage Apartment“, starring Erica. The bridal bondage footage is at the end of the story-line video. The locking aluminum restraints are courtesy of Martin from

Felix Dartmouth
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Characters in “Campus Parking Ticket Roundup”:
Jim Cranston – Assistant Chief of Police
Donna Cranston – his wife, recently released from custody
Ron Johnson – Chief of Police
+++Regina Strong – Police Sergeant
Billy Marks – Rookie Officer
Candy – arrested wearing a white blouse and leather slacks, on the bus to Women’s Prison
Theresa – sentenced to 30 months at Women’s Prison
Justine Rogers– arrested and bailed out by her parents.
Tony – Justine’s Boyfriend
Mr. Rogers – Justine’s Dad
Mrs. Rogers – Justine’s Mother
Juana Esperanza – cub reporter
Jeannie – high school friend of Juana’s volunteering at the jail
Mr. Edwards, retired sheriff, neighbor to the Rogers
+++Mrs. Barton – who longs to see her daughter married into a good family
+++Erica – getting married over Spring Break

+++ – In the current episode

January 1, 2002, all rights reserved

The judge looked thoughtful. He regarded the young woman who stood before him. Her mother was at her side, as was her lawyer. Their dilemma had generated an unusual proposal from her mother and her attorney: The young woman was to be wed the following weekend, and extensive preparations had been made which involved great expense as well as the travel plans of many out of town guests.

Veiled bride locked in aluminum stock restraint
Veiled bride locked in aluminum stock restraint

His heart went out to Erica Barton, wearing a white dress with lace accenting the sheer shoulder, bodice and sleeves. Since her wrists were handcuffed behind her back (the judge required that all prisoners remain in their transport shackles throughout sentencing hearings), and locked to a chain which tightly constricted the smallest circumference of her slim waist, a hint of cleavage was revealed below her lovely face, which was somewhat pouty at the humiliation of her bondage.

“Young lady, I am required by law to impose on you a sentence of 3 months in the State Prison for Women, and you shall spend those three months incarcerated without any possibility for parole.”

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