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New Video Product: Dungeon Girls 6 with Vika

New Video Product:  Dungeon Girls 6 with Vika – (go to detailed product page).

I’m pleased to announce that Dungeon Girls 6, with Vika and Gerard is released.  Join Vika on her bondage challenge to see if she can free herself from the strict bondage of shibari master Gerard and collect the $25,000 grand prize!

Dungeon Girls 6 - Vika is caged and bound!
Dungeon Girls 6 – Vika is caged and in bondage!

The Dungeon Girls series is one of the most popular on Archives BBS.  The concept is simple:  a young woman is challenged to escape during a weekend of strict bondage by shibari-master Gerard.  If the young woman escapes her intractable bondage, she receives a cash prize of $25,000.  It seems so easy, but complications can arise!  See the latest with the lovely and talented Vika in Dungeon Girls 6!

Vika takes the Dungeon Girls Challenge!

It takes a special kind of woman, a woman who is interested in a challenge with a big payoff, a woman who has the self confidence to allow herself to be tightly bound for a weekend and try her best to escape a master at bondage.  The question we all have is, is Vika up to this challenge?  Can she escape the tightly placed hemp ropes and chains that keep her as a bondage captive to claim the grand prize?

Women who take the Dungeon Girls challenge arrive at the site of their confinement dressed looking their finest and locked in strict transport shackles usually reserved for women who are jailed and taken to the courthouse and back to their place of incarceration.  Vika is dressed in a sheer exotic Brazilian blouse, a red and black bra, sexy strap-on high heels and a tight leather hobble skirt.  We can imagine that he boyfriend was touched to see her in her carefully arranged beauty when she was picked up by dungeon master and shibari-master Gerard as fitted with her transport shackles.

It’s always a touch heartbreaking to see a young lady, locked up in metal restraints say goodbye to her boyfriend or husband before she is taken prisoner.  Her husband, free to have a few friends over and maybe watch a game, will no doubt thing fondly of her as she struggles in her tight bondage throughout the weekend!

Please refer to the main Dungeon Girls 6 product page for a detailed explanation, photos and a video trailer!

Dungeon Girls 6 Photo Gallery

You can order Dungeon Girls 6 straight from the below add to cart link:

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