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Last Seat on the Plane – a classic bondage text file

Hello all – This story was found on I think, netlife.lu years ago.  It might have been written by “John B.” a prolific and talented bondage text author.  I have always thought it was a fun idea, where a pushy female execute gets her comeuppance.  I corrected a few typos, but here it is, presented as I found it years ago.


Last Seat on the Plane

Kate was a rising star in her industry. She had spent four years in college and graduated with perfect results. She had spent 5 years at the industry’s leading company and now she was on the point of hitting the big time. Becoming a vice president before she hit thirty, all she had to do was to complete one small detail of a make or break business deal. She had just a few days, but one flight and one meeting would clinch it.

Stunning nude woman in high heels, wrists tied behind her back
Defiant nude woman Polistar, with her elbows tied behind her back in a strck shibari armbinder, and in high heels, about to confront her punishment, which will consist of an airtight plastic headbag for suffocation play. From the video “Bondage Punishment for Polistar”.

Kate was very frustrated at the airport, they had lost her reservation her seat had been sold. She was now queuing to get the last ticket, on the one plane that could get her there on time. Kate was dressed to impress she had an expensive business jacket tailored to emphasize her large bust and neat waist. A tight blouse that also emphasized her breasts, while her male colleges were staring at her tight top, she would be earning their sales bonuses. Her bottom half was just as well-proportioned a tight skirt black hose and killer 4 1/2-inch heels she was the perfect feminine package.

Kate got to the end of the line, finally she could get her ticket. The receptionist looked at her papers then she uttered one crushing sentence, “Well I am sorry, but we don’t have any seats on the plane”. A desperate look crossed Kate’s face, she felt she was going to lose it any second, but she calmed down. Kate continued trying to bargain with the booking office “I Continue reading Last Seat on the Plane – a classic bondage text file

Chinese Rope Bondage on Archives BBS

Those of you who follow my work have noted that I include a lot of rope bondage in addition to handcuffs and judicial restraint on my beautiful models.  Prior to 2017, I tied in the typical American nylon/cotton rope style.

I began studying Shibari (Japanese Rope Bondage) in 2017 and since that time, my tastes in rope bondage have changed markedly.  Please regard the image below from “Vika in Cruel Bondage” from 1997:

Vika topless in a Japanese Takate Kote
Vika is kneeling, topless, bound in a Japanese Takate Kote.









This tie is beautiful to be sure, and it enhances the beauty of the wonderful model Vika.  (Twitter: @vika_model).  This jute rope (purchased from DeGiottoRope.com ) is sensuous on the skin and the structure of the binding securely hold the model in her captivity. Continue reading Chinese Rope Bondage on Archives BBS

Female Slave – Lot 782

Student loan debt has grown to be a 12 trillion dollar burden on our young college graduates. For the men, there was little that could be done. They were simply left to work for years to retire their debt. Young women, on the other hand, had value as bondage slaves, office workers, child-care providers, etc.

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Thanks to the working partnership of the two parties of congress, guidelines were set out for the arrest, incarceration, and commercial enslavement of the more marketable young women who failed to get marketable degrees and who owed more than $200,000 in student debt after graduation.

Megan received her notice and after her 60 days of imprisonment, reported to the local hotel where she would be processed and sold off on the slave market.

She arrived wearing a patent leather dress and high heels, along with kid leather opera gloves. After the reading of her warrant, she was secured with handcuffs, which were locked behind her back. She would get several chances to make her pitch via video to her buyers.

Here is Megan’s pitch to her potential owners:

Thank you for taking my ball-gag out. Hi, my name is Megan. At least that was my name when I was a free woman. I have a number now. I’m debtor number 782 if you’re interested. I am a slave – convicted, that is, as a slave. Well, I guess you are interested if you’re watching this.

I was arrested two months ago. I don’t think my story is really any different. I borrowed student loans at a private school, and studied English. I was in a sorority and had to live an expensive lifestyle and buy dresses, and stuff. I got out of college $280,000 in debt! My father was aghast. He knew the cutoff for incarceration was $200,000.

If only I had gotten a teaching certificate, I could have earned my way out of it. I can’t help but think one of my rivals turned me in to the slavers.
They keep us prisoners for two months so we can get used to the fact that we really are going to be sold into slavery.

So, now here I am. I know I’m pretty cute; I won a beauty contest in high school, and I’m certified a virgin and registered on the “promise” site. You don’t get to see my breasts or my puss. Dad specified that. But I will tell you, they are size D and they are real

So, what can I do for you? Why should you buy me? Well, I’ll be really, truly yours! I fully expect to be kept chained, or tied up, or whatever, but also expect to work! I will wear any kind of humiliating uniform you have for me and I will serve at dinner parties and do light bookkeeping.

I will be your sex slave, will take you into my mouth and suck you off, and will marry your son as a slave-bride, without inheritance rights. Hey, I’m going to be sold to someone; it might as well be you!

In a way, she knew this would happen, after all she watched the news, at least she did before her arrest and incarceration. She had heard about the hearings, and the passage of the bill. She didn’t have the heart to tell her Dad; she knew he would be heartbroken if she were locked up and sold. No one wants that for their daughter.

As she tried on the outfits and spoke into the camera, she knew that was really mattered was her sex appeal, not how she spoke. She tried to conduct herself with pride, but she knew that as a tied up woman, that was pretty hard to pull off.

This will be the first of a series of women who are auctioned off as slaves.

Note: This is a video that is in full-format HD with 1920 x 1080 pixels in 24 FPS. It is only offered in MP4 format and has a beautiful, sharp color look. The size of the MP4 download file is approximately 2.7 Gig.

Here is the program for “Female Slave – Lot 782“:

Black Patent Party Dress in handcuffs 0:00:00
Hooded – Slave Pitch #1 13:02:00
Heels, Basic Slut Outfit, Full transports 17:30:00
Hooded for Slave Pitch #2 28:42:00
Trying on Outfits: Wedding Gown 38:06:00
Bridal Gown, Handcuffs in Front 35:20:00
Elbows tied together behind her back 37:54:00
Slave Pitch #3 44:30:00
Tied in her Nighty, wrists behind her 53:17:00
Epiloge: Bound and Gagged Slave 56:19:00
End: 1:02:53

You might enjoy this Women in Prison Caption with Megan.

Prisoner Caption – Paisley

Paisley knew what she was doing was wrong, having an affair with her boss, but she didn’t know that her adultery would land her in so much trouble. When her bosses’ wife found out about the affair, she confronted him, and the fierce argument that resulted got out of control, and he killed her. He tried to make the scene look like a botched robbery, and left to tell Paisley his version of what had happened.

She agreed to give him an alibi, but this loyalty was repaid with betrayal. When he was confronted with forensic evidence that pointed to his guilt, he decided to try and blame Paisley to try and secure a deal for himself. His skilful attorney managed to convince
prosecutors of a story about Paisley’s psychological manipulation.

As a result, he secured himself a 15 to life sentence, and Paisley, having failed to combat this narrative at trial, was sentenced to 35 years to life, which she serves in super-max, denied even the slightest freedom, denied the right to speak with a large gag, and denied even the right to cover her naked body with anything like a real uniform.

Prisoner Caption – Vika Part 1

Television presenter Vika had always been fiercely competitive, so when there seemed to be competition; developing to host a new show that was tipped to be a hit, she did whatever it took to crush it!

She subjected her main opponent to a campaign which involved coordinated death threats and vandalism against her property, causing her to remove herself from the public eye and handing the job to Vika (@vika_model). Until, that is, the trail of the investigation reacher her.

Charged with multiple offenses, she lost her jobs and eventually agreed to a plea bargain, under the terms of which she would report to prison withing 30 days to start her 4 – 6-year sentence.

She used that time to arrange a controversial photo shoot in which she was shown in various prison restraints, an attempt to make light of what had happened and her upcoming punishment and set the stage for a comeback when she is released.

It was widely condemned but made sure that she remained talked about, something that will be vital as she is locked away and removed from the public eye for the years to come.

Story – Audited – Young women sentenced, handcuffed and jailed

A text file by Luke Williams

If the restrictions that female prisoners are subjected to, you might find this other article of interest.

Nobody wants to be audited, but the new crime audits make being audited by the IRS look like a walk in the park. Under the terms of the Criminal Accountability Act, citizens are randomly chosen, and every aspect of their life and past is thoroughly investigated. Large amounts of data are available to investigators at the Criminal Audit Division of the FBI. Bank records, security camera footage from locations and times the audited person was known to be at, and cellphone records and emails are accessible.

(here is another awesome story by Luke Matthews)

The letter informing the recipient that they have been audited is hand delivered. From that point they have two months to fill out and return what is called a ‘declaration’ and a ‘bid’. The declaration is a list of all criminal offenses that the audited person thinks that they have committed, together with as many details as they can remember. The bid is the suggestion that the audited person makes about what their punishment should be. At this point, they have no idea what the CAD knows about what they have done. They are told that they must record every single crime they can recall, but in practice this involves a guessing game about what the investigators will be likely to find. The more that the audited person reveals about their criminal offenses (especially ones unknown to the auditors) the more likely the CAD are likely to be lenient. One of the ways in which they can be lenient is to accept a low bid.

Obviously, the complexity of all this makes hiring an attorney necessary. At the moment, the system is relatively new, so even the most experienced attorneys are still trying to find the best ways to help their clients. What crimes should they declare? What should their bids be like? They want to try and secure the lowest possible sentence but bid too low and the CAD will seek a total sentence that tends towards the upper end of the sentencing rules. Ultimately a judge decides, but they have not yet rejected an accepted bid or deviated much from the recommended sentence requested by CAD after a rejected bid. If the CAD attribute any additional crimes to the defendant beyond what they have declared, they can challenge them, but it invalidates their bid which may otherwise be accepted by the CAD with a recommendation for an additional element based on the added offenses. Rejection of additional crimes usually results in a criminal trial on those charges. If the defendant has already admitted to enough criminal offenses to warrant it, CAD usually requests that they be held on remand ahead of the trial, and this is usually granted and does not count towards any final sentence. So the incentive is there to be as thorough and accepting as possible.

Continue reading Story – Audited – Young women sentenced, handcuffed and jailed