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Pi_Lambda_Kappa_07 – tightly bound

© Felix Dartmouth, 1998

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Pi Lambda Kappa, 07

On Saturday Afternoon

Roxanne moaned for Ron to remove her hood and gag in the car, but he insisted that she remain in this state until they reached his apartment. The leg ironed trip from the car into Ron’s apartment was gratefully short. Ron stood her in the middle of the living room, and  went to get a towel. He went to work on her hood, and when he had removed it, he was surprised again at how beautiful her eyes were.

Sue-Anne in her straitjacket and crotch-strap 1
Sue-Anne in her straitjacket and crotch-strap 1

“I’m going to take off your gag for a small while. You understand that it will be replaced after a period?” asked Ron. Roxanne nodded. Ron removed the gag, and had the towel ready for it and the saliva that always accumulated when a woman is gagged for a long period.

Roxanne stretched her mouth for a second, but she was suddenly crushed in Ron’s grip as he gave her a deep, long kiss. His hand went up and down her side, and she was instantly extremely excited, but she felt safe, somehow, controlled by someone who knew better than she did.

He turned Roxanne around and hugged her from behind, his hands on her breasts. With her handcuffed and strapped hands, she had little choice but to feel his excitement behind her. He turned her again and kissed her deeply.

“You agreed to be bound for two hours, and there is an hour and forty minutes left,” said Ron. Roxanne, feeling practically in heat, certainly was not going to do anything to change Ron’s course of action, which was suiting her just fine. She was however, concerned that things might go too far.

She had saved herself this far, to age 19, and while she loved the feelings that Ron induced in her, she certainly didn’t want to have sexual intercourse until she was married.

“I trust you, Ron. There is a limit to how far I can go,” said Roxanne.

“I tell you what, let’s take a short nap. What would you like to change into for the nap?” Ron asked.

Roxanne, seeing a chance for at least a change in her bondage as the
minutes went on in her sentence said, “Would you let me change alone? I don’t want you to see me nude. I could wear bra and panties, though. It will make the time go faster if I am asleep. I want to hang up my slip, blouse, and skirt.”

“OK,” said Ron. “You can change alone, but you have to
spend ten minutes bound tightly and gagged before I put you into a more comfortable position to go to sleep.”

“If that’s what it takes, I’ll do it,” replied Roxanne. She
really wanted to be alone for just a minute. Ron did not know what to do to give her the feeling that she wanted. Ron reluctantly began undoing her leg irons, elbow straps, and handcuffs.

He handed her three coat hangers, and said, “Remember, you are to be replaced in bondage immediately upon your exit from the bathroom. You can close the door, but there is no lock from the inside.”

Roxanne nodded, put her arms around his neck and kissed him. Her lacy bodice rose and fell as she stood back, gazed at him for a moment and turned to change so that she could be placed into bondage for their nap.

In the bathroom, she rubbed her arms and elbows, and removed her blouse and hung it up. Then she removed her hose, skirt, and slip
and put on her heels again. She stood on her high heels in her white bra and panties and her hand reached down to her middle and pressed hard. She could never tell Ron how to do this. She would have to keep this to herself. The problem with having her arms bound behind her is that she could not reach herself where she wanted to. After her private moment with herself, she touched up her hair, and marched out staunchly to meet Ron.

Ron was waiting for her in his bathrobe, and he had cut several lengths of the two different size cords that he had purchased that day. When she appeared from the bathroom, he threw the cord on the bed, moved forward and took her into his arms and kissed her. Her body was smooth and her form fit to his. With his hand behind her head, he embraced her in a kiss.

“First, you have to spend the ten minutes tightly bound,” he said breathlessly. “I have a position in mind, but it won’t be an easy one.”

“Do your best,” said Roxanne, tingling with excitement. None of

Dawn strapped tightly and crotch-strapped
Dawn strapped tightly and crotch-strapped

Ron’s ideas up to this point had been bad. This was the first time that she had ever been tied with rope, but she didn’t see how it could be too difficult.

Ron, with his arms still around her, twisted her arms behind her back and held them there with one hand. He then took a length of thin rope and bound her wrists together, not crossed, but side to side. There were many windings and cinchings. After he was finished, her wrists were securely, but comfortably bound. Then, he looped a thick cord around her elbows three times loosely, then pulled and the loops pulled her elbows into position. After several more turns, he wrapped more rope around the elbows, and he cinched by looping and tying the opposite direction, between the elbows.

Roxanne gasped as she felt the strictures tighten.

They did not cut off her circulation, but the tightening effect sent a
chill down her spine. As Ron removed his hand from her to wrap the gag in Saran Wrap, Roxanne took the opportunity to lead him on a chase. With her arms bound behind her, in her bra and panties, and high heels, she took off to the other room of the apartment. It was only a two room apartment, and there was no real place for her to hide. Ron dashed in with the prepared ball gag in his left hand.

Ron grabbed her by the arms, held her and kissed her. “Well, Miss
Naughty, you can tell me how much extra time bound you are going to spend. If I think its not enough, I’ll double what I have in mind, and that’s what you’ll spend.”

Between kisses Roxanne tried to think of the correct strategy for this game. What was he thinking? One hour, two? If she underguessed, she might be bound four or six hours. She decided to err on the side of conservatism. “Two hours,” she said.

“Two extra hours it is!” Ron said, joyfully. He then turned the
turned Roxanne around and brought up the ball gag. It fit perfectly into her mouth and he noted the notch where he had tightened it last time, and tightened it two less than this, readjusted her hair, and then readjusted the strap to the proper tightness. Ron gave her
several kisses about the gag, and Roxanne tried to respond, but she was blocked from doing so.

Ron guided her over to the bed and stood her beside it. He took a long thick rope and tied the middle around her waist with the long remaining length hanging down to the floor. He then sat her down on the bed and rolled her over and tied and cinched her legs together.

Then, rolling her over on her stomach, he took the rope from around her waist and ran it up through her middle, between the tightly tied parallels of her two arms, and up to her feet. Her feet were pulled tightly to the back of her legs, and then tied to the rope from her hands that had originated at her waist, putting a strain on her
back, which when alleviated, put a strain on her middle area.

It took her a minute to understand the significance of this configuration.  A few brief tugs with her legs showed her that she had better exercise considerable care for fear of injury. However, if she pulled up only slightly with her bound arms, she found that exquisite pleasure ran through her. Within a minute she was undulating slowly, moaning into her gag. He left her there for the time of ten minutes as was the program, and during that theme, her struggles increased to a frenzy, and then subsided.

Ron came over to her and took off his robe. He wore shorts. He untied the rope from her legs through her hands and crotch to the rope tied around her waist. He untied her ankles, and retied her legs just above the knees, but left a little slack so she could adjust. Her elbows were untied, and handcuffs were snapped onto her wrists
before the wrist ropes were removed. The thin collar that he had tried out on Renee was locked around her neck and chained with a light chain to the bedpost.

Then, Ron proceeded to unlock her ball gag.

Gwen strapped in a freshly laundered and starched straitjacket
Gwen strapped in a freshly laundered and starched straitjacket

When this was out, Roxanne said, “Oh, Ron, that was wonderful.”

“Just go to sleep,” said Ron, and he gave her a kiss. She snuggled as best she could against him. She lay against his left side as Ron half lay against the headboard. Her head was on his left shoulder and breast. Her handcuffs rattled, and her neck chain rattled, but eventually she found a comfortable position in his arms, and she fell into a deep sleep.

Ron lay there, looking down at the handcuffed, chained and tied Roxanne, and thought about the last several days. He was very pleased with the series of events. The chance meeting in the hardware store with Roxanne that netted him a lunch with her in
bondage seemed like too much of a godsend. And yet here she slept, collared and chained to his bed, in handcuffs, and with her knees firmly tied, leaning against his chest in a deep, satisfied sleep. Her brown hair curled about her shoulders and collared neck. Her
hands rested comfortably linked at the small of her back.

After a while she awoke, and he kissed her and moved his body next to hers. He continued to kiss her and rub against her. She moaned and involuntarily, but not unwillingly responded.

“Ron, let’s not let anything ruin this,” she said. “I want this to happen many other times. Please take me back to my room. I have a meeting late this afternoon.”

Gwen, ball-gagged and collared - Pi Lambda Kappa text series
Gwen, ball-gagged and collared – Pi Lambda Kappa text series

“OK, Roxie, I’ll take you back, but when do I get to see you again?” asked Ron between kisses.

“Kiss me once more, and I’ll tell you,” said Roxanne.

Ron redoubled his efforts.

“Next Monday night, from 4:30 to 6:30. If I know you have something planned for me I can look special for you,” she said.

“I can guarantee you something special,” Ron said. “Can I take you in handcuffs back to your dorm?”

“You can take me handcuffed, gagged, and hooded!” Roxanne

“My God, Roxanne, how were you sent to me!” Ron said. “Turn
over, I’ll let you loose to re-dress.”

After one more kiss, Ron turned her over, and began undoing her legs, then her collar and chain. When this was done, he took one more kiss with her in handcuffs and pulled her out of bed and over to the bathroom where she had undressed and held her for a moment before undoing her handcuffs. She went into the bathroom to get dressed.

In the bathroom, her hand once again found its way to her private parts, and did to herself what Ron could never hope to do, but what
his actions caused her to desire to do to herself. She stood for a full minute in contemplation of the strenuous but sensual hogtie that had been imposed on her, and the relaxing and warm bondage wherein she found a brief but deep sleep. In the mirror she
noted that her hair was mussed, but she had a glorious color on her skin.

Gwen unable to move in her straitjacket
Gwen unable to move in her straitjacket

She rubbed her hands over her stomach and breasts and began to brush out her hair. She then began to dress. She put on her slip and hose and then buttoned the many buttons up the back of the sheer Victorian blouse that she had sucessfully chosen to wear. She had to twist her arms behind her to get all the buttons, but this was beginning to be a good feeling for her.

Then, she buttoned the four buttons on each sleeve, and the three buttons on the mandarin collar. She then pulled on her tight black skirt and wondered if it were possible if Renee could have recognized her in her hood. Her blouse was quite distinctive,
and a careful observer might remember it even though there were a lot of other characteristics that might be distracting, such as her bonds and her resultant extended breasts. Again, more clothed this time, she marched out to meet Ron.

By then he had dressed in casual clothes, and he had out the indicated bondage articles for the transportation home. It was generally understood that a woman in bondage, willingly or not, when being transported must be kept in extraordinarily secure
bondage at all times of transport. Roxanne apparently instinctively knew this.

Maybe, she wanted to abandon all responsibility for her disposition when in an indentured state. At any rate, Roxanne thought that when transported, if she were to be bound, she should be bound beyond any shadow of possible escape.

©Felix Dartmouth, 1999

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