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Cougars – girlfriend loses a bondage bet!

©Felix Dartmouth, 1998
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by Felix Dartmouth

Fall 1985 © Felix Dartmouth

Cynthia flushed. Her heart lept, and she found herself short of breath.

She had just finished getting ready for church. This was the first time that she had gone to church with Jeff, and she had been a little surprised when he had asked her. They had not been going steady very long, but there Jeff stood at her door, dangling a pair of shiny nickel handcuffs from his finger teasingly.

She's locked up in black handcuffs for the entire afternoon
She’s locked up in black handcuffs for the entire afternoon

“Jeff, I know that I lost the bet, but now?” she pleaded.

Jeff walked into her apartment. He took her by both shoulders, and gave  her a light kiss on the lips.

“Now, you knew the stakes when you made the bet. The Cougars lost, and the bet was that the loser spends the day as a prisoner, and today is your day. My, you sure look nice!” Jeff stood back to admire his girlfriend.

“Thank you,” she stammered, but she was unable to take her eyes off the handcuffs.

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She did look nice. Her long brown hair was carefully curled, and her makeup nicely set off her light blue eyes. She had chosen to wear a light orange chiffon blouse with sheer sleeves, and a slim black leather skirt that came to mid calf length with a slit up past her knees. Her hose was seamed, and carefully centered along the back of her shapely calves, and she wore patent high heeled pumps. An extra sexy touch was the velvet black ribbon that she had tied about her slender throat. Continue reading Cougars – girlfriend loses a bondage bet!