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Bondage Punishment for Polistar

Young women who are caught stealing are sometimes given a choice:  Bondage punishment, or imprisonment.  Polistar chooses bondage punishment.

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Specifications:  HD video 1920 x 1080 –  downloadable MP4 format.  The complete program will be delivered in 3 MP4 files.  The length of the full program is 2 hours, 09 minutes.  A detailed time chart is found at the bottom of this page.

Embezzlement and thievery is a constant problem among today’s youth, and when a young woman offends, the rod of justice can be stiff indeed, meting out sentences of over one year in jail even for the most petty of crimes of larceny.

Polistar topless in leather gloves and skirt
Polistar topless in leather gloves and skirt

There are times, however, when mercy can find its way between a female offender and her incarceration, and in the case of the criminal in this video, she has been offered to spend one weekend in bondage rather than be turned over to the police.

She has a hard time coming to grips with the evidence against her, but once she is secured, topless in her leather skirt and gloves, tightly manacled in handcuffs, leg-irons, and a connector chain, she realizes that the game is over; she has been captured and can simply be turned over to the court system, which will process her into her year-long incarceration in excruciating bondage.

Polistar topless in leather gloves and skirt - her wrists and handcuffed behind her back
Polistar topless in leather gloves and skirt – her wrists and handcuffed behind her back – Now shackled and unable to cover her bare breasts, Polistar begins to realize that she must accept her punishment

It seems a fair enough trade: a weekend in bondage, however strict her vigilante supervisor might be, versus a full year locked up in prison.

Yet, Polistar’s larcenous personality can’t help but take full advantage of the situation, and she bargains for greater privileges; outfit changes, rope bondage, instead of her the chains which hold her securely, and trips out of the room, where she may find a way to escape.

She is allowed to change outfits and chooses super-short daisy-

dukes and a crop-top blouse with sheer sleeves with 4 buttons on each cuff. She is required to wear her 5 inch strappy high-heels. Her leg-irons stay on for security, and she complains about them. But her vigilante knows that she could run off and leg-irons are a powerful deterrent from doing so.

Polistar topless in leather gloves and skirt - her wrists and handcuffed behind her back and she is ball-gagged, drooling
Polistar topless in leather gloves and skirt – her wrists and handcuffed behind her back and she is ball-gagged, drooling – Gagged, collared and drooling uncontrollably, Polistar realizes that she is in real trouble!

She is tied up in tight Japanese bondage, the stringent “takate kote” ( たかてこて ) or box tie. She struggles against the ropes, but it of no avail. When her captor’s back is turned, she takes immediate advantage and uses the remote control, which she was not given permission for.

Despite in recalcitrance, she is allowed to change tops, and chooses a “side-boob” skimpy blouse with no sleeves and high-collar which has fetishistic 4-button set at her throat.

Her leg-irons are still locked on, and her wrists are tied behind her back. She politely says, “Yes sir” and “No sir”, but the resentment at her capture is crystal clear in her voice. She is almost literally begging for a strict spanking with every bratty word she utters!

Polistar topless in leather gloves and skirt - her wrists and handcuffed behind her back and she is ball-gagged, drooling
Polistar topless in leather gloves and skirt – her wrists and handcuffed behind her back and she is ball-gagged, drooling

When the vigilante leaves the room, requiring that his prisoner stand at attention, facing the wall, with her hands tied behind her back and her legs shackled in steel. Naturally, as is Polistar’s criminal wont, she finds her phone to call her boyfriend, tell him that she has been captured. She asks him to come get her. So, rather than to just spend the 3 days in bondage, she risks capture after an escape and an additional 1 year sentence in prison!

Her captor returns, and catches that she has used the phone and proposes different punishments: A tight hogtie, a spanking, a caning, or head-bagging and suffocation. The beautiful female offender chooses the head-bag.

Headbagged in clear plastic - Polistar is punished for trying to escape, totally nude with her arms tightly bound elbows-together behind her back
Headbagged in clear plastic – Polistar is punished for trying to escape, totally nude with her arms tightly bound elbows-together behind her back – 
Dressed in an elegant black nylon dress with sheer sleeves, she is handcuffed for security and her ball-gag is ready
Dressed in an elegant black nylon dress with sheer sleeves, she is handcuffed for security and her ball-gag is ready

However, the vigilante decides that they need to go out for dinner at McDonald’s, the drive in, which is a staple for persons responsible for female prisoners, who are handcuffed in the car. How often have we seen unmarked prisoner transport cruisers with 3 females crammed in the caged back-seat, seated awkwardly as the adjust their shoulders against the plastic back seats due to the fact that they are all handcuffed behind their backs.

Polistar in totally nude bondage - shibari elbows-together armbinder
Polistar in totally nude bondage – shibari elbows-together armbinder

Polistar dresses in a black nylon see-through dress, is roughly shacked, and is hustled out to the car.

Nude, pouting, her wrists behind her back, Polistar awaits her just punishment. Her wrists and elbows are bound together in tight ropes in a strict and painful and thoroughly inescapable shibari arm-binder.

She is seated and bagged. As she struggles for air, she cannot admit to herself that this is of her own doing, and that the man holding her in bondage, and applying her plastic head-bag is doing her a favor. He is saving her from a year locked down in jail.

Polistar in totally nude bondage - shibari elbows-together armbinder
Polistar in totally nude bondage – shibari elbows-together armbinder

It matters not, however; she will continue her misbehavior for the remainder of the weekend. That’s what she does.

See the beautiful and defiant Polistar endure the rope bondage chained confinement and punishment that she is richly due!

0:00 Titles, credits, timeline
0:30 Leather skirt, topless, high-heels, handcuffs, leg-irons and a connector
8:29 Nose against the wall
12:19 Sized for a ball-gag
17:38 Locking on the ball-gag
18:45 Drooling like crazy in her locked ball-gag
20:36 Her skirt is dripping with ball-gag drool
23:28 Struggling on the bed in topless bondage in her shackles
29:50 New outfit: Crop-top sheer sleeve slutty blouse with hooker daisy-dukes
31:02 Negotiating to get out of her leg-irons
33:21 Tied up in a tight takate kote (box-tie) in her slutwear
40:41 She uses the remote-control to the TV, which is a rule violation
48:56 She is untied and she puts her hands behind her head. Her irons stay on.
49:28 She is locked in handcuffs behind her back
55:37 Outfit change – hooker daisy-dukes, sideboob sleeveless lace

blouse with 4-button high collar
59:33 Her wrists are tied crossed behind her back
1:03:41 Left alone, she uses the phone to call her boyfriend and tells him
she’s locked up
01:10:00 She is informed that she will be punished by being suffocated
with a plastic head-bag
19:30:00 Dressed in a sheer black nylon dress to go out for
food before punishment
1:20:11 She is locked up in full transportation shackles
1:27:24 Polistar is roughly hustled out the door in chains
1:28:55 Totally nude, Polistar stands at attention
1:30:23 Her arms are pulled behind her back into a tight shibari arm-binder
1:34:18 Polistar is seated for her punishment head-bagging
1:38:20 The airtight plastic is tied around her throat
1:46:39 End of “Bondage Punishment for Polistar” video program
1:46:44 Previews of other HD Archives BBS Bondage videos
2:09:01 End of previews, and this video program

Text from the preview file for “Bondage Punishment for Polistar”

Deceptive young women are often apprehended and confronted with their crimes before police become involved. Polistar is one such example. Defiant and bitchy, she is kept in bondage! Don’t miss the bratty disobedience and bad attitudes, the on-screen tying, the escape attempts, and the punishment! Order and download “Bondage Punishment for Polistar” today!

Vika in Cruel Bondage

When young women are introduced to a world of wealth, privilege and luxury, there is often a price they must pay.

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Specifications:  HD video 1920 x 1080 –  downloadable Mp4 format.  The complete program will be delivered in 4 MP4 files.  The length of the full program is 3 hours, 07 minutes.  A detailed time chart is found at the bottom of this page.

Sorry, no such media found

A brilliant young woman, Vika is aware of the elevated social and material status to which her relationship with a financially astute banker has taken her, and she’s not willing to give up her new-found prestige.  For him, the solution is simple; when he discovers an infraction by his protege, he sends her for a day with Marshal, to be subjected to cruel bondage!

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Vika arrives wearing a stunningly sheer dress without any underwear, no bra, and no panties, and is told to kneel.  She is fitted with a steel slave eternity collar which is screwed closed about her throat with a micro Allen wrench.

Vika in Cruel Bondage - Vika tries to come to terms with her permanent stainless steel collar

Vika tries to come to terms with her permanent stainless steel collar 


She protests as she is told to remove her dress, and her wrists are tied behind her back in a simple but sturdy takate kote.  It becomes clear that Vika is here for punishment not just at a whim of her master, but for just cause.  She is quite the chatterbox, trying to get a rise out of Marshal, but he just attends to his business and firmly fixes he beautiful charge into bondage.

Taking the lead rope from the back of Vika’s bondage, Marshal leads her over to the window and tethers her just far enough from the window where she cannot be seen from the outside. Seeing passersby on the street, she struggles against the tether to get close to the window, but those outside are unaware of the blonde beauty, with her wrists tightly tied behind her back and with even tight bands of hemp above an below her stunning breasts, pinning her arms captive to her side.

Vika in Cruel Bondage - It's no use to struggle in this strict takate kote!
It’s no use to struggle in this strict takate kote!









Protesting her treatment, this errant young woman is given a stiff belting on her butt!

After an hour frustratingly trying to gain the attention of the outside world, she is taken and tied with her wrists in front of her.  She must have thought that that was not quite so bad, but her wrists are pulled over her head, and a crotch-rope is formed down her butt, and up through to her waist.  Every struggle was immediately translated into a painful sensation in her most sensitive feminine area.

Vika in Cruel Bondage - Ouch! That crotch rope is tight!
Ouch! That crotch rope is tight!









Her master had told Marshal that he had planned to take her to lunch and that she was to be delivered in bondage to the valet parking of the restaurant.  Marshal had been given her outfit; a secretary’s blouse, pencil skirt, and high heels with straps and dark hose with garter and stockings.  No panties, no bra.

Vika was humiliated enough with this uniform of a lowly recent graduate office worker, or perhaps an office to office saleswoman but her incense heightened as she was belted in cowhide and shacked in full female transport restraints!  Thus uniformed, belted, and hobbled in chains Vika was transported to a 1-hour lunch with her master.

Vika in Cruel Bondage - Vika dresses for lunch, wearing a Bebe top, and handcuffs on her wrists
Vika dresses for lunch, wearing a Bebe top, and handcuffs on her wrists









On her returned, her humiliation was documented as her skirt was pulled up to reveal her puss, as she stood in her high heels in pain and in chains.

After stripping off her outfit, but leaving on her garter and stockings, Vika was manhandled into an excruciatingly complete set of bindings that formed her torso into an immobile unit.  She began to sense that something was coming up, and she was right.

She was taken into the bed, and a loop of rope was taken around one leg, then around her back, and tied to the other, wrenching her legs apart, spreading her sex for all to see!

Vika in Cruel Bondage - Tightly tied, in garter and stockings, and strappy high heels, Vika could not possibly guess what is coming!
Tightly tied, in garter and stockings, and strappy high heels, Vika could not possibly guess what is coming!









Then came the gag.  It wasn’t enough just to have the silicone ball behind her teeth, but her mouth was packed with a sponge before the ball-gag was pulled in and tightened, preventing any movement of her tongue!

Finally, a plastic bag was taken over her head and tied about her throat, with a small air hole.  She could breathe, but each breath was a struggle with the thin plastic as she sucked it against her nose and mouth, cutting off her air!

Her strenuous position, her tightly bound arms, her spread and bound legs, the intense packing of her mouth, and the plastic bag over her head all combined for Vika to realize that she had been sent to the cruelest bondage she had ever experienced!

The minutes passed like hours as she struggled, gasping for air, and straining to find comfort in her several and many restrictions.  Finally, Marshal showed some mercy, pushing her forward and untying her legs.  She was able to sit on the side of the bed, but she was kept bound and in the gag packing and her head bag.

(Due to the controversial nature of these images and bondage concepts, they are available only purchasers of the video or SUBSCRIBERS to Archives BBS who have access to production images.

Vika, exhausted, was allowed to put on a nightgown, was handcuffed, and then was given a drink of water.  Kneeling in her sheer blue lingerie, and with her hands cuffed behind her back, she was allowed to eat a banana fed to her bit by bit by Marshal.

Vika in Cruel Bondage - wearing sheer lingerie, and in handcuffs, Vika is about to get a banana snack
Wearing sheer lingerie, and in handcuffs, Vika is about to get a banana snack









Her punishment in cruel bondage was not over, however.  She was told to put on her pencil skirt, and a plastic raincoat as a blouse, and was tightly tied up in a shibari armbinder and required to stand in her high heels for an additional hour.

Vika in Cruel Bondage - wearing a plastic blouse, pencil skirt, nipple clamps and tightly tied
Wearing a plastic blouse, pencil skirt, nipple clamps and tightly tied









Sweaty and uncomfortable, Vika prevailed on Marshal to allow her to take a shower.  So, chained by her throat to the showerhead, Vika indulges in a thorough shower.  This is a treat to see, I can assure you.

Come and join Vika and Marshal as she pays the price of her luxurious new lifestyle by spending a day in cruel bondage!

Detailed program for Vika in Cruel Bondage
(note – since the full video is in 4 parts, the below is a guide to the order of events)
0:00 Titles, credits, timeline
0:30 Vika arrives at the safehouse for her punishment, wearing a sheer dress
4:22 She is locked into a stainless steel eternity collar
5:38 Marshal tells her to remove her dress
6:38 Vika is tied in a topless takate-kote
20:50 Tethered by the window
26:18 A stiff belting
31:07 Wrists tied in front, overhead, crotch-rope
41:58 Vika puts on a slutty office-girl outfit for a lunch date
50:00 Locked in prisoner shackles for transport
55:36 Returning for lunch, shackled with puss exposed
1:11:59 Vika strips back down to garter and stockings
1:14:02 Tied up in a three-rope takate kote
1:31:35 On the bed, with heels taken off for the principal part of her punishment
1:34:45 Vika is tied into a forced spread-legged position
1:41:04 Her mouth is packed with a sponge and she is ball-gagged
1:42:23 Headbagged in plastic
1:47:49 Released from her leg restraints, she remains in her ropes, gag and a head bag
1:52:38 She is released from her gag and sponge
1:54:18 She is untied from the complex takate kote
2:01:34 The female in bondage is permitted to put on a nightgown and is handcuffed
2:06:22 Banana!
2:13:17 Pencil skirt and plastic raincoat blouse. Tied up in a shibari armbinder
2:16:56 Nipple-clamped!
2:30:00 Throat-roped!
2:34:16 She is untied and undressed
2:38:29 Nude, chained at the throat for her shower
2:44:51 Removal of her metal eternity collar
2:47:05 Vika’s Cruel Punishment Ends
2:47:10 Lunch with Vika in chains
2:48:12 Previews of other Archives BBS HD videos
3:07:27 End of the program

Text from the preview file for “Vika in Cruel Bondage”

Consorting with privilege, power and wealth has its downsides, and punishment is not the least of these! After entering a world of wealth and luxury, Vika must endure the strictest and most humiliating punishment. So, don’t miss the nudity, the shibari, the crotch-ropes, the transport shackles, the manS-handling, the packed ball-gagging, and the locked-down breaks in shooting! The “cruel punishment” fromt his video simply can’t be shown in this preview, so order now!

Incarceration Experiment – A Reader Replies

We have received an email from a reader, Rick, and are grateful he has agreed to allow us to publish it (please refer to the previous article):

‘Someone showed me the reports on the Incarceration Experiment, thanks to your reporters for publicizing what is going on. My girlfriend was planning to drive through that state on the way to visit relatives, but as she seems to think the speed limit is advice not a law and sometimes uses her cellphone or puts on make-up while driving, I’ve suggested to her that she takes an alternative route. If she gets caught and jailed, I don’t plan on taking on more work to keep her out of the ‘default’ conditions!

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Story – Incarceration Experiment: Update

In our previous report, we visited prisons in three of the 22 new correction districts, headed by elected superintendents with broad powers to reshape the correctional system in their areas to their own design.

Now, after a court judgement, archw.com reporters have been able to visit Gray Mesa Correctional Facility, to which we were previously denied access.

Gray Mesa, and the superintendent responsible for it, Mason Boskovich, have been the focus of controversy that has attracted national and international attention. The facility gets most of its funding from payments by the prisoners themselves, and this has enabled Boskovich to continually lower taxes that fund the correctional system in his district. His ambition is for the prison to one day earn enough money to pay a rebate to residents. It has made Boskovich a popular figure in his area, but divisive beyond it. The regime he has introduced has provoked lawsuits, and even the criminal prosecution of some of his staff. But he remains unrepentant, and maintained his silence to the media, even if he was now forced to allow us to see inside his notorious prison.

Potential inmates are introduced to the regime they may have to live under when they are charged. “It’s Boskovich’s hard sell’, one attorney representing prisoners told me. “Whenever someone gets charged with any criminal offense that potentially carries a prison sentence, they get the book and the DVD, and it is designed to scare the life out of them. And it does a pretty good job of that.” The book and DVD inform the accused of what life would be like in Gray Mesa under the so-called ‘default option.’ “They’re told, if you don’t do anything, this is what life is going to be like for you. And it’s horrible.” But the point of this isn’t to prepare people for inevitable hardship, it’s to give them a big incentive to hand over lots of money. “After scaring them, Boskovich offers them an out, a way to a much less unpleasant life behind bars. At a price, of course.” At the end of the DVD and accompanying book are a bewildering list of possible packages and options available. There’s the ‘basic package’, the ‘bronze’, ‘silver’, ‘gold’ and ‘platinum’, each more expensive than the previous, and offering a less restricted and more comfortable sentence for the prisoner. As well as the packages, prisoners could also buy individual enhancements to improve their living conditions. “It’s all carefully designed to wring as much money out of the prisoners as possible. They make things deliberately awful for them to make them buy their way past some of the worst aspects. The problem is, not everyone can afford to do that, and it also incentivises the prison and its staff to give prisoners as hard a time as possible to get them to pay up even more. It’s a sick system.”

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Exhibition Plates for Female Slave Lot 782 – Pre-Auction

For student loan slave sales, in order to generate interest from the qualified buyers, pre-auction plates are assembled from available photography that is made when a slave is taken into custody.

Most auctioneers agree that is the actual online “pitch” that the student loan slave makes to really can cinch the deal, as it were, but often these preview images will draw an extra competitive bidder into the mix.

Female Slave - Lot 782 Pre-Auction exibition plates
Female Slave – Lot 782 Pre-Auction exhibition plates – gagged and bound, front and back views








That said, these female slave plates are usually hastily put together, despite their seeming importance in generating the highest bids for the captive females that are up for sale.

After the account is funded, the auction commission paid, the student loan account discharged, and the females have been delivered into the secure international transportation network, no one really thinks to archive these early remnants of these young women’s last breath of freedom.

Female Slave - Lot 782 Pre-Auction exibition plates
Female Slave – Lot 782 Pre-Auction exhibition plates – detail of rope binding prior to permanent shackles








In one of the earliest auctions, that of the slave Megan, these images were found on the hard drive of one of the slavers who had retired and had turned over his business to a group of debt-free young sorority women who had ready access to a steady supply of young university women who were looking for a way out of their crushing debt.

Female Slave - Lot 782 Pre-Auction exibition plates
Female Slave – Lot 782 Pre-Auction exhibition plates – elbows tied behind her back








They were far too busy filling the wire-mesh cages with handcuffed young liberal arts majors, now female slaves, who were to be sold to silicon valley billionaires, and Saudi Oil sheiks, to be worried about the history of these early slave sales.

Indeed, this cabal of enterprising, debt-free young women quickly learned that securing the prospective slaves in chains and cages was the way to assure that their auctions would be heavily attended and their 10% commission would be based on as many as 8 to 12 sales of female slaves per day which usually ranged from $300,000 to $1,500,000.

This booming business seemly had no end with the multitude of beautiful women with incredible student loan debt!

For those interested in viewing videos of the actual auctioning and subsequent sale of student loan slaves, many with their elbows tied together behind their back, please refer to the following links:

Female Slave – Lot 830Add to Cart

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Story – Incarceration Experiment

Campaigners today presented a petition to the Governor complaining about a “perverse” and “inconsistent” approach to incarcerating offenders across the state. They are seeking to reverse changes which has created 22 correctional districts headed by an elected superintendent, which has led to dramatic divergences between the policies of different correctional facilities. “It’s ridiculous,” claimed one protestor at the State Capitol, “you have prisons in one district where the inmates are sat in the cells all day, they get fed this shit and just end up getting really fat. The district next to it, the superintendent is a health and fitness fanatic, he has any prisoner who is overweight doing non-stop exercise and basically starves them.” “There’s no consistent approach,” argued another campaigner, “how is the state supposed to have a unified approach to justice and corrections, when there’s 22 figures who are all seeking votes, and all have these different – crazy – ideas about how things should be run. It doesn’t make any sense.”

When we spoke to a spokesman from the Governor’s office, he defended the new system, praising the “innovation and experimentation it has brought to our corrections system.” He argued that “within a few years we will have data on what works and what doesn’t, but also it’s about the people of this state who work hard, pay the taxes that fund these prisons, they should have a say in where their taxes are going.”

Soon, citizens will have a more direct say in where their taxes go, as the funding for correctional facilities is transferred to each of the districts, and will be under the control of the elected superintendents. “From now on, the tax dollars funding correctional facilities will be raised in each district, and spent in that district. So, you may get one superintendent who gets elected promising to cut taxes, and fund the facilities less, and others raising taxes to increase spending, maybe with the promise that this will reduce crime levels. It will be up to voters.” Many of the superintendents are already preparing for the time when they have direct control over how they raise their budgets, and redesigning their prisons to suit their visions. Archw.com reporters visited two women’s prisons to see some of the different approaches for ourselves.

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Story – The Weekenders, Part 4

No sooner had Marie shut her eyes than she was woken up, by a guard loudly declaring that it was “time to get up,” in a tone both authoritative and routine. She had been asleep for hours, but it didn’t feel like that to her; it had been too short, and too uncomfortable for her to really feel that it had been a proper night’s sleep. She groggily lifted her head and then tried to lift her body. Her tiredness, and the restraints she was in, prevented her from doing this. After trying a few more times she realized that she needed to get leverage by swivelling round and putting her feet on the cell floor, so she did this, and at the second attempt had hauled her upper body upright. She dreaded to think what she looked like. She felt exhausted, and knew her hair was a mess. But with her hands cuffed behind her back, there was not much she could do about it. Having got herself upright, it took two tries to get off the bed.

She asked the guard if she could pee before being put back in the pod, and received an abrupt response: “Quickly. If you’re not done in two minutes, I’ll take you out of there. If you’re still pissing, I’ll put you on a disciplinary.” While pleased at being able to relieve herself before going back in the pod, she panicked at having to pee against the clock, with the guard watching, and seemingly so hostile. “I guess you’re not a morning person,” she thought to herself. Marie was able to finish on the toilet before the guard came to yank her out, but she was unable to properly wipe herself. For the first time, she was grateful that her pubic hair had been shaved, even if the area still smarted when touched by the sharp pangs of urine. She walked to the front of the cell, and the door was opened by the rude guard, who grabbed her arm, marched her to the pod, opened the door, and motioned her inside. As she stepped in, she mouthed “Hi” to the red-head in the neighboring pod, and she replied by waving to Marie with one of her cuffed hands.

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Story – Judge Matthew Wilkerson

As he presents his ID badge at the secure entrance, Matthew Wilkerson looks just like a junior executive starting his workday at a corporate office. But he is actually one of the new breed of judges specifically trained to work within the new judicial system instigated by the conservative President and Congress that came to power in 2020. The 32-year old is told by older judges that even though he might not have the same pay or scope for decision-making as the traditional judges (who are being phased out as they retire), but the other aspects of the job are much more pleasant.

As he enters the building each day, he enters a well-designed modern building with all the latest technological advancements to help his work. “And because a judge got murdered when the new criminal justice laws were being passed, in the courtroom itself we are behind one-way mirrors – we can see the rest of the court, but they can’t see us.” That, combined with voice alteration technology, which transforms a judge’s voice in his office behind the screen into a neutral undistinguishable voice in the courtroom, ensures that no-one in the court knows exactly who the judge is. “As well as making it safer for judges, it means that experienced attorneys who know the quirks of individual judges don’t get an unfair advantage.”

The new model of criminal justice also has other advantages. “In the past, judges usually had to deal with people who were constantly in trouble, people who didn’t really care too much what a judge said. But now, I have plenty of defendants in front of me who are normal people, who are very concerned by the trouble they are in. So there is much more chance that the words we say to them, and the sentence we pass, can really make a difference and make sure they don’t break the law in future.” The reason for the change in the composition of the defendants is because of the new zero tolerance approach to criminal justice. Wilkerson explains that “Violent crime was in historic decline, but I think a lot of people were still not happy. According to the crime statistics, people were safer than ever, but they didn’t feel that way. That’s why a zero tolerance crime platform did so well in 2020, I think, and that’s why we now have a very different, a much stricter, attitude towards what used to be thought of as anti-social behavior or misdemeanours.”
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