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2015 In Review – Bondage at Archives BBS + History

2015 In Review – Bondage at Archives BBS + History

I haven’t written a “year in review” article for many years, but I thought I would go ahead and knock one out!

A bit of background:  Archives BBS started on February 9, 1993 as a BBS (bulletin board system) using Synchronet software and 3 telephone lines.  I had been photographing beautiful women in bondage as early as 1978, and I had uploaded several images to the BBS system “Rusty ‘N Edies” that consisted of women locked in the stocks at the Texas Renaissance Festival.

I got a response that was wildly in excess of my expectations.  The I placed several photographs of the lovely model Dana.  Again, the downloads and accolades were incredible.

Dana in shoulder strap bondage
Dana in shoulder strap bondage









So, when I started my own board, I was delighted to get traffic from all over the world, indeed, people were paying long-distance charges overseas to get to my system.

I did the first shooting targeted for online display with Diana on February 22, 1994.  My marketing consisted of simply placing my URL on my photographs, www.archw.com showing that we hand bondage at Archives BBS.

In January, 1996 the world wide web became accessible to “normal” people, though expensive and I started my system using O’Reilly “Web Site” software.  My subscriber base jumped quite a bit.  I know a lot of producers lament that the good times are really behind us, and I think they are right.  My subscriber base peaked in about 2002, but I remember the wise sayings of Bill Majors:  “There is always a market of fresh, original material.”  I have found this to be true!  The competition may be tough, but to other producers, whom I wish well, I am that tough competition. Continue reading 2015 In Review – Bondage at Archives BBS + History

Laura’s Maid Service

We were sent these image files by guest artist Karl Mann.  The model is Laura, who is engaged to do housework, after which time she is returned to her restraints, which involve leather cuffs and spreader bars.


Full resolution files available by request. For prices and terms send email to contact@KMannPhoto.com. All images Copyright 2014 KMannPhoto. www.KMannPhoto.com .

We thank the talented Laura and KMann for these great photos!