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Moot Court – The cases are imaginary, but the shackles are real!

©Felix Dartmouth, 2000 – Archives BBS

Note: the illustrations of this episode are from the bondage video by Felix Dartmouth “Transporting Janine”, starring Janine, Mina, and Clyde.

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Moot Court – where the shackles are real!

By Felix Dartmouth © 2001

It was a breezy early Friday afternoon in late in October, and a chill was in the air, but it was still warm enough for pretty dresses and heels. Hayden was a second year law student taking Criminal Procedure 1, one of the most important courses since she wanted to be a Prosecutor with the county District Attorney’s office.

“Janine, I really appreciate your being the defendant in my Moot Court. You know how important this is to my grade.”

As Hayden and Janine walked across campus, toward the Law Center, Hayden was explaining what was going to happen.

“This is not just a test of my courtroom presentation, it is also a test of criminal procedure, and a bail hearing.”

“Is this a big part of your grade?” asked Janine.

“It sure is! How I do here could make the difference between an A and a C for me.”

prisoner visited by her Boyfriend in Moot Prison
Females convicted in Moot Court and placed into rope bondage and taken to Moot Prison

“You look really nice. Am I dressed OK?”

Hayden was dressed in a very smart black business suit with a short pencil  skirt and a tight jacket with a neatly tailored waist. She wore five inch patent back high heels, but without straps. Her hair and makeup was carefully done. Her brown shiny tresses fell in curls just to her shoulders.

“Well, you look a lot prettier than most criminal defendants, but I think you’re just perfect to garner sympathy with the judge and the jury if necessary. You know, we are supposed to coach our clients on their appearance before the court.”

Janine was a business grad student, so she was also very mindful of her appearance. She was wearing a smart looking bright flowered silk long sleeved dress with high heels. Her blonde hair was in a long ponytail. “Do you think I should change?”

“Oh, no! We might be running late as it is. Let’s just go on in.”

The Law School was a busy bustle with students moving to and fro. There was a table in front of the Auditorium where the Moot Court was to take place. One table was marked “Defense Atty.”, another was marked “Prosecuting Atty.” and the third one, the one on the right was marked “Defendants”.

Hayden and Janine walked up to the Defense Attorney table and Hayden checked in. The graduate assistant behind the table was cordial as he took her information and told her that her session would begin in about 30 minutes. He handed her a manila folder with the details of her case. Continue reading Moot Court – The cases are imaginary, but the shackles are real!