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Archives BBS Year in Review, Bondage in 2017

Here we are!  Drawing to the end of another year.  As usual, I am not the biggest fan of looking back; I’d rather look forward, and there’s a whole lot to look forward to.  But since this is a retrospective, I’ll indulge in just a touch of summary and nostalgia.

I’d like to note that 2016 ended with 3 really strong videos, Female Slave, Lot 3209 with Tilly McReese, Sent for Bondage 2 with Paisley Prince, and The Prisoner 6 with Vika.  These videos incorporated more “adult” elements than previous videos, but also maintaining high and unique standards of plot and costuming.

In 2017. additional videos released continuing those more adult elements and more “sexualized” bondage concepts.

“Sent for Bondage 3”:

Sent for Bondage 3 – Paisley Prince – Add to Cart

Sent for Bondage 3 - with Paisley Prince
Dressed comfortably in a vintage nylon nightgown, but in full transport shackles, Paisley ascends the staircase to bed. Sent for Bondage 3 – with Paisley Prince

The first video of 2017, “Sent for Bondage 3” maintains this tradition.  There is tight security throughout, and the very sexy acting of Paisley, but also 4 new outfits that were obtained specifically for the shooting.  Corporal punishment, penis gags, a plastic punishment skirt, all combine in one sexy package in this very successful video.

For those photo geeks among you, I completely changed my gear in March of 2017.  I switched from Nikon (my camera was a Nikon D750) to Sony (a 42 MP AR7ii).  I also upgraded from my old trusty Novatron lights to a more modern wireless, rechargeable mono-light system.  It was a big investment, and risky.  Nikon is a great system, and I sold my entire system to go to Sony.

Of course, the camera does not make the photograph; the photographer makes the photograph, but the detail and size of images from the Sony AR7ii are incredible.

So, the first shooting with the new system was:

Anonymous Bondage Witness 2:

Anonymous Bondage Witness 2 with Jill RichardsAdd to Cart

This plot concept was first done with Vika in 2013, and this edition involves a District Attorney, Jill Richards, who has to enter her own strict bondage witness protection program and be kept in captivity by the boorish and foolish Marshal.

Jill Richards took a wry approach and totally nailed the joke!

Anonymous Bondage Witness 2 - with District Attorney Jill Richards
Anonymous Bondage Witness 2 – the witness is ironed, gagged for transport

In addition to Jill’s great acting ability and knowing humor, she is very flexible in that her elbows could easily be tied behind her back, and she was able to handle the full-size ball-gag and the full-size penis gag without difficulty.

Shibari on Archives BBS

Now, I have to note that I began formal shibari, that is, Japanese bondage training in May of 2017.  I have been dissatisfied with the aesthetics of my tying and now I really know why.  I can appreciate the somewhat crude, makeshift tying of a quick “wrists crossed and tied behind the back” that I grew up with from Men’s Magazines (the old 60’s tabloids with the beautifully illustrated covers) and comic books, and mainstream televisions and movies.

There is a real problem with this type of bondage, however, that I won’t go into here.  Some people, like Jay Edwards, and Lew Rubens have taken this type of “western” rope bondage to a very high level, and I really admire their work.

But, the Japanese have refined the art of bondage, specifically, sexual and captivity bondage over centuries.  American (English), or “western” bondage is a tradition that really only goes back to the 1950’s.  Now, don’t; worry, I’m not abandoning this style completely, but beginning with “The Prisoner 6 with Vika” where my first efforts at shibari are evident, you’ll start to see beautiful carefully, securely, and hopefully beautifully trussed up in jute!

The Prisoner 6:

The 6th edition of “The Prisoner, with Vika, was a new departure in that the plot is built on the relationship that was established between Marshal and the prisoner, Vika in The Prisoner 5.

The Prisoner 6 with VikaAdd to Cart

Having escaped from custody in the previous Prisoner 5, Vika is subjected to much tighter security, and the video starts out with her in a straitjacket and a canvas straitjacket helmet under which she is wearing a ball-gag.  This entire bondage sequence had to be filmed separately, and it appears as an “adder” at the end of the video.

Vika is subjected to forced handcuffed marching both nude and wearing court clothes and also she wears a sexy yandy.com “I Dream of Jeannie” costume.

This is the first video where actual shibari ropework is used.

Topless Vika in a takate kote from "The Prisoner 6 with Vika"
Topless Vika in a takate kote from “The Prisoner 6 with Vika”

We end the year with two new models.  I guess you all may have concluded that I love models with long hair.  I guess that’s just the way most beautiful young women wear their hair.  Taylor, whose hair is in a cute pixie-cut show us just how beautiful a woman can be with shorter hair!

Female Slave – Lot 4718:

Female Slave – Lot 4718 – Taylor: Add to Cart

Taylor makes a very convincing case as a student loan slave.  She looks a lot like Sophia Loren, in my opinion, she has beautiful breasts and a stunning hour-glass figure, she looks great in vintage outfits, and can easily handle a full-size 2 1/4 inch ball-gag!

All female slaves are gagged before they begin their pitch - Taylor is no exception!
All female slaves are gagged before they begin their pitch – Taylor is no exception!

Taylor instinctively holds her wrists behind her back in a beautiful way when locked in handcuffs, and she is an experienced shibari bottom.  It should be no surprise that she commands north of seven figures when she is sold at auction!

Hurricane Harvey:

In August 2017, the Houston area, where I live, had almost 50 inches of rain.  This caused devastating flooding, and many people’s homes (and by many, I mean tens of thousands) were flooded with several feet of water.

My own home suffered from flooding, although I am thankful that this was minimal compared to what others are still dealing with.

I can tell you, seeing water slowly but inexorably rising, approaching your home is a frightening and sobering thing.  The flooding didn’t come without warning, however, and I was able to mitigate property damage.

There was one night when I was truly concerned that my entire life’s photographic work could be wiped out.   After all, if a body of water rises 22 feet, what’s to stop it from rising 30 feet?

And, I am a person who is very careful about backup strategies.  I just never imagined that an entire geographic area could flood, until now.

I have probably published about 1/20th of all the photographs I have taken.  I have taken steps to backup in the cloud.  I am not sure why I am telling the public this, but if you have secure access to IT infrastructure, and could host an archival backup of my work to date, please contact me by commenting below.

The Prisoner 7:

Another new model to Archives BBS rounds out the year’s bondage  in 2017 review video offerings.  Beautiful Brianne Blu is a stunning blonde with the loveliest face, long blonde hair, and beautiful blue eyes.

She is short of temper though, and she doesn’t put up with Marshal’s bumbling incompetence as she is escorted to Dallas for her custody and security status hearing.

The Prisoner 7 – Brianne Blu Add to Cart

Brianne is subject to forced marching, handcuffs (of course!), tight ropework, head-bagging, Gorean Slave Training, and she makes 2 escape attempts, one right at the beginning of the film, and the next one tied up nude in bed.

Don’t miss this beautiful young woman, locked up and in transport as a bondage prisoner!

Sometimes female prisoners are deceptive and wily, like Brianne Blue in "The Prisoner 7". Even though she is tightly tied up at her wrists and elbows, she still flashes a fetching smile!
Sometimes female prisoners are deceptive and wily, like Brianne Blue in “The Prisoner 7”. Even though she is tightly tied up at her wrists and elbows, she still flashes a fetching smile!

It’s been a great year!  I hope I continue to gain your subscribership and your interest as a video producer.  I do truly appreciate all your support.

Happy New Year, and please look for our stunning new video release shortly after the first of the year!

Prisoner Caption – Paisley

Paisley knew what she was doing was wrong, having an affair with her boss, but she didn’t know that her adultery would land her in so much trouble. When her bosses’ wife found out about the affair, she confronted him, and the fierce argument that resulted got out of control, and he killed her. He tried to make the scene look like a botched robbery, and left to tell Paisley his version of what had happened.

She agreed to give him an alibi, but this loyalty was repaid with betrayal. When he was confronted with forensic evidence that pointed to his guilt, he decided to try and blame Paisley to try and secure a deal for himself. His skilful attorney managed to convince
prosecutors of a story about Paisley’s psychological manipulation.

As a result, he secured himself a 15 to life sentence, and Paisley, having failed to combat this narrative at trial, was sentenced to 35 years to life, which she serves in super-max, denied even the slightest freedom, denied the right to speak with a large gag, and denied even the right to cover her naked body with anything like a real uniform.

Archives BBS Year in Review, Bondage in 2016

Another year!  2016 is almost in the books!

I’ve really appreciate all my subscriber’s, vendor’s, model’s and video purchaser’s support during 2016!  The market is getting more and more competitive (we say that every year!), but it’s great to see there’s a market for original, sexy bondage material with beautiful, fun models for a great bondage in 2016 year!

We produced 5 Videos in 2016 – and I love each and every one of them.

The Prisoner 4 with Hannah Perez Add to Cart

What a fun model to work with! A quick temper, a quick study and lovely both in ropes and out, Hannah did this fourth installment of the prisoner series proud!

Hannah Perez gasps at the tight ropes that restricted her wrists and elbows!
Hannah Perez gasps at the tight ropes that restricted her wrists and elbows!









Dungeon Girls 6 with Vika- Add to Cart

It’s a bondage video formula made in Heaven!  Combine the lovely and statuesque Vika with the expert shibari-master Gerard in a fantastic wooded setting.  Dangle a huge prize in front of ambitious Vika and the resulting conflict between desire to escape and tight bondage is delightful indeed!

Dungeon Girls 6 - Vika is caged and bound!
Dungeon Girls 6 – Vika is caged and bound!









Female Slave – Lot 3209 – Tilly McReese:  Add to Cart

I was delighted in late September when the fantastic model, Tilly McReese made a trip to Houston and we were able to set up a shooting adding to my “bondage in 2016: saga.  I chose the “Student Loan Slave” story line (the 4th in the series) and Tilly knocked it out of the park!  The bondage tension and drama that Tilly created simply has to be seen to be believed!

Another interesting note about this shoot is that this marked the first “live bondage” program on Periscope.  I am trying very carefully not to violate their terms of service, but I am up there “now” (December 11,2016) with 3 videos under my twitter handle “@felixdartmouth”.  Check it out and subscribe to with the current shows and be notified of new live shows!

Wearing a sheer metallic catsuit, bondage slave Tilly McReese is imprisoned into the set of transport shackles. - student loan slave
Wearing a sheer metallic catsuit, bondage slave Tilly McReese is imprisoned into the set of transport shackles.










 Sent for Bondage 2 with Paisley Prince –  Add to Cart

Another delightful development in 2016 was being introduced to Paisley Prince.  I had just picked up Tilly McReese for our “Female Slave – Lot 3209” shoot, and she called over a beautiful young woman walking a cute dog.  She introduced me, and I said hello, but was really more focused on the shoot with Tilly.  Later I asked Tilly is Paisley was available for booking.  She was!

This, Sent for Bondage 2 with Paisley Prince came into being!

Paisley Prince stars in "Sent for Bondage 2" a download video by www.archw.com - Wearing a patent party dress and leather gloves, with wrists handcuffed in front
Wearing a patent leather party dress and leather gloves, with wrists handcuffed in front










This was a very fun bondage romp where the new girlfriend of a very rich gentleman is “Sent for Bondage‘ in return for her generous allowance!  Very, very sexy indeed.  And there is a Periscope video of an arrest scene with Paisley.  Look for more of Paisley Prince in 2017.  Live videos will be a new item for Archives BBS bondage in 2016.

The Prisoner 5 – with Vika: Add to Cart

The final video of 2016 was Vika in “The Prisoner” series.  We have to be realistic; no woman is happy about being dragged in chains across to country to be jailed, and Vika was no exception.  But when she finds out that her escort is actually a former boyfriend, she knows that she can manipulate him into relaxing her security and escape!

The Prisoner 5- with Vika - Because of her chains adjusting her position was difficult. Panties are not allowed by the Marshall's service.
The Prisoner 5- with Vika – Because of her chains adjusting her position was difficult. Panties are not allowed by the Marshall’s service.










This script is a tour-de-force for Vika as she displays maddening feminine duplicity in playing off Marshall’s emotions as she plots her escape with her real boyfriend, Victor.  This very sexy video includes a lot of nudity, sexy outfits, gags (including a very severe spider-gag), chains and collars.  Don’t miss it!

Summary and Outlook for 2017

I had a great time producing these 5 videos with these fantastic models!  Expect more to come in 2017.

However, one thing I have resolved is that I am only going to work with professional models who understand the nature of my work, and will accept full bondage, with ballgags, and will do regular nudity with some spread legs.  I owe it to you, my subscribers to bring you the best, and while I will remain tasteful in my presentation, you will receive the best in female bondage, sex, tight, exciting, and very erotic.  I have to say I really stepped up bondage in 2016!

As 2017 becomes the present, I hope you’ll agree!

Thanks again for your support.  Your PURCHASING my videos makes it possible for me to continue to pay my models, and stay on the forefront of tasteful, erotic bondage production.

Thank you