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Female Slave – Lot 782

Student loan debt has grown to be a 12 trillion dollar burden on our young college graduates. For the men, there was little that could be done. They were simply left to work for years to retire their debt. Young women, on the other hand, had value as bondage slaves, office workers, child-care providers, etc.

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Thanks to the working partnership of the two parties of congress, guidelines were set out for the arrest, incarceration, and commercial enslavement of the more marketable young women who failed to get marketable degrees and who owed more than $200,000 in student debt after graduation.

Megan received her notice and after her 60 days of imprisonment, reported to the local hotel where she would be processed and sold off on the slave market.

She arrived wearing a patent leather dress and high heels, along with kid leather opera gloves. After the reading of her warrant, she was secured with handcuffs, which were locked behind her back. She would get several chances to make her pitch via video to her buyers.

Here is Megan’s pitch to her potential owners:

Thank you for taking my ball-gag out. Hi, my name is Megan. At least that was my name when I was a free woman. I have a number now. I’m debtor number 782 if you’re interested. I am a slave – convicted, that is, as a slave. Well, I guess you are interested if you’re watching this.

I was arrested two months ago. I don’t think my story is really any different. I borrowed student loans at a private school, and studied English. I was in a sorority and had to live an expensive lifestyle and buy dresses, and stuff. I got out of college $280,000 in debt! My father was aghast. He knew the cutoff for incarceration was $200,000.

If only I had gotten a teaching certificate, I could have earned my way out of it. I can’t help but think one of my rivals turned me in to the slavers.
They keep us prisoners for two months so we can get used to the fact that we really are going to be sold into slavery.

So, now here I am. I know I’m pretty cute; I won a beauty contest in high school, and I’m certified a virgin and registered on the “promise” site. You don’t get to see my breasts or my puss. Dad specified that. But I will tell you, they are size D and they are real

So, what can I do for you? Why should you buy me? Well, I’ll be really, truly yours! I fully expect to be kept chained, or tied up, or whatever, but also expect to work! I will wear any kind of humiliating uniform you have for me and I will serve at dinner parties and do light bookkeeping.

I will be your sex slave, will take you into my mouth and suck you off, and will marry your son as a slave-bride, without inheritance rights. Hey, I’m going to be sold to someone; it might as well be you!

In a way, she knew this would happen, after all she watched the news, at least she did before her arrest and incarceration. She had heard about the hearings, and the passage of the bill. She didn’t have the heart to tell her Dad; she knew he would be heartbroken if she were locked up and sold. No one wants that for their daughter.

As she tried on the outfits and spoke into the camera, she knew that was really mattered was her sex appeal, not how she spoke. She tried to conduct herself with pride, but she knew that as a tied up woman, that was pretty hard to pull off.

This will be the first of a series of women who are auctioned off as slaves.

Note: This is a video that is in full-format HD with 1920 x 1080 pixels in 24 FPS. It is only offered in MP4 format and has a beautiful, sharp color look. The size of the MP4 download file is approximately 2.7 Gig.

Here is the program for “Female Slave – Lot 782“:

Black Patent Party Dress in handcuffs 0:00:00
Hooded – Slave Pitch #1 13:02:00
Heels, Basic Slut Outfit, Full transports 17:30:00
Hooded for Slave Pitch #2 28:42:00
Trying on Outfits: Wedding Gown 38:06:00
Bridal Gown, Handcuffs in Front 35:20:00
Elbows tied together behind her back 37:54:00
Slave Pitch #3 44:30:00
Tied in her Nighty, wrists behind her 53:17:00
Epiloge: Bound and Gagged Slave 56:19:00
End: 1:02:53

You might enjoy this Women in Prison Caption with Megan.

Bondage Models on Archives BBS!

Welcome to the Archives BBS models page – This post is to introduce you to the incredibly lovely bondage models that are featured in Archives BBS.  Content which includes these models is found on the Archives BBS Member Site.  Please subscribe for full access!  These models also appear in my many videos – a listing can be found here.

This page will be a replacement for the previous static  Models Page that has been featured for the last many years.

If you are interested in being an Archives BBS Model and believe you would fit in with the high standards of the models here, you can find me on Fetlife or reply to this post.

Supplemental material:

Bondage Model commentary and detail

A new model captured in July of 2019, Polistar is a statuesque proud beauty who bitterly resents her apprehension and strictures.  She says “Yes, Sir” in the most sarcastic way and never gives in to her tight rope bondage and shackles.

Polistar bound in a tight shibari armbinder
Bondage Captive Polistar bound in a tight shibari armbinder before she is ball-gagged and headbagged in plastic as punishment for trying to escape in the great bondage video “Bondage Punishment for Polistar”.










Don’t miss this bound female in strict captivity in “Bondage Punishment for Polistar“!

Tilly McReese
Collared, topless, and locked in maximum security handcuffs, Tilly McReese waits to see the bids on her person
Collared, topless, and locked in maximum security handcuffs, Tilly McReese waits to see the bids on her person










Saddled with Student Loan Debt, Tilly McReese decided that the only way out was to enter the Student Loan Slave program.  See how this turns out for her in her video:

Female Slave – Lot 3209 – Tilly McReese:  Add to Cart

Paisley Prince
Paisley Prince stars in "Sent for Bondage 2" a download video by www.archw.com - Wearing a patent party dress and leather gloves, with wrists handcuffed in front
Wearing a patent leather party dress and leather gloves, with wrists handcuffed in front










Paisley Prince has a new relationship!  It’s very promising indeed until she is “Sent for Bondage“.

Sent for Bondage 2 with Paisley Prince –  Add to Cart
Sent for Bondage 3 – Paisley Prince – Add to Cart


 Bondage Models commentary and featured work
Kylie K.
Kylie K. is an incredible bondage model who has an incredible emotive ability, is very flexible in both her imagination and her body, and can easily handle a full 2 1/4 inch ball-gag!
Kylie K. is an incredible bondage model who has an incredible emotive ability, is very flexible in both her imagination and her body, and can easily handle a full 2 1/4 inch ball-gag!










Kylie K. was brilliant in “The Prisoner 3” – one of the favorite bondage video formats!

The Prisoner 3Add to Cart

Beautiful Blonde Vika has been in 5 videos and counting. She is a model how really "gets it"! Whether transported in handcuffs and irons, or tightly bound nude in bed Vika is a bondage beauty who wears her restraints and gag almost like no other!
Beautiful Blonde Vika has been in 5 videos and counting. She is a model how really “gets it”! Whether transported in handcuffs and irons, or tightly bound nude in bed Vika is a bondage beauty who wears her restraints and gag almost like no other!











Vika has been in the following bondage video productions, all of which are HD, long form videos that are almost 2 hours long.

Anonymous Bondage WitnessAdd to Cart
Bondage Scenes 2 with Vika – Add to Cart
Bondage Transport Training for Vika – Add to Cart
Bondage for Cash 2 with VikaAdd to Cart
Female Slave – Lot 2024 with Vika – Add to Cart
The Prisoner 5 – with Vika – Add to Cart
The Prisoner 6 with VikaAdd to Cart

Kobe Lee

The consummate professional, Kobe Lee draws accolades from all of the producers who are fortunate to work with her!  Kobe is may be epitome of “show up on time, looking great, ready to work” work ethic.

Kobe Lee in Latex, kid leather gloves, and full transport shackles
Kobe in Latex, kid leather gloves, and full transport shackles in the video Witness Protection. Some prisoners are a lot more trouble than others – and thanks to Kobe Lee’s behavior, she is kept chained at all times.











Kobe has such a long resume it’s hard to go into it all!  Kobe first appeared in

No Parking with Allanah Rhodes – Add to Cart

as an extra at the end of the story footage, the Kobe was enlisted to play the troublesome prisoner in

Witness ProtectionAdd to Cart

probably one of the more complex bondage stories I’ve put together – but was all a joy, because of Kobe!

Kobe was a great addition to the Dungeon Girls series, starring in

Dungeon Girls 4 –  Add to Cart

Kobe also starred in 3 Bondage Positions for Kobe Lee

3 Bondage Positions for Kobe LeeAdd to Cart

Kobe is an active producer and model.  I’m sure she would be pleased if she referred to her site:  www.kobelee.com.

Bondage Models between 2006 and 2010
Kellie Krave
Kellie Krave - business woman shackled for transport. When she is arrested her her hotel room it was thought necessary to apply standard transport restraints.
Kellie Krave – business woman shackled for transport. When she is arrested her her hotel room it was thought necessary to apply standard transport restraints. Locked in handcuffs, with her wrists pinioned at the small of her back in the D-ring of a stiff transport harness, Kellie realizes that it is only a matter of hours before she is locked in a jail cell.












The darling woman with the lilting Aussie accent, Kellie Krave has spent more that her justly due time locked in shackles and bound.  She stars in three of the most popular Archives BBS videos ever!  From shackles in a business outfit, to being tightly tied topless in a plastic raincoat, to being put to bed in a diaphanous white nightgown with her wrists tied behind her back, Kellie Krave has many admirers as she remains tightly locked in bondage!

Handcuffed into Bondage – Add to Cart
Handcuffed into Bondage 2Add to Cart
Bondage SafehouseAdd to Cart


Topless Lindsay in garter and stockings, tightly roped. Topless and nipple-bolted, Lindsay wear an expression of shock and concern as she is freshly bound with her elbows tied behind her back, torso tied, and a tight as a drum crotch-rope pulling this young woman swayback.
Topless Lindsay in garter and stockings, tightly roped. Topless and nipple-bolted, Lindsay wear an expression of shock and concern as she is freshly bound with her elbows tied behind her back, torso tied, and a tight as a drum crotch-rope pulling this young woman swayback. Let’s face it; was there any mast-head on a 17th century sea vessel was more beautiful and commanding of attention? Any owner would be proud to have this stunning slave in their stable!













Lindsay headlines Dungeon Girls 2 as the second every dungeon girls contestant, but she appears in extra footage in both Dungeon Girls 1 as well as Witness Protection.
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Dungeon Girls 1Add to Cart
Witness ProtectionAdd to Cart


Esperanza in her constraint chains
Esperanza in her constraint chains. Esperanza, a bondage model, is fitted for security in a combination set of transport chains and a sirik. That is, she collared and a chain is fitted up to her collar and down to her transport harness. For the consideration of her transport officer, she is also fitted with a full-size 2 1/2 ball-gag!












Few women have the intense real-life lock-down experience that Esperanza does.  In her video, there is an extensive explanation of her confinement in the juvenile prison in Kerrville, Texas.  Now an adult, Esperanza reflects back to her time in chains, hogtie punishments, and her full one year of incarceration and punishment while her friends in school studied and dated boys.  Esperanza makes her first video appearance in “French Maid Bondage” – and during the course of the shooting, while locked in chains, she tells the story of her incredible bondage experience and a juvenile prisoner.

A segment of this video can be found on youtube:

Despite this interesting information, Esperanza is best know as the star of the first of the Dungeon Girls 1 series.

You know the concept:  A girl is challenged to be kept in bondage over the weekend by bondage master Gerard.  If she can escape, she will receive a huge sum of money, in this case $25,000 I believe.  But, Gerard’s challenge is to keep a determined and attractive young woman in strict bondage as a prisoner during the entire time.  His job is to make sure that no prize is paid to her and that she remain completely locked down!

The final shooting with Esperanza didn’t involve a video, but a photo shoot.  Some of the sexiest material of Esperanza was a result of this shoot, the video of which is included in Slave Interview.

A beautiful young woman with a delightful and sunny disposition Esperanza is not to be missed!

French Maid BondageAdd to Cart
Dungeon Girls 1Add to Cart
Slave Interview with Elaine:  Add to Cart

Bar hostess bondage – entertainment for patrons

bar hostess bondage

In this bondagebar, the guest has the choice: you pay a drink for the hostess while she keeps you company. Or, you pay for her company while she is in bondage. Or, preferably, both. For an extra service, such as a dildoed hostess like this one, you obviously pay a little more. But the reward is all the more enjoyable, both for her and for the guest.

We are waiting for our drinks. It will be a hot night.

Bondage Vacation Weekend in Mexico Part 1

Bondage Vacation Weekend in Mexico Part 1
©Felix Dartmouth, 2002

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Note: the illustrations of this episode are from the bondage video by Felix Dartmouth “The Prisoner” starring Jessica and Lori.

If you like bondage, you might want to order this or other videos by Archives BBS.

The lawyer smiled and laid aside the set of papers. “It’s an interesting document,” he said. “Of course, the subject matter is illegal, so it is not a truly binding contract. It may, however, serve to clarify a personal arrangement between the two of you.”

The young lady spoke up. “My question to you is, can this contract be administered by you?”

Jessica is a handcuffed prisoner
Jessica is a handcuffed prisoner

“I don’t see why not,” said the lawyer, looking over the document. “I would recommend putting the maximum funds to be paid in escrow with me, and then after the proposed weekend, I can disburse them according to your sworn affidavits.

“Let me understand. You two are going to a Mexican resort, and you have made a wager that the young lady cannot be kept in physical restraints, that is, in bondage for the duration of the entire weekend.

“There is a sum named, $12,000.00 I believe, and this sum
decreases markedly as the lady passes time that is not in bondage. The obvious question arises: How am I to judge, not being down there, what the actual time in bondage is?

“I recommend an hourly log book. This can be verified and
signed by both parties, at regular intervals, say three times during the day. I will accept this as a basis by which to render proper compensation.

“I must admit that this is an interesting arrangement, and
as long as you both consent to the matter, which you obviously are, then I see no reason why this can’t be properly administered. But, I must warn you, that if either of you wants out of the contract, there is not a whole lot of legal remedy that you have, in fact there is none, and you, Peter, may have a bit of explaining to do if Candy here causes a scene while bound in a public place.

“But you both seem sincere in making good faith efforts at
fulfilling the contract. Now to get into a few specifics, the bondage period is to begin at 4:00 on Friday afternoon, that is, this afternoon. Candy, you get only thirty minutes free to still collect the full $12,000.00. From thirty minutes to an hour and a half free, then you collect $8,000.00. From an hour and a half to three hours free, you collect $4,000.00, and for three to six hours free, you collect $2,000.00. For over six hours free, there will be no payment. Now, we only have a few minutes before four, so if you will both execute the contract.”

He placed the document before them. Candy reached forward
and signed without hesitation. She was a determined, pretty young woman wearing an attractive white blouse that modestly came up to a mandarin collar. Her full figure but slim waist was made obvious by the hourglass shape of the blouse. Her sleeves were full and slightly more sheer than the material of the blouse, and there were four buttons on each cuff, which were trimmed with lace. Her
brown hair was in a ponytail, with a large bow in the back, which gave her a girlish look, but her eyes showed that she was no young girl, but a young woman who knew just what she was getting into, and ready to leap in head first.

Her slim dark skirt came below her knees, and she wore dark
hose and black high heels that strapped onto her ankles. She was leaning forward in her chair, slightly nervous, but excited about the prospect of the weekend, and the game she and her new friend were soon to play.

The man signed. He had a smile on his lips, as though he knew something that she did not, but really he half wondered if she were getting the better part of the deal. It really did not matter, however, money was really no object to him.

Psychological domination was. And she was just the type of
person that he was interested in dominating. They met at church where she had come for the first time about two months before. He introduced himself, and she seemed a bit cold at first, but the next week, she reacted like she was genuinely glad to talk to him. He asked her to lunch, and it passed pleasantly. He made the next move and asked her to dinner.

She was a chemical engineer with a major oil company. He was surprised to find this out, although the way she dressed and spoke made clear that she was successful even at her young age. He had been a widower for five years and was childless.

Toward the end of the dinner, he sat back and looked at her. She, knowing that he was about to make a proposition, and feeling that it would be an interesting one, sat, listening.

“I usually don’t make a proposal like this to anyone, but I think that you might find it worth considering. I don’t want you to take
offense, and if you reject it out of hand I would like you to promise me beforehand that you will not disclose my offer to anyone. Can you promise me that?”

She smiled but she folded her arms. “You make it sound so
ominous! But, it never hurts to listen. Go ahead, I promise.”

“OK, here is what I have in mind. I have a penchant for bondage. I propose that you and I spend a weekend together, say in Mexico. I
will respect all your wishes regarding your person, but you will be bound for the vast majority of the trip. I am also offering to pay you.” Seeing that she was getting steamed, he quickly said, “Now, I am not offering to pay you for sex, indeed, we will have no sex unless you demand it.

The Prisoner - a bondage video by Archives BBS
The Prisoner – a bondage video by Archives BBS

“You may check me out in any way, but I assure you that my offer is bona fide. The sum that I am offering is substantial, that is,

She unfolded her arms and was for a moment silent. “Interesting,” she said. “I don’t mind admitting that the money is not a small consideration with me. How are you proposing that I be bound? Will I be tied up?”

“Among other things,” he replied. “The tricky part will be the times that we have to be in public. I am not planning on keeping you trussed up in a hogtie all weekend in a hotel room, of course. We need to get out and have fun!”

“You really didn’t answer my question,” she said.

“I’m sorry,” he replied. “If you’d like, we could get together, and you could try out a few representative positions. That would give you an idea.”

“No, that’s not necessary. I accept your proposal,” she said confidently.

“I must say that I am a bit surprised at your lack of hesitation, but I’m glad that you decided in favor of the idea. How is this weekend for you?”

“This weekend is just fine. What do you think that I should wear?”

“Whatever you have. Look your best though, because I have
a rather exclusive hotel in mind. Bring a formal, of course a swimsuit, an attractive dress for the plane, and of course nightwear.”

“I have this white lace nightgown that is long-sleeved and comes down just to here,” she said. Standing, she turned her attractive
derriere to him and with her hands indicated about three inches below it. She knew that he was hooked. The twelve grand was as good as hers.

“Sounds great. I think that it might be a good idea to have a meeting with my lawyer just to make sure that there is no misunderstanding. I will deposit the funds with him and he will suggest the best way to do the deal. It would not hurt to have a written agreement. Does
that sound like a good idea to you?”

She would have liked to have her own lawyer, a former boyfriend, looking at the arrangement, but she knew that this would overly
complicate the matter. She was sure that he would disapprove. “Yes, let’s do it!”

“I’ll call you with the appointment time,” said Peter.

The pair finished the rest of their dinner with small talk, but Candy’s heart was in her throat with the prospect of the bondage and the
money. She fantasized his taking out a rope right there and tying her wrists tightly behind her and leading her out of the restaurant in bonds. He would not do that, though. He had not contracted for it.

“Well,” said the attorney. “If there is no further discussion, I will leave it to the both of you to fulfill your mutual parts of the contract.” He rose.

Candy rose, and looked over expectantly at Peter. “It’s almost four o’clock,” she said. “I don’t want to start off behind in time.”

“I didn’t bring my handcuffs,” he said. “We’ll have to wait until we get back to my office where I have my things.”

The attorney spoke up. “If I may point out, you have clearly agreed for the starting time to be at four o’clock. We may have
something in the office that you can use.” He picked up his phone. “Miss Jones,” he said to his secretary, “Do you still have the cord from that parcel that arrived this morning? Good.”

In a moment the secretary arrived with several lengths of thin tough hemp cord. “What do you need this for?” she asked.

The attorney smiled and took the cords. “Thank you, Miss Jones,” he said, ignoring her question. She did not seem miffed, and she turned and left the room.

The attorney handed the cords to Peter. He examined them.
There seemed to be about four different lengths, the longest of which was over a foot long.

“I think that we can work with these. If I just tie them together,” his voice trailed off as he worked square knots into the cords. The cord was so thin that once a knot was tied, it could not be untied, but rather had to be cut off. He fashioned a length about four feet in length comprised of various lengths knotted together. Candy watched him intently fashion the tool of her bondage.

OK,” said Peter, “wrists behind you.”

Candy stood, with her left hand pushed her hair back, looked at both her hands, and kissed them with a smile. “Goodbye hands,” she
said. Mentally she said, “Hello twelve thousand dollars.”

Placing her wrists behind her, she took several steps and positioned herself with her back facing Peter so that he could work his pleasure
with her. She was facing the attorney, who was obviously enjoying watching the preliminary results of his contract handiwork. She smiled at him.

Her smile, however, broke for a moment into a grimace as
Peter, after he had placed her wrists in a criss-crossed position behind her back at the small of her spine, pulled up the lacy sleeves of her white blouse so that his cords would bite only into flesh, and drew the bonds only once about her wrists and tied a tight knot. Then, Candy felt additional windings encircle around and cinch between her wrists, with knots interspaced between each

After the first knot, she knew that to free herself would be impossible, but as the additional windings were accomplished, freedom seemed ever and ever more a remote dream.

The final knot tied, Peter, released her from his ministrations, and put on his coat. “Can’t you put the coat over my shoulders,” asked Candy, “until we get out of the building?”

“Now,” said Peter. “You’ll have to remember that this is only the beginning. You might as well get used to being bound in public. But,
since this is a lawyer’s office, I guess we can accommodate you in this case.”

As he took off his jacket, Candy experimented with her bindings. Unable to change the angle of her wrists, she was only able to raise
them up and down. She had been expertly bound, the constrictions just cutting into her skin, so that to move too much was painful, but holding still she would not suffer a decrease in circulation in her hands.

The sleeves of her feminine blouse fell just over her bonds, so that only a few cords were visible on her wrists. If the pair had been nonchalant, they probably could have negotiated the halls of the business office without undue attention, but the coat was taken over her shoulders, and it appeared nothing more than that she was cold, and that she was holding her hands behind her back. Unable to use her hands, she shook her ponytail and it came out and fell down the back of the jacket.

“Best of luck,” said the attorney. “We will inspect the log when you return, and then the funds will be disbursed as directed. I do have to say, Candy, that if the log book is not in order, with the full time in bondage spent, I will simply return the funds to Peter.”

“I understand that,” said Candy somewhat icily. Beneath her coat, she tested the tight cords drawn and knotted about her wrists, and
found them intractable.

Leg irons locked on straitjacketed prisoner
Leg irons locked on straitjacketed prisoner

As they left the office, Candy felt that she was under keen scrutiny of the secretary, Miss Jones, who seemed to notice the somewhat awkward configuration of her wrists underneath the concealing jacket. Being discreet, as should be an attorney’s secretary, she looked back down at her work.

Back at Pete’s house, in a bit of a rush to make a 7:30 flight, Candy was shocked at what she saw. Her bags had already been packed,
and were out in his car, but they went to pick up his. Her wrists still were in their bindings, and she had been lead into his home with her bondage immodestly uncovered by Pete’s jacket.

She stood there with her wrists in their careful propped position so that she would loose no circulation, and viewed an entire suitcase
full of ropes, chains, handcuffs, rubber balls, tape, leather straps, and other items that she could not fathom the use of.

“My God,” she exclaimed, “where did you get all this stuff?”

“Accumulated over the years, my dear. You should be grateful, because most of these accouterments are considerably more comfortable than those crude cords that you now wear. Of course, if you’d like to pass the flight bound as you are . . .”

“What’s my alternative? How many minutes do I have free?” she asked.

“You remember, thirty. That will allow you fifteen minutes to pass though airport security checkpoints, and the like. Of course any more freedom and your payment goes down. Do you want to be free to go through the checkpoint at the airport.”

“No,” said Candy. “I’d rather save my thirty minutes until a more opportune moment. I will be bound at your pleasure, as we agreed.”

Pete took out a pocketknife. “Good, let’s get these little devils off you.”

There was a sharp pain, and then relief as the cords were cut, and removed from her wrists. She took her wrists in front of her and
rubbed them.

“Put your hands on top of your head!” commanded Peter. “Otherwise, this will count as freedom time.”

Wide eyed, Candy did so. She knew that this would not be easy, but he seemed to be carrying things a bit too far. She said nothing. Her
breasts rose and fell as her breathing was quickened.

Pete produced two plastic strips, about a quarter of an inch wide. Candy recognized them as the type of device that was used to secure electric cords together. “One for each wrist,” said Pete. “These can be easily and discreetly joined, but can’t be picked up by a metal detector.”

They were circled and ratcheted about her wrists next to her skin, drawn firmly closed, but a little slack was left so that ropes or leather straps could be placed between them and her wrists, and then the ends were cut off with small sharp diagonal pliers. Pete had allowed her to remove one wrist at a time from over
her head, and Candy saw that it was only with some effort that the pliers cut thought the thick poly material that was about each of her wrists.

“So you are going to join these together for the trip on the plane?” asked Candy.

To answer her question, Peter produced a pair of handcuffs. The warm metal clasped about one wrist between her polyethylene
binding and her hand bone. Her wrists were drawn behind her, and locked together. She was pleased to see that the handcuffs provided her considerably more freedom than did the thin cords that she had just been relieved of. “I’ve always wondered what it would be like to be handcuffed,” she said. “I always felt so sorry for those women that you see in drug raids on the television news, who have been handcuffed and are being lead before the whole audience to the
police car and then to jail. They always looked so humiliated with them on.”

“So you’ve never been arrested before?” asked Pete, with a smile.

“Heavens, no!” exclaimed Candy, with a tug on her ‘cuffs.

“Well, I hope you know that most people who see you will assume that you are under arrest.”

“I had thought about that, and I guess that’s just the price of what I am doing. What is that strap for?”

Leg irons locked on straitjacketed prisoner
Leg irons locked on straitjacketed prisoner

The strap went around her elbows twice, and was pulled tightly, coaxing her arms to join. “This is to make sure that you keep good
posture on the way out to the airport. It does wonders for your figure, and your elbows touch so easily!”

“The straps sure do feel funny,” she said. Actually, the pulling of the straps sent a fiery feeling through her breasts, belly and down
to her sex, but she did not want to tell Pete that. He probably knew already, but she did not want him to think that it was getting to her.

“Have you ever been gagged? asked Peter, in a conversational tone.

“No, can’t say that I have,” replied Candy, trying to adjust her shoulders in her harness.

“Open your mouth, real wide,” asked Peter. He stood close, and examined the size of the orifice. “Good,” he said clinically. Reaching into his bag, he pulled out a bright yellow ball with a thick leather strap running though it. Candy stood silent, knowing its purpose. Her heart pounded beneath her breasts.

“I’ll have to ungag you to go through the airport terminal, but you might as well get used to this early, as you’ll be spending a lot of
time gagged this weekend.”

End of Part 1 – Vacation Weekend in Mexico

Felix Dartmouth

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