The Prisoner 8 – Mary

Shackled female prisoner Mary, who has been arrested, arraigned and has an upcoming sentencing hearing, is taken to the safe house in chains by her escort, Marshall.

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She chose to wear a slutty sheer black blouse over a black bra, a faux leather mini-skirt and strap-on high heels. She is chained in handcuffs, locked behind her back, a cowhide leather female

The Prisoner 8 - Mary after court appearance
The female prisoner, Mary, has been taken to a safe house after her first court appearance to await her sentencing and extradition court hearings.

bondage transportation harness, leg irons, and a chain connecting her handcuffs, which pass through the D-ring at the small of her back to the leg-irons, forming a high-security hobble, fully securing her person for her court appearances until she faces the full weight of her judicial punishment.

Specifications: HD video 1920 x 1080 – downloadable MP4 format. The complete program will be delivered in 3 MP4 files. The length of the full program is 2 hours, 04 minutes. A detailed time chart is found at the bottom of this page.

Like most female prisoners, Mary protests the handcuffs, shackles, connector chains, transportation belts. But Marshall knows the tools of his trade. However, Marshall has also been trained in the ancient practice of Japanese shibari and Kinbaku – the security binding with rope.

The Prisoner 8 - Mary - hack turned showing shackles
The female prisoner, Mary, has been taken to a safe house after her first court appearance to await her sentencing and extradition court hearings. Her back is turned, showing the manner in which her wrists are restrained behind her back.

Mary faces and extradition hearing, and a sentencing, after which she will be remanded to the prison system for incarceration.

Left alone, securely restraint, Mary gains access to her phone, and calls her boyfriend. She is caught by Marshall and now he knows that she can’t be trusted. She will be punished.

In accordance with regulations, Marshall is required to periodically send in photo images of the prisoner in her bondage. These are routed into her file for posting on archival publicly accessible social media for criminal branding and slut-shaming purposes. She is called to attention, and photographed from the front, back and sides in each of her restraints and outfits, including nude. In addition to the highly trafficked law-enforcement sites, these images are also available on Archives BBS.

The Prisoner 8 - Mary - Topless, ballgagged in a takate kote
After complaining that her handcuffs are too tight, Mary, the female prisoner is bound in a takate kote (#たかてこて) and ball-gagged. Her nipples have been bolted on intake.

But she’s dying to get out of her handcuffs, if even for a minute! She insists that Marshall change her bindings. Marshall is careful to ask her if she is sure, because he knows that his strict ropes may be highly confining and even painful.

Mary is stripped topless, wearing panties, her high heels, and she is bound in a structurally sound Japanese takate kote. Left gasping in her strictures, she is sized for a ball-gag. This criminal woman in bondage shows remarkable honesty in evaluating the size of her ball, rejecting balls that are too small and don’t fully fill her mouth, before accepting a nicely sized 2-inch ball that’s strapped tightly behind her teeth.

Thus strictly bound and gagged, she is left writhing in her sexual

The Prisoner 8 - Mary - Topless, ballgagged in a takate kote - bondage detail
After complaining that her handcuffs are too tight, Mary, the female prisoner is bound in a takate kote (#たかてこて) and ball-gagged.

heat, and compressing ropes she is left alone. She uses this time to struggle ineffectively against her ropes, and to try to use the phone, but Marshall has effectively thwarted her efforts with her ball-gag.

After she exhausted herself with her struggles, Mary is untied and changes into another outfit. She chooses a Bebe blouse with a nipped waist and sheer cap puff sleeves and a ruffled front. This was combined with a leather skirt and her 5 inch strap-on high heels. It seems no matter what she tried on, the results was that she looked like a total slut for which criminal charges should hardly be a surprise. Although handcuffed in front at

The Prisoner 8 - Mary - Topless, ballgagged in a takate kote - on bed
After complaining that her handcuffs are too tight, Mary, the female prisoner is bound in a takate kote (#たかてこて) and ball-gagged. Her nipples have been bolted.

first, she was quickly changed into a full transport harness with connector chain configuration, which she would appear in court in, if she chose this outfit for one of her hearings. After she was gagged with her properly sized ball, her bondage was documented for her online restraint portfolio.

This seemed a likely outfit for her court appearance, and Marshall decided that Mary should once more be tightly bound up in tight ropes. She stripped of her top and she was gloved with elbow-length kid leather

The Prisoner 8 - Mary - business attire, handcuffed
Wearing a blouse, with puff sheer sleeves and a nipped waist, and a black skirt, Mary has been locked in handcuffs behind her back. A ball-gag is ready for use around her throat.

opera gloves. Her bondage was excruciatingly tight Chinese prisoner tie used for the transportation of female prisoners. This tie is designed to humiliate as well as torture its wearer as they were transported from cell to cell or from place of incarceration to execution. Mary, the female bondage prisoner’s arms were bound into a firm “x” behind her back and no movement of her wrists up or down was possible. Her shoulders were pulled back, and her breasts jutted forward as she gasped at the intensity of her excruciating punishment bondage.

When the time came for her sentencing hearing, Mary chose to wear

The Prisoner 8 - Mary - business attire, handcuffed and leg-ironed
Mary, wearing a cute businesswoman’s pink blouse and a faux leather mini, and 5 inch high heels struggles in her court-imposed shackles and handcuffs.

the sheer black blouse with the bra underneath, her leather skirt, and high heels. Marshall did not tell her that she looked like a slut and that this could cost her an additional year in prison. He was all business as he locked her up in standard female bondage transports. But then, Mary asked if she could wear a raincoat, because it was raining outside. He was a little irritated, but he allowed her to do so, and then got her full set of shackles replaced.

Then Mary asked if she could have another raincoat, and wear this one backwards to protect her carefully applied makeup. This

Topless Prisoner wearing gloves, tied in Chinese bondage
As a punishment, this prisoner has been tied up in Chinese bondage topless, wearing kid leather opera length gloves

irritated Marshall all the more, but he allowed this. Now, clad in two clear plastic raincoats, with the hood over both the back of her head and her face, she was harnessed, then handcuffed securely, photographed for social media, and escorted to her sentencing hearing.

When she returned, she had been sentenced to 5 years in prison. The prison van was to be dispatched to pick her up. Marshall set about his task of getting her ready. He was going to ball-gag and blindfold her, let her change into some less formal clothes since her disposition was final. He took off her handcuffs, tossed his keys on the bed and stepped forward to take her ball-gag off the table and …..

Topless Prisoner, handcuffed and leg-ironed, facing the wall
The Prisoner 8 – Mary – is required to face the wall, handcuffed and in leg-irons

Well, let’s just say that to turn your back on a freshly sentenced prisoner is always a mistake. Don’t miss the ending of “The Prisoner 8 with Mary”.

The Prisoner 8 with Mary

(note – since the 3 parts, the below is a guide to the order of events)
0:00 Titles, credits, timeline
0:30 Prisoner Mary in her shackles is brought into the holding room
08:08 Left alone, the shackled prisoner tries to use her phone
13:52 She talks Marshall into taking her out of her handcuffs

The Prisoner 8 - Mary - handcuffed in bed wearing gloves, heels, and a leather skirt
Wearing handcuffs and leg-irons, Mary rolls around in bed, laughing

16:35 Topless in panties and high heels, she is tied up in Japanese Bondage
28:10 The bound topless female prisoner is sized for her ball-gag
31:09 The prisoner is left to struggle in her bonds, and she tries to use her phone
35:01 The bound and gagged female prisoner writhes on the bed in her bonds
41:02 Mary, the prisoner is untied from her Japanese Takate Kote
45:42 She is quickly locked into handcuffs
50:10 Wearing a slutty Bebe blouse and heels, she is handcuffed

The Prisoner 8 - Mary - full transport restaints, plastic transparent raincoat
The handcuffed and shackled prisoner, dressed in her court clothes, has been given a clear plastic disposable raincoat.

52:07 The prisoner is fitted in full transport shackles
58:25 The shackled prisoner is gagged
1:02:29 The prisoner is topless, wearing leather gloves, skirt and heels handcuffed
1:05:15 The topless female prisoner is bound in brutal Chinese prisoner ropes
1:11:59 Her arms hopelessly bound in cantilever punishment bondage
1:13:43 The prisoner’s bondge is documented
1:16:41 Untied from her punishment bindings, she is quickly handcuffed
1:22:18 The shackled prisoner is allowed to lie on the bed, secured
1:24:49 Prisoner escort compliance enforcement
1:25:34 The prisoner is allowed to put on makeup for her sentencing hearing
1:26:40 Wearing her sheer blouse and leather skirt, she is shackled for transport
1:28:47 The prisoner requests a raincoat
1:32:00 The prisoner’s shackles are reapplied after her raincoat is on
1:37:11 The prisoner requests another raincoat so her makeup won’t get ruined
1:39:00 Irritated, Marshall unshackles, raincoats and reshackles the prisoner
1:47:15 The prisoner returns from her hearing. Her sentence: 5 years!
1:57:19 Left unhandcuffed for a moment, with the keys accessible, the prisoner strikes!

From a purchaser:  “6/8/2020 – Felix; Love the video of The Prisoner 8 – Mary which I just purchased………could you tell me where you source/purchase the thin plastic raincoats from…….my wife wears them for our pleasure. Cheers J”

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  1. you can add a backstory for prisoner videos, like detective arrested for excessive force, manslaughter, Judge arrested for corruption. Have an inferior officer surprise arrest the powerful woman.

    detective can wear a skirt suit with gun and cuffs carried on her belt. or police skirt uniform (you can look up

    or write a caption. Felix, you(or Luke Matthews) can make these simple ideas into stories. I really admire your cinematic writing style.

    1. Another crime that can bring down powerful woman: statutory rape. If someone the boy was hired by someone to intentionally conceal his age as part of a conspiracy that would be more dramatic.

      more conversation in the vids (or added as caption, text file) would also make more fun.

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